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Smart took the "open your mind" slogan a step further with the unveiling of the Fortwo Sprinkle by Rolf Sachs at the Geneva Motor Show. If you don’t know who Rolf Sachs is, he is widely regarded as one of the pre-eminent minds in the world of creative design so it would have been pretty easy to expect that his prints would be all over this special edition Smart ForTwo.

And in some ways, it is.

The uniquely-designed Smart ForTwo is painted in white combined with seemingly random splashes of color. The creative play of colors even includes the white rims and the interior – because you know what they say among the chic circles: art knows no boundaries.

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The premium compact car builder Smart has added a new special edition version of the ForTwo called the Edition Greystyle. Specially designed for the spring to allow owners to enjoy the sun on their skin and the smell of fresh flowers after the long cold winter, it will be available in both coupe and cabrio variants and features an exclusive matte dark gray finish with bright yellow mirror caps to break up the monochromatic paint scheme that continues onto the six spoke alloys. The accent theme continues on the inside with trim pieces finished in gleaming yellow and matte chrome to highlight the leather wrapped surfaces like the seats and steering wheel, while the first are covered in top quality Nappa leather, just like on upscale Mercedes Benz models.

As far as power is concerned, the Smart Fortwo Edition Greystyle can be ordered with either a small displacement three cylinder with micro hybrid drive technology producing a total of 71 HP or a slightly more powerful 84 HP version. Adding a bit of speed and style to the traditional Smart car offering, the ForTwo Edition Greystyle will go on sale in the European market starting at €16,135.

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Mercedes Benz’s city car operation has just unveiled the new Smart Fortwo Electric Drive and it will begin to appear in showrooms at the end of 2009. The second generation ultra compact is powered by a 30 kW electric motor that is powered by a highly efficient lithium ion battery pack. Like most battery electric vehicles the Smart EV can be topped off at any standard household outlet for around two Euro. A full charge enables the new Fortwo to travel up to 83 miles, more than enough for an around town commute and because of the Smart car’s compact nature it can easily maneuver through city traffic. The Smart Fortwo Smart Fortwo Electric Drive can accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h in 6.5 seconds and can hit a top speed of 100km/h, conversion to miles is not recomended.

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The German tuning firm Brabus recently got together with the electric car builders at Tesla to produce a very special zero emissions Smart Fortwo. The Brabus Ultimate High Voltage is a high performance electric vehicle based on the popular city car from Mercedes Benz . The tuning house Brabus has a long history taking high end luxury cars to new heights with bold exterior treatments as well as extremely plush interiors, that is why Tesla Motors was included in order to give the all electric Smart Fortwo an extra jolt of adrenaline.

Brabus Ultimate High Voltage

The Ultimate High Voltage is powered by a very special electric motor that was developed with the help of the American electric sports car maker that produces a maximum output of 82 HP and a peak of 207 lb-ft of torque which helps the 1,600 pound Smart sprint from 0 to 38.5 MPH in just 3.7 seconds and hit 60 MPH from a standstill in under 9.8 seconds.

The exterior of the Brabus Ultimate High Voltage is painted in a very unique shade of cream called matte Tridionzelle and features a few distinct touches like LED driving lights integrated into the front bumper as well as meaty Widestar fender flares and side skirts and a set of 18 inch split five spoke rims wearing transparent Plexiglas covers to get as much milage as possible from the electric Smart car.

Brabus Ultimate R

The german tuning firm Brabus unveiled the Ultimate R, a tuning package based on the Smart Fortwo at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. With the help of a few Brabus modifications, the engine now delivers 112 HP and 111 lb-ft of torque and can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 9.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 106 MPH. The Ultimate R sets itself apart from lesser Smart cars with a set of bold fender flares, unique rims as well as some additional exterior accessories.

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Smart Brabus tailor made

The smallest of Mercedes Benz ’s offerings has stepped up its game at the Frankfurt Motor Show when the high end tuning house Brabus unveiled their tailor made special edition Smart car . The package offers new car shoppers the choice of over thousands of exterior color choices as well as taillor made leather interiors and convertible soft top. The Smart Brabus tailor mades are made to measure in the truest sense of the word.

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It is amazing what you will find on the Internet. Just the other day we came across this outlandish city car dressed up to look like a McLaren Formula 1 car on the online media sharing site, Flickr. There are times when tuners go a bit too far; this particular Smart car is one such example. Obviously this Smart owner is a fan of McLaren’s F1 efforts from the turn of the century painting his compact city car in the traditional silver and black livery of the car that took Finish Formula One racing legend to back to back world championships, noted by the very exceptional number 1 on the bonnet. Aside from the paintwork, the Smart car is mostly stock, except for the massive aerofoil found at the nose of the car and the blistered fenders in the back.

However, there are a few similarities between the Smart and the McLaren Formula 1 car. They are both powered by an engine that came from Mercedes Mercedes Benz that is mounted in the mid ship position somewhere in between the front and rear wheels and it is rear wheel drive, albeit a lot less powerful. Come to think of it, the F1 car didn’t have that nice of an interior.

Mercedes and Renault will unveil plans for a future collaboration at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. This plans include to expand the Smart line-up by middle of the next decade, including a radical three-seater sports car, but also the revival of the four-seat Smart ForFour.

The last generation Smart ForFour was based on the Mitsubishi Colt and produced at Mitsubishi’s NedCar plant in Born, Netherlands. But the next one will be a premium subcompact "different than others" and most probably offered as a plug-in electric version.

The Mercedes-Renault collaboration includes plans to build small-capacity gasoline and diesel units, including possibly a new generation of highly efficient three-cylinder engines already under development at Mercedes-Benz.

The less polluting Mercedes Benz offering, Smart has just unveiled a special edition of their popular Smart ForTwo . The new Cdi version gives the car a much needed increase in power, but at the same time keeps the lightweight vehicle just as efficient and environmentally friendly as before.

The new Smart ForTwo cdi is powered by a three cylinder diesel burning engine that delivers makes an impressive 54 HP for that added top end and peak potential of 95 lb-ft of torque to launch the two passenger low emissions vehicle off the line. The increase in output is good for a 0 to 50 MPH time of 16.8 seconds, despite the double digit numbers, that is good for a Smart car especialy when you remember that it is getting almost 70 MPG.

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Brabus goes electric with a "green" Smart ForTwo

Mercedes Benz tuners Brabus are out to prove that just because someone is looking for a fun driving experience does not mean that they cannot be environmentally friendly. This green Electric Drive Smart ForTwo boasts a white soft top that when lowered creates a pleasant open air motoring experience, while the interior has been upholstered with an attractive two tone green and white combination. The vehicle sits on a set of the company’s signature Monoblock VII double five spoke wheels.

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