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The year 2011 marked a new time for the Jeep Wrangler after Chrysler introduced a facelifted version of the off-road vehicle. A year later, the 2012 model has been released and while it looks pretty much the same as that of the 2011 model , Jeep is introducing a new powertrain that is significantly more powerful than the last model.

With the new engine, the 2012 Jeep Wrangler now produces an output of 285 horsepower and 260 lb/ft of torque, an improvement of 83 horsepower and 23 lb/ft of torque from the 2011 model, while also carrying an improved fuel efficiency rating of 21 mph. This comes as an improvement from the 15 mpg city / 19 mpg highway rating of the facelifted 2011 version.

“Our new 3.6-liter V6 engine gives the ever-capable Wrangler a completely new, more refined on-road driving experience – complete with more fuel efficiency, power and torque," said Mike Manley, President and CEO of the Jeep brand.

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The Land Rover Defender is scheduled to be replaced in 2013 , but the company is giving the SUV one more chance to bring in some cash. For the 2012 model yea,r the Defender has received a new EU5 2.2-liter diesel engine - to replace the EU4 2.4-liter diesel - that makes the Defender the cleanest Land Rover Defender yet produced. The 2012 Defender is priced at £20,995 on the British market, or about $34,000 at the current exchange rates.

The new 2.2-liter diesel engine delivers a total of 122 HP at 500rpm and a peak torque of 265 lbs-ft at 2,000rpm. The engine is mated to a GFT MT 82 six-speed gearbox and will sprint the car to a top speed of 90 mph.

For 2012, the Defender has also received two new packages: Comfort and Offroad. The Comfort Pack includes air conditioning, a CD Player with auxiliary input, electric windows, and remote central locking. The Off-Road Pack comes with ABS, heavy duty rims and MTR tires, and a tow ball and under-ride protection bar.

"The substantial improvements to the Defender in 2007 transformed its on-road refinement and comfort whilst extending its legendary capability off-road for which Defender is synonymous. With the introduction of the new 2.2-litre diesel engine and two option packs, the Defender for 2012 now offers greater customer choice than ever before," said John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.

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Top Gear USA To Premiere November 21st

This week’s episode of Top Gear USA brought us back to the one segment format. The trio of Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, and Ruttledge Wood had the challenge of proving which was the toughest off-roader in America by subjecting three of the best 4x4 vehicles to a series of tests.

Adam opted for a 1994 Ford Bronco with a 351 HP V8 and Ruttledge chose a 1989Chevrolet K5 Blazer with a 350 HP V8. Tanner was the only one with an inline six in his 1983 Jeep Renegade. All three of them were dropped off in the middle of the Mojave Desert to sweat it out for 400 miles as they cruised to Vegas, dealing with the 134 degree weather. By the way, Tanner’s Jeep had no air conditioning. Yikes!

The whole point of this challenge was to find the best 4x4, so to put the vehicles through the test and put the guys through hell, the first 350 miles of the trip had to be made without their tires ever touching asphalt. What happens after this was made known is entirely predictable and grueling.

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You know those build-your-own kit cars that all of us loved when we were kids? How would you feel if we told you that you could relive those old memories on a real vehicle that’s the definite personification of a bad-ass ride?

We first saw Local Motors’ Rally Fighter at SEMA a few years ago where it predictably caught the attention of many a heads while flaunting its awesomeness during the event in Las Vegas. Since then, the Rally Fighter has become one of the most unique car purchases you can ever have, complete with the opportunity to help build the car from the ground up.

The futuristic off-roader is a self proclaimed "premium, authentic off-road experience, custom designed and built for the deserts of the American Southwest." Even better than that is the fact that this machine is completely street legal and is actually 50-state-emissions compliant.

Don’t mistake it for a bare-as-bones niche vehicle that is catered only to a specific market. The Rally Fighter is an all-purpose ride that commands serious attention from just about all walks of life.

Speaking for ourselves, we’d certainly want to have one to call our own someday.

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Top Gear USA To Premiere November 21st

The boys from Top Gear USA were back this week and they are starting to pick up a little bit of speed in terms of entertainment value. The discussions still tend to be a little too rehearsed, but we didn’t want to turn off the television as soon as they started talking. Well, except for when Adam opened his mouth, but we’re used to that.

The main focus this week was trying to figure out which truck was the best in America. After spending the entire first episode trying to convince us all that pick-up trucks could be convinced by two-door models, this was a welcome change. Other segments included battling it out between the Local Motors’ Rally Fighter and an airboat, and a trip around the Top Gear test track with actor/comedian Bill Engvall.

