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Spyker D12

We’re all familiar with the Spyker name, so much so that we’re under the impression that the tiny company actually produced at least 50 units annually. However, the company’s CEO Victor Muller recently confirmed that Spyker only produced 12 new cars in 2011, a figure very similar to the amount of cars which Pagani produced in the same time period.

However, Muller isn’t going to let those relatively unimpressive numbers dissuade him, as he wants the company to continue to grow in the coming years and with Saab now completely split from Spyker, it’s the perfect time for Muller to look into strategies to expand the company.

Unfortunately, Spyker’s failed attempt to acquire Saab did affect their car production to such an extent that production has pretty much skidded to a stop. Consequently, Muller is currently looking for an investment of $32 million to restart production, and if all goes well Muller hopes that Spyker can produce upwards of 1,000 cars annually in the coming years.

If Spyker does manage to find this much required investment, then its model line could also be increased to accommodate the 2006 D12 Peking-To-Paris SUV Concept and with luxury SUVs seemingly being the talk of the town recently , the company could be onto a winner if it does put the D12 into production.

The biggest thing standing in the way of Muller achieving these aims may be his inability to receive the necessary funds. Unsurprisingly, after his failed attempt to run Saab and failed attempt to run his own Formula 1 team, firms are understandably apprehensive about whether or not he can deliver on his claims.

Source: De Telegraaf
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Spyker C8 Aileron

Ever since Spyker Cars – the tiny company very little have heard of – purchased Saab from General Motors twelve months or so ago, very little has happened. The biggest change which occurred was the name which saw the Spyker/Saab pair become Swedish Automobile N.V . Since that time, Saab has continued to weigh the small company down and after consecutive offers made by Chinese company Youngman to purchase the ailing Swedish brand, Spyker finally parted ways.

As a result, Spyker Cars which was known as Swedish Automobile is once again back to its original roots as Spyker. We have no idea how much this entire venture has cost the brand, but we’d prefer not to think about it. It definitely wasn’t a smart move to purchase Saab on their part. Consequently, we would be very surprised if Spyker released any new cars in the coming months and years.

Youngman, which is actually one of China’s biggest companies, originally put a bid in to buy Saab off GM back in February when they offered $298 million, but as Saab’s debt totals more than $2 billion, this offer was unsurprisingly knocked back. Since then, the issue has remained fairly steady with Youngman announcing that it will invest no less than $1.8 billion into development of new Saab models if its latest undisclosed offers are accepted.

In our opinion, Youngman is out of its mind with these bids. Not only will the company have to spend billions to prop up Saab, consumer confidence in the Swedish brand has been completely and utterly smashed through the floor, even though they’ve developed a few nice cars. In turn, sales would be shaky and remain unsteady for years if Saab’s production line began to turn once again.

What do you think, should Saab finally bite the dust and leave us?

Who is Akon everybody knows. But for sure not many of you know that he just finished preparing his ride for 2012: a very cool Spyker C8 equipped with Savini Forged SV-29s Centerlock wheels. Its true this is not the most beautiful tuned C8, but yet again everyone know that rappers have a stranger taste when it comes about tuning their cars.

The good thing is that he did not ruined the exterior of the car and he limited to only updating the car’s interior. But that ugly yellow custom paint is more than enough. At least for our taste, maybe some of you might like it.

All the work has been done by Exclusive Motoring in Miami, Florida and includes the addition of a new set of One-Off 20" Staggered SV-29s Centerlock with custom paint.

Akon’s garage also include: a white Porsche Panamera equipped with Savini wheels, a white Ferrari 458 Italia and two Lamborghini: a Gallardo and a Murcielago .

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We knew something was going on when a Swedish newspaper reported that Volvo was looking into purchasing Saab from Spyker, but the deal didn’t exactly go down like they had stated. Volvo won’t be purchasing the Swedish automaker, but as of June 15, 2011, the Spyker/Saab pair will now be known as Swedish Automobile N.V. (SWAN) after both companies were purchased by the Chinese Pang Da Automobile (Pang Da). Pang Da gave Spyker new life by filling its veins with a €65 million investment for a 24 percent stake in the company.

In a previous statement, Victor Muller, CEO Spyker Cars and Saab Automobile, said: "Based on our discussions with Pang Da we are confident about the possibility of Pang Da obtain regulatory approvals necessary to formalize the transaction. I am very eager to create a solid company with Pang Da, first in the distribution and subsequently in the manufacture of Saab cars in China. It must be stressed that the prepayment Pang Da and sales of Saab cars imported are not subject to approval by the NDRC. The first advance of 30 million has been received by Saab on Tuesday."

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Volvo and Saab have long since been rivals in the automotive industry. Recent years have seen a decline in this competition, but the two still share much in common. After General Motors was finished running Saab into the ground by making re-branded Chevrolets with their nameplate, it was sold off. One of the most unique companies in the world, Spyker , bought Saab and has been running it since 2010.

Earlier today a Swedish newspaper has reported that Volvo in conjunction with the Swedish government were in talks about buying Saab Saab . Volvo spokesman Per-Ake Froberg said, “No such talks have been going on and no such talks are scheduled.” The idea of this merger is rather interesting and has several implications on capital markets.

