2007 Spyker D12

Exotic carmaker Spyker today unveiled the D12 "Super Sports Utility Vehicle" (SSUV). The introduction marks the launch of a second product line for Spyker, which already builds a number of sports cars.

The Spyker D12 "Peking-to-Paris" is a four-wheel drive, four-door, four-seater luxury Super Sports Utility Vehicle with a spacious interior and a high performance W12 500 bhp engine. Production is due to start in the fourth quarter of 2007. The Volkswagen-sourced W12 enables the car to accelerate to 62 mph in 5.0 seconds. The six-speed automatic transmission features a multifunctional steering wheel with F1 style shift paddles. The 4177 lbs vehicle has an all aluminium body fitted to an aluminium space frame, and sits on 24" Aeroblade wheels. Top speed is 185 mph.


I really don’t know about spyker, but it looks quite a comfy and elegant ride. and also it has an engine that is VW inspired, surely this thing is fast and competitive.

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