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British tuner Kahn Design has probably built programs that run the whole gamut of Land Rover models. And with the success they’ve had, it’s hardly surprising that Kahn Design isn’t stopping any time soon. Next up on their list is the Land Rover Defender , or as they prefer to call it, the Concept 17 Defender.

Unlike most of their recent programs, Kahn Design took the curious route of releasing renderings of the project before it’s been completed. Nevertheless, you don’t doubt these guys, especially when it comes to projects like this. And true to form, they appear to have the goods locked, stocked, and ready to rock.

The aerodynamic kit includes plenty of new components, including a bespoke paint finish that can be bullet-proofed, a four-piece arch kit, new mud flaps, a spare wheel cover, a custom exhaust system, a customized interior, and a new set of 18" Kahn RS Defender wheels.

The final version of the Concept 17 Defender will be unveiled at a later date. For now, indulge yourselves in these rendering photos.

For anyone that got a chance to see the wreck-fest that was also known as the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) , you may have noticed an odd vehicle resting just inside the top-10 standings. This vehicle was a Polaris RZR-X... That’s right, a UTV managed to sneak its way into the top-10 with a finishing time of 10:40.669.

This is not a normal RZR-X that you would see sitting in a local bike shop. Oh, no. It’s owner, Doug Siddens, and his crew have this RZR-X tuned to the gills, making it outrun some of the most exotic cars in the world.

In addition, if you were to sit this RZR next to any other RZR in the world, you would barely be able to tell that they are the same vehicle. Doug’s beast features all of the fixins needed to make it into a true race car, err, race UTV.

Mr. Siddens was so kind to actually take the time out to send us a laundry list of what the vehicle has and we chose to provide our readers with a full review of this amazing Polaris RZR.

Click past the jump to read this entire review, as well as see some awesome pics and videos of Doug’s impressive Polaris.

Source: RZRForums

The post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max is set to return to theaters for the first time since 1985 and while Mel Gibson will not be in the movie, the reins of Mad Max will be in good hands with Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road .

As a movie that’s set in a world unlike the one we live in, you can expect little semblance of normalcy and bountiful doses of unorthodox. One element about the franchise that has become a critical part in the story are the cars-of-choice. Surely, you’ll remember some of them, including the Mad Max Interceptor, the Yellow Pursuit, and the Night Rider. Well, the fourth installment of the franchise promises to offer heaps of automotive oddities.

A few production photos from the movie have already revealed some of the cars you’ll see in the movie and trust us, we had just as hard a time trying to describe them as you probably will. Nevertheless, our best descriptions include a porcupine-like heavy-load, construction vehicle, a classic vehicle with a larger chassis and suspension with what looks like guns where the driver’s side mirror used to be, and last but not least, some heavy metal Big Foots ready to trample everything on sight.

If these descriptions don’t paint a clear enough picture, you can check out the photos and see for yourself.

When us 30-somethings were kids, Powerwheels cars were all the rage. We could drive our own miniature car at a snail’s pace for roughly 10 minutes before the battery drained and left us stranded wherever we were. Those 10 minutes were typically the highlight of our week, despite the fact that molasses could flow down the road faster than our Powerwheels car could drive.

Well, FFTEC Motorsports, who is best known for building monster Mitsubishis , Porsches , Subarus , etc., decided that, after one of its employee’s son wore the rubber wheels off of his Lightning McQueen Powerwheels, it was time for some minor modifications.

FFTEC completely stripped the guts from the Powerwheels car, leaving pretty much just the plastic body. From there, FFTEC installed an aluminum sub-chassis in the rear end and installed new bearing-style hubs with disc brakes. On these hubs are a set of rubber all-terrain tires, so the Powerwheels car could literally put rubber to the road instead of plastic.

FFTEC didn’t stop there, as technicians decided that the car just wasn’t quite fast enough, so they installed a 500-watt, 0.66-horsepower electric motor to drive the rear wheels via a chain system. They also installed 24-volt gel batteries to help prolong the car’s running life. Also part of the build is a variable-speed throttle, in placer of the Powerwheels all-or-nothing throttle, and a Sparco battery cutoff switch.

After it was all said and done, FFTEC produced a video and slapped it on YouTube for us to see. Have a look for yourself and think about how you could have easily beaten everyone in the Driveway Le Mans Series of Powerwheels.

Nice job FFTEC!

If auto tuning was an actual Olympic event, British tuner Kahn Design would probably be the odds-on favorite to win the most gold medals by sheer quantity of programs alone. Don’t sleep on these guys though, because they’ve got top-class quality covered too.

For their latest offering, Azfal Kahn and his team decided to go the utilitarian route by releasing a new program for the Jeep Wrangler , called the Chelsea Truck CJ 300 Expedition Vehicle.

The most distinguishable element of the program for the Chelsea Truck CJ 300 is its military green paint finish, which pretty much gives away the underlying purpose of the vehicle. Moreover, a lot of intricate modifications were given to the Wrangler to ensure that it keeps true to its new looks, including the smoked headlights and indicators to go with LED daytime running lights. The front grille was also abjectly modified to give the Wrangler’s front profile a more menacing look while also getting some technical boost thanks to new openings on the valance and grille area, providing better airflow to the radiator, intercooler and brakes. etc. Over at the back, Kahn Design added a new enamel tailgate, cross hair exhausts in stainless steel, and a new 20" smoked black Kahn RS spare wheel.

Moving inside, the British tuner added heated perforated leather seats with matching stitching, aluminum pedals, and a red speedometer and rev counter fascia to complete the aesthetic overhaul for this off-road menace.

We still have to wait a long time before the 2012 SEMA Auto Show officially starts, but there are already a few vehicles getting prepped for their big day. One of these models is a ruggedly eccentric Wrangler Crush Recovery designed by famed Jeep builder, Dave Doetsch.

