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sports cars

  Sports Cars are engineered to go around corners and straight lines as fast as possible. They are usually expensive, dangerous and so much fun that everybody wants one. Owning a sports car is a gratifying experience but it will cost you money and back pain as they are usually expensive to maintain and not very comfortable. But who cares as they look like supermodels at the beach.

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Audi TT

We are still waiting for an updated version of the current-gen TT , but that’s not stopping Audi from testing the third-generation TT. Unfortunately, our spy photographers have only been able to snap images of the next TT’s test mule, but Walter de Silva - head of Volkswagen Group design - revealed in a recent interview that the next-generation TT will be a combine design elements from the first and second generations with some fresh design elements.

de Silva confirmed that the next TT will combine the strong elements we saw in the first generation with the elegance of the second generation and the resulting car will be one that "looks TT, 100 percent, but in a different way."

When viewed from the front, the TT will look like no other Audi, but the side and rear will retain the character of the TT. The new TT will be built on Volkswagen’s new MQB platform, which is not only lighter and stiffer than the current platform, but it will also carry a longer wheelbase. This change will make the car lighter and offer a whole new lineup of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines that will deliver improved fuel consumption.

Expect the new Audi TT to arrive in 2014.

Source: CarAdvice
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The current Bentley Continental Supersports was released in 2009 and for the 2014 model year Bentley is working on a new high-performance flagship coupe, according to sources from Bentley. The new model will be placed between the current GT Speed that delivers a total of 616 horsepower and the upcoming road-goingContinental GT3 rumored to deliver a total of 675 horsepower.

The new Continental Supersports will feature carbon-fiber panels, stiffer suspension and a twin-turbo W-12 engine that will deliver around 650 horsepower. As you can see, the output will represent a modest increase of just 30 horsepower over the GT Speed model, but Bentley officials confirm that "Supersports wouldn’t be all about pure power."

The company will also focus on reducing the car’s total weight, revising the chassis settings and improving braking power. Rumors suggest that in order to reduce the car’s weight Bentley could also drop the rear seats, while the front ones will be made in lightweight composites.

Hit the jump to learn more about the Continental Supersports.

Updated 04/02/2013: Today we have created a very nice rendering for the upcoming Continental Supersports. Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.

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German tuner Leib Engineering wants to get noticed and it sure did so in a huge way with a scintillating program for the BMW M3 .

Comprised of a full-on body kit to go with an impressive performance upgrade, this M3 is ready to be a beast on the road and do so while looking extremely stunning. In order to accomplish this look, engineers over at Leib dressed up the M3 in an Alpine White finish that’s complemented by a high-grade carbon-fiber body kit that includes carbon flaps under the front spoiler, carbon side-view mirrors, and a carbon tear-off edge.

Inside, Leib made good use of fine Alcantara in touching up the car’s cabin. The material itself can be found all over the interior, including in the BMW Performance seats and the steering wheel.

Under the hood of the M3 lies an engine that’s been extensively modified to give the sports coupe some serious fury. Leib worked on the engine-control software to achieve its desired results, which was to give the M3 improved performance numbers to the tune of 470 horsepower, a significant improvement from the standard M3’s 420-horsepower output.

Aiding in the realization of such an eye-popping upgrade is the installation of a new high-grade steel in-house valve exhaust system that features a 100-cell HJS catalyzer, an X-pipe with middle silencers and an end muffler with vacuum-controlled Pierburg valves.

Having that kind of impressive upgrade isn’t enough without giving the M3 the kind of braking power deserving of a car with 470 ponies on tap. So, Leib went ahead and installed a Brembo GT braking system, with red six-piston fixed saddles on the front axle. The improved braking capabilities should provide the M3 enough stopping power that, in turn, can be handled by the set of 19-inch BMW M220 forged-alloy wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup semi-slick tires.

When Motor Trend tested the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and the SRT Viper GTS some months back, the results didn’t sit too well with SRT boss Ralph Giles.

Determined to gain back a measure of revenge, SRT decided to expedite the build of the car it deemed as capable of wasting away the ZR1’s glory. And so, at the New York Auto Show, SRT will be bringing the latest Viper incarnation, the Viper TA.

The "TA" stands for Time-Attack, which shows you the reason why SRT decided to build the car in the first place. It comes with a host of new improvements to the suspension and handling, critical areas where the SRT GTS fell short of in its throw-down with the ZR1.

But the question is, does it all matter, or does the ZR1 just have the Viper’s number?

Updated 03/28/2013: SRT has unveiled a new set of images and a video showing the new SRT Viper TA in action on the race track. Enjoy!

The answer to that question, as well as the full details about the SRT TA, can be found after the jump.

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Porsche Cayman

The new-generation Porsche Cayman was officially unveiled back in 2012, but unfortunately, it offered no major surprises. However, it looks like Porsche has learned about our disappointment and it is now considering a high-performance version for the tiny sports coupe.

Andreas Preuninger, chief engineer of the new 911 GT3 confirmed in a recent interview that a track-focused version for the new Cayman is already being tested, but a final decision on a production version is still to be made.

Rumors suggest that this new Cayman version could be in fact a GT3-style model for the mid-engine sports car, but a final name for the car remains a mystery. A slew of names come to mind when you think about it, including: GTS, GT2, GT3 and GT3 RS. One thing is for sure, however, if it makes production, it will be a more powerful, more aggressive and of course more expensive version of the current Cayman.

