South America

South America

Earlier this year, Peugeot launched and introduced the new Peugeot 408 sedan to the Chinese market. Now it looks like the French manufacturer is also keen on bringing their compact sedan to another market, South America.

In an announcement made earlier this week, the Lion marquee disclosed its plans of bringing the 408 sedan to the South American market. Peugeot Peugeot also announced that the 408, the long wheelbase version of the 308, is currently being produced at the company’s PSA Peugeot Citroen Palomar production plant in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will eventually be sold in 27 countries, including Argentina and Brazil.

Peugeot has yet to release information on what kind of variants the 408 will have in South America, although if its something similar to what the Chinese-market 408s are, it could come in two powertrains: a 1.6-liter gas engine that produces around 106 horsepower and a 2.0-liter variant that tops at about 147 horsepower.

Of course, we’re just making a couple of guesses on the matter, but everything should all come to a clear sometime in October when the 408 makes its debut in South America at the San Paulo Motor Show in Brazil.

Source: Peugeot

Truth be told, we’ve never seen anything quite like this and the animal lovers that we are, we’re glad that it happened this time. A man that was driving his Citroen along one of Santiago, Chile’s local highways hit a dog a he was speeding along the highway.

Thinking that the dog probably just ran away after it was hit, the man went to a local casa to have his car inspected for any damages. As soon as he arrived at the repair shop, the mechanics working on the car were shocked to find a four-legged guest sitting inside the bumper. It was the dog!

How the dog managed to find itself inside the bumper we’ll never know. We’re just glad it happened because the dog was alive and only had a broken leg to show for his near-death experience. Check out the video and watch how the mechanics were able to free our canine friend from the car’s bumper.

Source: YouTube

The 2011 Fiat Uno may not be the fastest car on the block, but there are still a lot of people that prefer conservative, fuel-efficient vehicles than the more aggressive, high-powered kind, so, at the very least, we’re obligated to show you spy photos of the hatchback whenever such photos pop up.

Fortunately, someone who’s got some pull inside Fiat ’s production facility in Brazil was able to take photos of the 2011 Fiat Uno, giving us a clear look at the soon-to-be-released compact vehicle. Judging from these photos, the Uno looks to have incorporated a number of new design cues, including a one-side-three-slot grill, new fender flares and dark headlights.

Specifications included in the car are still a little sketchy but you should at least expect something along the lines of a 1.0-lliter 75 horsepower base model to a more powerful – and we’re using ‘powerful’ relatively – 1.4-liter 102 horsepower model.

Check out the photos and tell us what you think.

Props to Eber for the photos

On the heels of showing you spy shots of what could be the next-generation Ferrari 612; we come across these photos of a 2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti that has had quite a dramatic facelift – and it’s the type of facelift that you pay to enjoy.

The worst part is; the owner of the car isn’t even responsible for crashing this beautiful Scaglietti. Turns out, the car was apparently stolen with the driver – and thief – taking it for a high-speed ride that caused him to crash it in the process. Figuring that he neither had a good explanation nor the proper paperwork to report the crash to local authorities in Brazil, he did what only dim-witted thieves would do – he jumped out and abandoned it in the middle of the road.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the ‘true’ owner of this 612 Scaglietti is justifiably devastated by the loss of his beautiful ride. Rightfully so; if the same thing happened to us, we’d be inconsolable too.

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This past Saturday as the crowds gathered to watch the opening stages of the 2010 Dakar Rally , a transcontinental off road race being run across the Pampas of Argentine, across the Atacama Desert and over the Andes Mountains pushing both man and machine to their ultimate limits of concentration and endurance. Simply put, the Dakar makes Baja look like they are playing in a sandbox. The race was recently transplanted from the traditional Paris/Dakar route to South America after terrorist threats against the rally and its competitors and the second running looked like it would be off to a terrific start. However like any high speed rally that takes place on terrain where cars shouldn’t even be driving, the Dakar has claimed its fair share of lives over the past 31 years.

2010 Dakar Rally off to a tragic start

Unfortunately as German driver Mirco Schultis pushed his yellow and blue race truck around a corner along the opening stages of the race and lost control, the 28 year old spectator Natalia Sonia Gallardo lost her life as well. With long stretches of open circuit and nowhere nearly enough manpower to police every corner, just like the racers behind the wheel, onlookers will take that extra risk and sometimes wind up a little too close to the action. These unfortunate incidents are what eventually led to the end of Group B rally racing. Back when the only four wheel drive was a Quattro and the only thing larger then the wings were the turbochargers, drivers would begging for every ounce of power that their teams could deliver and the cars held up quite well. The problem derived from the hoards of camera wielding spectators willing to literally stare death in the face, waiting until the last possible moment to get out of the car’s that came by hanging their tails out a bit too far. Much like the tragic spectators of yesteryear, Gallardo was watching from a location that was deemed to be an unauthorized viewing area. We just hope that unfortunate news like this doesn’t spell the same fate for the Dakar.

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General Motors’ new transmission plant in its Mexico’s Silao complex has been in the news since it began operations last month.

The $660 million plant builds a new six-speed rear-wheel-drive family of gearboxes, which uses 4 percent less fuel compared to regular transmissions in certain applications. 1,500 of them are built everyday which are distributed to other countries, where they will find application in 25 different vehicles.

However, the gearboxes will not be exported to the U.S or neither will they be fitted on vehicles assembled in Silao.

The Silao complex currently employs 3,900 people and the transmission plant will employ 1,100 workers at full production. The Silao complex opened in the year 1995. It assembles the Chevrolet Suburban, Avalanche and Silverado Crew Cab, GMC Sierra Crew Cab and Cadillac Escalade EXT models.

Source: Auto News
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I just had the pleasure to meet Gabriel Storchi, a Soft developer that is making an incredible journey, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Alaska on a Chevy Opus coupe 78.

The name of the expedition is "Alaska a Caballo" (Alaska to Horse), because the final destination is "Dead Horse". "The name comes from there, is going to Horse, no in horse", Gabriel says.

From Buenos Aires to Alaska in a Chevy

The idea of making this trip is a dream that Gabriel had for years, "When i was a kid, y always planed to go to Alaska. I’m making this as a tribute for my father, who passed away this year, and another series of complications i had on my life this year. There is only one life, and you have to live it at full". Said Gabriel.

The goal is to get to a town called Dead Horse, on Alaska, United States. If the first stage goes ok, the plan is to send the car to Sweden, and make a trip from there t India.

The car was conditioned specially for this trip, reinforced floor, frontal protector, a roof carrier to take the extra wheels, a bed inside, and a solar panel on the back to charge the batteries for the notebook, an IP phone and the wireless connection.

If u want to see more images of the car, go to the original article in the Spanish site of TopSpeed in here

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So you got your BMW M5 and you want to take it one step further in the modding department? What do you want to do ? Engine , Exhaust , Wheels - yeah those are all great add ons but why not add full body armor for those drives through the bad parts of town or for protection from your ex girlfriend. A Brazillian M5 owner has added full body armor (resulting in a gain of 185 kg) to his Black M5 Beast adding another $35k to the total cost of the vehicle. No word yet on how this adding of (...)

The Road of Deathis a 38 to 43 mile road (depending on source) leading from La Paz to Coroico, 35 miles (56 km) northeast of La Paz in the Yungas region of Bolivia. It is legendary for its extreme danger and in 1995 the Inter-American Development Bank christened it as the "world’s most dangerous road". One estimate is that 200-300 travellers are killed yearly along the road.

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