His project is based on a 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon , the most capable off-road vehicle on the market. The new Wrangler Unlimited "Crush Recovery" was outfitted with more than 60 of the latest products from OMIX’s family. These products include Alloy USA’s high-strength chromoly axle shafts, Rugged Ridge XHD modular aluminum bumpers, and new half doors for the Jeep. Topping off the accessories is an Orange Crush exterior paint finish, which is where the name of the project comes from.

Before its official launch in SEMA, the Wrangler Unlimited "Crush Recovery" will be unveiled to selected customers at the 2012 Airpark Jeep Jamboree in Scottsdale, Ariz. on October 13, 2012.

From the people that once brought us the Prombron and subsequent variants of arguably one of the most unique armored cars in the world, Dartz is back with yet another creation: the Nagel Dakar. If the name strikes a bell, we’ll point out that the Nagel Dakar is named after Russian racing driver Andrew Nagel, the second place finisher at the 1912 Monte Carlo Rally.

Just like the Prombron, Dartz is wasting little time building up the Nagel Dakar, even going to the curious length of introducing it under a new class of cars it’s calling B.N.U.D.S.

So what exactly is B.N.U.D.S.? We’ll save that for information after the jump. For now, Dartz’s introduction of the Nagel Dakar comes with a pair of renderings to give us an idea on what the car looks like. Suffice to say, it looks exactly what Dartz has come to be known for in the industry: the creators of some of the most unique machineries in the world.

Find out more about the Nagel Dakar - and what B.N.U.D.S. means - after the jump.

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When Porsche created the Cayenne there was a massive uproar from the Porsche faithful. They found this new SUV to an abomination of what a proper Porsche, a 911 in their minds, should be. Yet, despite all the hate, the Cayenne was a huge success.

British supercar maker Aston Martin are looking to follow suit with their new Lagonda, which was just a concept a few days ago, but now seems as if it’s headed for the production line. Despite the fact that most Astons are gorgeous vehicles, the Lagonda just isn’t. We thought the first generation Cayenne was bad, but the concept version of Aston’s SUV was like looking at a pile of sick with an Aston Martin badge on top.

Not to mention the fact that Aston have recently announced the Cygnet , a small city car aimed at helping the company bring down its fuel economy numbers. So, on top of that, a new SUV might cause a riot among Aston’s largest following.

UPDATE 07/12/2012: Back in May, we reported that despite previous rumors, Aston Martin still wanted to offer a production version of the Lagonda SUV revealed as a concept back in 2009. Aston Martin reconsidered its decision because it’s trying to enter markets, like China, where large models are a must. That, and because of the market’s positive reaction to Bentley’s EXP 9 F concept .

Now, Aston Martin is offering new details on the upcoming SUV. The production version will be built on a Mercedes GL-Class platform and the top version will be offered with a 6.0 liter V12 engine. However, Aston Martin announced that it also plans to offer a hybrid and a diesel version for clients with a particular interest for the environment.

The company is still deciding if the new model will be sold as an Aston Martin or if they will revive the legendary Lagonda name. Either way, the SUV will have plenty of competitors on the market, including the two SUVs from Lamborghini and Bentley .

A final decision will be made in the upcoming months and a production version is set to be unveiled by 2016.

Hit the jump to learn a little more about the Lagonda.

The Land Rover Defender will not win any conceptual design awards, but make no mistake, where it lacks in pizzazz, it more than makes up for in terms of all-purpose versatility.

In fact, the Defender is quite a popular model in the LR portfolio, so much in fact that the company has prepared a new special edition version of the Defender Xtech.

The 2012 Defender XTech will be available in either a three-door (90 Hard Top) or five-door (110 Utility Wagon) variant and will be offered in a choice of either Orkney Grey or Nara Bronze exterior colors. That’s then matched by a Santorini Black roof, wheel arches, and a black checker plate on the bumper and side sills. In addition, the Defender XTech also gets a body-colored front grille, black surround for the headlamps, a rear step bumper, DEFENDER decals, and last but not least, a new set of 16" Gloss Black Saw Tooth alloy wheels wrapped in specialized Goodyear tires.

As for the interior, the Defender XTech Edition gets seats and a central panel that come with the same color of the exterior; the Land Rover logo was also embossed on the front headrests with matching carpet mats.

Performance numbers remain the same, which means that the Defender XTech Edition is powered by a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine that produces 120 horsepower and 265 lb/ft of torque while mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Finally, the Defender Xtech retails for £27,995, which is around $43,000 based on current exchange rates.

The USA is celebrating its independence and Jeep is rolling out a special edition Wrangler to commemorate the occasion.

The special Wrangler is called the Freedom Edition and it’s being released as a limited-run model that’s based on the Wrangler Sport. In line with its "tribute to the military" theme, the Wrangler Freedom Edition will be made available in three special color finishes involving the three shades that make up the US flag: Deep Cherry Red, Bright White, or True Blue.

Among the exclusive features attached to the Wrangler Freedom Edition include "Oscar Mike" badges, an homage to the military lexicon of "on the move." In addition, star badges can also be found on the front hood and the rear-quarter panel while star images have been embroidered on the setbacks, which is then visually complemented by silver stitching. Likewise, silver accents can also be found on the interior, particularly on the Mopar slush mats.

As far as performance, the Wrangler Freedom Edition will be powered by a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar engine, one that produces 285 horsepower.

Anybody interested in this special edition, patriotism-inspired Wrangler will need to fork over $29,090 for the two-door model and $31,595 for the four-door model. Better yet, for every model sold by Jeep, the automaker is sending over $250 to a number of charities, including the Fisher House Foundation and the I Support Foundation.

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