Stay tuned, we will keep you posted on this track-focused Cayman!

Source: CarAdvice

We’ve gotta say, Hyundai’s been hitting these concepts out of the park lately. Remember the HCD-14 Genesis Concept that it introduced at the Detroit Auto Show?

Well, it followed that up with another fantastic concept that was unveiled in person at the Seoul Motor Show. It’s called the HND-9 Concept and it’s the ninth concept model developed by Hyundai’s own R&D Center in Namyang, Korea as a preview version for the next generation Genesis Coupe.

As far as the concept’s looks are concerned, the renderings points to an absolute stunning ride that has butterfly doors, a Lexus-like front profile with an aggressive nose and a dynamic wide hexagonal-shaped grille. At the back, there are definitely some hints of aggressiveness with highly stylized rear fenders, a dual twin muffler and sleek rear lamps.

Under its conceptual hood, the HND-9 is powered by a 3.3-liter turbo GDi V-6 engine that can produce 365 horsepower. This boosted engine mates to an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The HND-9’s interior is unlike anything you’ve likely ever seen before and is almost certainly not what its resulting model’s interior will look like. It’s main focus was to offer up a modern and luxurious driving experience with its splendid lines, tasteful use of color and wild-looking steering wheel.

Updated 03/28/2013: The new Hyundai HND-9 Concept made its world debut today at the 2013 Seoul Auto Show. Hit the jump to read Hyundai’s press release.

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With the exception of the FR-S , Scion has long been a brand we pretty much shied away from. Not that there’s anything wrong with it; it’s just not the type of automaker that we follow. However, when Scion began teasing the fact that it was set to unveil an all-new tC at the 2013 New York International Auto Show, our ears perked up just a little bit.

For those that don’t remember, the tC was, at one time, the talk of Scon, as it was the only real “sports” model that the econo-box manufacturer offered. However, when Scion redesigned the model in 2011, it left a whole lot to be desired.

Well, with all of the teasing coming out of the Scion offices about the 2014 tC, we should be ready for something that’ll take our breath away, right?

Update 5/9/2013: Scion has just revealed the base pricing for the tC and tC 10 Series. See the pricing after the jump.

Click past the jump to find out if the tC impressed or fell on its face

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Scion is celebrating its first 10 years in business with the launch of a series of special editions applied to the every vehicle in its lineup. Called 10 Series, this new limited edition made its world debut today at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

The model that catches our attention is the FR-S variant, of course. The special 10 Series FR-S is painted in an exclusive premium color called Silver Ignition combined with an LED Scion locator badge that lights up when the driver unlocks the car. Most of the updates were made inside the cabin, where the new 10 Series adds silver seat belts, a solar-powered illuminated shift knob, sequentially numbered interior badge and a Scion 10 Series logo placed on the dash.

For the FR-S, Scion also offers HID headlamps with integrated LED daytime running lights, dual automatic climate control and a smart key with push-button-start ignition.

The new 10 Series special edition will arrive in dealerships this June. Scion plans a total of 10,000 10 Series units, and the FR-S will make up 2,000 of those units units.

Update 5/9/2013: Scion has just released pricing for the 2014 FR-S 10 Series. The six-speed manual transmission model will start at $27,425 and the automatic transmission model will start at $28,675.

Audi has finally pulled the covers off of the new Audi A3 Sedan and with it, the German automaker also introduced its S-variant, the equally new S3 Sedan . Oh joy.

Scheduled to meet the world at the New York Auto Show , the new S3 is already getting quite the attention from a lot of people in large part because Audi hasn’t had a small sports sedan in its line-up in a long time.

So you can say that the new S3 has a lot of expectations attached to it, in large part because you can never have enough people clamoring for a German sports sedan that they can actually afford.

Mercedes went ahead and revealed the CLA-Class earlier this year, so it was only the right time for Audi to join the German sports sedan party in America. There’s a sentence we never thought we’d write.

If you’ve been waiting for this day to come, well, wait no longer because details of the new Audi S3 Sedan can be found after the jump.

Canadian tuner, SR Auto Group, has a habit of releasing some of the most unique and impressive programs you’ll ever see. Its latest work, which it worked on in collaboration with Openroad Scion, further solidifies that point.

Using a stock Scion FR-S , SR Auto Group decked it with a comprehensive aerodynamic body kit, giving it a new and far more imposing appearance that no standard FR-S can even come close to.

The car, which has since been rechristened as Rocket Bunny, is fully kitted, complete with wide-body fender flares, a new front lip, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a large rear GT wing. But that’s not all. It also has a couple Seibon parts in a new carbon-fiber hood and fog light covers. Carbon-fiber side mirrors from APR have all been added, as were bespoke smoked headlight housings and candy red taillight surroundings.

The final pieces of this stunning program include a set of 18-inch "Winning Blue" Rays Gram Lights 57 Extreme wheels, an Invidia catback exhaust system to further bolster the sports car’s performance credentials and a set of fully adjustable BC Racing coilovers with a 10 kg (22-pound) spring rate.

While it doesn’t have any straightforward performance enhancements, we can surmise that with the new exhaust, together with all those new aero kits, the Rocket Bunny FR-S has a little more roar to it than stock FR-S models.

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