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With 24 years of history, the Jeep Wrangler has become one of the most successful models in the Jeep line-up. Currently in its third generation (JK starting 2007), the Wrangler is about to receive one of the most important updates for the 2012 model year.

Up until now, the Wrangler was powered by a 3.8-liter V-6 engine that delivered a total of 202 HP and 237 ft-lb of torque. This engine wasn’t bad, but it lacked the power needed for the Wrangler to really flex its muscles during those off-road activities. In 2012, that will all change as the boring V6 engine has been dropped on favor of a new 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine that delivers a total of 290 HP and a peak torque of 237 lbs-ft.

The 2012 Wrangler hasn’t been announced by Jeep just yet, but a Georgia based dealer has already placed a Rubicon version on sale on eBay for a price of $35,628.

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Officially, the 2012 Jeep Wrangler doesn’t exist yet. No one at Chrysler will talk about it, but dealers have already received order guides for it. Now, an Atlanta dealership has posted the first 2012 Jeep Jeep Wrangler Rubicon with Chrysler’s Pentastar V-6 on eBay and they’re even offering it for sale below sticker price, instead of some absurd amount of “Additional Dealer Markup” tacked on.

The big news for the 2012 Jeep Wrangler is the new engine. Gone is the anemic 3.8-liter V-6 used on Wranglers from 2007 through 2011, and we say good riddance. The 3.8-liter engine was good for only 202 horsepower and 237 ft-lb of torque, which made the 3,800 pound Wrangler feel sluggish on pavement and hard-packed trails. It works well enough off-road, thanks to the Wrangler’s low gearing, but nearly every Wrangler owner we know sinks serious money into coaxing additional horsepower out of the old V-6.

For 2012, the Jeep Wrangler gets the same 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 used in the Jeep Grand Cherokee . It’s a big improvement in terms of output, and the new engine is rated at 260 horsepower when stuffed under the hood of the Wrangler. We haven’t seen torque specifications just yet, but we suspect they’ll be an improvement over last year’s 237 ft-lb as well. Fuel economy is up for 2012, with the Pentastar V-6 getting 13 percent better fuel economy in the city and nearly 11 percent better fuel economy on the highway. That puts the two-door Wrangler at 17 mpg city and 21 mpg highway, while the four-door Wrangler Unlimited clocks in with 16 mpg city and 20 mpg highway.

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When we are looking for a sport utility vehicle that can negotiate the urban jungle as well as the real jungle, the 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD (Toyota Racing Development) is an outstanding option. This descendant of rugged Toyota off roaders is no longer a one trick pony and has added urban practicality to its impressive off road reputation. Toyota has made the FJ Cruiser TRD a utilitarian option that can do both jobs supremely well whether it is navigating the parking lot at the supermarket or crawling over a sand dune in the Sahara.

Of the different versions and options offered for the vehicle, we picked the the 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser with the TRD package because it offers quite the bang for your buck ($33,461). For that price, we got a genuinely brilliant off roader that can seat five adults, but more importantly, receives a sportier feel with TRD 16-in. 6-spoke alloy wheels and hefty BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires. Then there’s the TRD-developed, high-speed–tuned Bilstein shocks for extra support.

The FJ is a relative newcomer to the market (introduced in 2006) . Now, the FJ is aiming to tackle the suburbs as well the trail. Let’s see if the FJ can truly be the best of both worlds.

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There has been a pretty busy period at the Project Kahn design center. Only this months we have seen lots of updates packages for model from Audi , Land Rover or Porsche . Today is time for another Land Rover model: the Discovery .

For the exterior updates the tuner is offering an impressive styling package consisting of front and rear arch spats, front and rear bumper unit, twin mesh grille, side vents, L.E.D running lights, lowered sports and exhaust system and privacy glass. The final touch has been given by a new set of wheels, size 22"with simple clean lines, soft organic surfaces on the edges of the spoke and a purposeful mechanical center.

For the interior the tuner is offering its clients the possibility to express their own individuality whatever they want. The tuner announced they can design a vehicle with an exterior and an interior to suit the exact specification of the customer.

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport is entering the 2012 model year with updates made to both the exterior and interior, but more importantly, more power and reduced emissions. The model comes equipped with a new ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox with rotary gear shift selector and paddle shift and, for the first time, gets a Dual View touch-screen. The Autobiography and Limited Edition get revised interiors and an enhanced design.

"The enhancements to the 2012 Range Rover Sport will ensure this car retains its position as one of the most economical and dynamic high performance SUVs on the market today. With greater levels of diesel engine efficiency, lower fuel emissions and exciting new features, the Range Rover Sport continues to live up to its reputation for power and refinement," said John Edwards,Land Rover Global Brand Director.

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