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In the weeks that have followed since the release of Gran Turismo 5 , Sony has apparently yet to tire of promoting their new racing game. This is probably their way of making up for all the negative press they received for delaying the game’s release so many times in the past.

A few weeks ago, Sony welcomed the release of GT5 by heading over to France for a pretty intense supercar run at the Champ Elysees in Paris. This run featured some of the most desirable supercars on the planet. Sounds like a one-time promotional event, right?

Not quite.

Recently, another GT5-sponsored supercar run took place in Brazil. This time, the cars running roughshod all over Sau Paolo included a Mercedes SLS AMG , a Lamborghini Gallardo , a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution , a Nissan GT-R , a Ferrari 360 , a Maserati 4200 Spider, a BMW M3 , and a BMW Z4 . All cars were decked in the now-familiar GT5 livery as they raced along the busy streets and thoroughfares of the populated Brazilian city.
Just goes to show that GT5’s influence reaches far and wide in this world.

Just when you thought that we’ve seen the last of all those burning Ferrari 458 Italias , we wake up to the unsettling news that the ‘458 Curse’ has struck again.

Reports are saying that the incident happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil – that place is getting a lot of news lately – and while details are limited as of the moment, you only need to look at these photos to come to the conclusion that the 458 Italia is not getting the kind of news it was expecting when it was released a year ago.

Make no mistake; the new Ferrari supercar is still awesome by most accounts, except when it comes to reliability issues. We would have thought that Ferrari’s recall of the model two months ago would have already put a stop to these unfortunate incidences. Unfortunately, we couldn’t be more wrong on that end. Let’s just all hope that Ferrari continues to be vigilant in fixing the 458 Italia, otherwise, it would be a waste of an awesome supercar.

The 2011 Brazilian Grand Prix may have been the race where Red Bull won the season’s Constructor’s Championship, but the weekend was also marred by a number of scary incidents involving armed attacks directed at some Formula One personalities, including reigning World Champion and McLaren driver Jenson Button.

According to the Press Association, Button, along with his father, trainer, and manager were headed back to their hotel after the qualifying session on Saturday when six armed attackers with machine guns attacked the armored vehicle. Button didn’t say anything about shots being fired at the car, but fortunately, their driver possessed extensive training in avoidance driving, which proved to be extremely useful during the incident as he was able to drive away from the scene by, according to Button, ‘bouncing off about five cars’.

Later on, it was also learned that three engineers from Sauber Motorsports were also given an unfortunate reality check on the rampant number of crimes in Sao Paulo after it was reported that they were robbed after leaving the Interlagos circuit after the qualifying session. This time around, the group was driving in a minivan when, during a stop light, the vehicle was surrounded by five robbers, with one of them wielding an automatic weapon. The robbers ended up stealing a number of items from the Sauber engineers, including two backpacks that had one of the engineer’s passports in it.

Talk about not feeling welcome.

A few days ago, we showed you a video of a Koenigsegg CCXR blasting through a tunnel, showing off that remarkable power and ear-splitting engine roar to anybody who ended up watching it.

Not to be outdone, we have another supercar doing the exact same thing: a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale . Recorded somewhere in Brazil, the driver of the 360 Challenge Stradale waits for the perfect opportunity for the tunnel to clear up before going bonkers and blasting off at full throttle. The resulting sound is so glorious, one look and listen to it isn’t enough to appreciate what’s under the hood of that Italian stallion.

So boys and girls, children of all ages, just like we’ve told you countless times, standard protocol dictates that you put your speakers on full blast, sit back, and enjoy the sound of this Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale lay complete waste to this tunnel in Brazil.

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In a country where bulls are often the subject of cultural spectacles, a different kind of bull is heading to Mexico, only this time, that bull is 100% pure Italian grade.

Lamborghini , those bulls from Sant’Agata, have opened two dealerships in the country, marking the first time the Italian supercar brand has made it’s way to Mexico. The first dealership that opened on October 26th was the “Lamborghini Mexico City” dealership, which is located at the heart of one of the country’s busiest districts on Insurgentes Sur.

A day later, on October 27th, the folks from Lamborghini opened yet another store, “Lamborghini Monterey”, in San Pedro, Nuevo Leon, widely regarded as one of the richest districts in Central America. The two dealerships are owned by a man that’s no stranger to the automotive world in the region, Martin Josephi Wellman, the former CEO and president of Volkswagen Mexico.

Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini’s President and CEO, shared his excitement of seeing Lamborghini break ground on a new country. "These new dealerships represent Lamborghini’s commitment to expanding our presence in North America," he said. "Our Mexican clients love the brand for its unique values of being extreme, uncompromising, and unmistakably Italian."

Source: Lamborghini
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Today, theKia Soul Flex , the first Korean vehicle that can run on ethanol, was released. It was specially designed for the Brazilian market where these flex-fuel models make up 85% of new car sales.

The vehicle uses a 1.6-liter four-cylinder motor that cranks out 128 horsepower and 119 pound-feet of torque. The car can manage a 44% fuel economy increase in fuel mileage over the gas version.

The Soul Flex will use a reinforced fuel pump, pillar cap, and fuel line. There will also be a gasoline assistance system that will aid engine ignition at low temperatures. In addition to all of this, the motor will use an adapted fuel injection and catalyst system. There will also be a new engine compression ratio.

The Kia Soul Flex will debut this month, with sales beginning early next year in Brazil. The company is also working on a Sportage Flex that should be unveiled at the end of next year.

Fiat’s got a booth booked for the 2010 Sao Paulo Auto Show and they’re bringing with them a nifty little concept roadster version of the just-revealed Fiat Uno , called the Fiat Uno Roadster.

Powered by a 1.4-liter turbocharged gas engine that produces 152 horsepower, the Fiat Uno Roadster is a bigger, badder, and more powerful take on the Uno hatchback.

The styling of the roadster concept is a lot more aggressive than its standard variant. Fiat also stiffened up the chassis on the Uno Roadster and even installed a set of 17-inch alloy wheels to complete the overall sportier and look of the car.

Since this is just a concept, there’s no word on whether we’re going to see a production version anytime soon. But if we’re basing it on mere looks, this little devil of a ride looks to be one that’s destined for a lot of orders from excited customers. And yes, we’re probably going to be one of them.

Source: Fiat Canada

There are many things you associate with Brazil – soccer, samba, and fine women come to mind – before you describe them as a supercar factory, but that doesn’t mean that the country doesn’t have its share of exotic automakers.

In fact, there’s an upstart company in the country that’s set to introduce a new supercar at the Sao Paulo Auto Show. Gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to the Rossin-Bertin Vorax.

As the brainchild of ex-GM designer Fharys Rossin and Natalino Bertin Jr., the Vorax is poised to become a Brazilian-born and made supercar that the company is hoping could become an upstart challenger to established European supercar makers.

Details behind the Vorax are still limited but from what we’ve heard, the car is going to come with a carbon fiber body and an aluminum chassis. As for the engine, the Vorax, which will come in two variants, will be powered with a tuned-up 5.0-liter V10 engine, similar to what’s under the hood of the BMW M5.

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Source: A Tribuna

The Fiat Uno may not strike a lot of us as a vehicle that’s a certifiable looker, but don’t tell that to the people of Fiat . After all, there’s a thing called ‘variants’ that could turn a mundane looking hatch into a pretty eye-catching ride.

Take the Fiat Uno Sporting for example. It’s got the same 1.4-liter 85 horsepower engine as the standard model, but that’s the only thing the two have in common.

The Uno Sporting was given a sport suspension that’s lowered by 20mm and 15-inch alloy wheels shod in 185/60 tires. In addition to that, the vehicle was given an attractive orange paint finish with a few decals on the side. But the best part of the Uno Sporting are those front and rear spoilers that give it not just a performance boost, but an edgier look too.

The Fiat Uno Sporting is expected to be a production-ready variant of the Uno hatch so you can expect to see one of these orange-clad sport hatches out on the road soon.

Source: Fiat
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The Opel brand has been fairly big in Europe, despite its financial troubles. That being said, the nameplate isn’t that well known outside of continental Europe. That might soon change.

General Motors hopes to use the brand’s brilliant product lineup to attack consumers in China, South America, and Australia, according to Deutsche Welle in Germany. GM hopes to establish Opel as a premium brand.

Last year, the automaker sold 4,000 vehicles in China, as part of its preparation efforts for expansion into the country. The brand will be marketed as a European premium brand, as there are more and more people who can afford such a vehicle in China.

It should be interesting to see what becomes of Buick in China, as they were usually just Opels with a new badge. As we all know, Buick is very popular there, so GM needs to be careful not to hurt that market.

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