The De Telegraaf newspaper mentions that the Swedish government would like Volvo to take over Saab because that would mean a greater chance that a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) granted to Saab, which was guaranteed by Sweden, would be repaid. This type of acquisition would also help Saab deal with its cash problem. Spyker Spyker had its 2010 sales fall below forecasts and has therefore struggled to pay suppliers. Sweden has also come to the rescue here by approving financing to help get production on the move once more.

The Swedish government is not the only player in this transaction seeing as China is essentially the owner of Volvo. Geely Geely Automotive Holdings took over the Volvo Volvo brand after its sale from Ford. This acquisition was the largest of any automaker by China. You may also remember the acquisition of the Hummer Hummer brand, but that paled in comparison to this. The Saab CEO, Victor Muller, has said, “the Swedish carmaker is negotiating with a wide range of Chinese car makers about a tie up.” It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out and whether these two monikers can rise from the ashes of their U.S. ownership and become profitable once again.

Source: Reuters

It is impossible not to notice that more and more companies are developing special editions for the Chinese market. And if Lamborghini has the Murciélago LP 670-4 SuperVeloce China Limited Edition , then it seems Spyker is welcome to bring the C8 Laviolette Special Edition for China to the Shanghai Auto Show. The company is already accepting orders and have announced a price of 4.8 million yuan, or about $735,000 at the current exchange rates.

The Spyker C8 Laviolette Special Edition for China will feature an orange body combined with a red, white, and blue flag decoration. The vehicle’s body and external parts, such as mirrors, beautiful inlets, and wheels, are all constructed from the best aluminum material.

Now that those minor aesthetic features have been taken care, we move on to the most impressive feature of this special edition: the 4.2-liter V8 engine. This engine has been tuned to deliver a total of 500 HP, up from the usual 400 HP. It is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

After a number of delays that really tested the patience of Spyker fans all over the world, we finally have some good news about the brand’s resident supercar, the Spyker C8 Aileron . According to Spyker, the Aileron is finally ready to hit the production line and will do so at the conclusion of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Turns out, the production delay stems from the company’s relocation of their production facilities that came as a result of Spyker Spyker ’s take-over of Saab. Now that everything seems to have settled down, production of the C8 Aileron will soon commence - much to the delight of those who have waited a long time for the car to arrive.

The production version of the Spyker C8 Aileron is expected to come with a 6.2-liter LSA V8 engine - the same one under the hood of the Corvette ZR1 and Cadillac CTS-V - that produces over 500 horsepower.

Full details on the Spyker C8 Aileron after the jump.

Spyker is bringing the production ready C8 Aileron to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, but they will also be presenting the new Aileron GT - a new race car that will replace the current C8 Laviolette GT2R racer in the 2012 motorsport season. The new model will be developed by Spyker Squadron’s expanded engineering team at its Zeewolde headquarters in conjunction with its long-standing technical partners. According to Spyker, various racing teams are already interested in purchasing the racer.

Spyker Squadron Managing Director, Peter Van Erp, said: "We are taking a racing sabbatical this year to concentrate our resources on developing a new GT racer based on Spyker’s new C8 Aileron supercar, instead of continuing to spend money on a car at the end of its development cycle. For the long term future of Spyker Squadron, and for its role in the promotion and technical development of Spyker road cars, it’s a positive and strategically important step.

"Ultimately, our fans can look forward to a very exciting long term future following Spyker in top-flight endurance racing, with both the Spyker Squadron and customer racing teams fielding C8 Aileron GT cars. And as a result, Spyker will become an even more prominent and successful name in endurance motorsport around the world in 2012 and beyond."

Spyker has unveiled the C8 Aileron Spyder in 2009 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. However, until now there is not even a single unit on the streets. However, while people are waiting to actually see this car, Dutch CEO Victor Muller announced it will be built only as a limited edition. Only 99 people will actually have the chance to drive this car. The only question is "When?" Spyker announced at the official launch in 2009 that the C8 Aileron Spyder will go into production in the first half of 2010, and now is the first half of 2011 and they still do not have a production version ready. So we guess the crisis is really holding them back!

Another news is that instead of being offered with the same Audi sourced 4.2 Liter V8 as the coupe version, the Spyder version will be powered by a V8 Corvette ZR1 engine.

Hit the jump to read more about the Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder.

We know Christmas is two months away, but it’s never too early to start buying presents for your loved one. Or maybe even for yourself! Just in time for this holiday season, Spyker is offering a limited edition Timepiece Collection, with prices ranging from $9,750 to $30,500. The watches were designed by Thierry Chaunu of Expression D’Artistes International S.A.

The collection will be offered in solid 18K gray or rose gold finishes in a run of 250, or in polished steel or matte black titanium finishes in a run 1000. They will be offered with quilted leather bracelets, available in Dutch Spyker Orange, Black Anthracite, or Blanc de Blanc white.

Similarities to Spyker vehicles can be seen on the pushbuttons of the timepiece as they mimic Spyker exhaust pipes and on the steel “bouchonné” dial as it uses the same turned aluminum finish of the luxury supercar’s dashboard. Each timepiece will features Spyker’s timeless Latin motto: NULLA TENACI INVIA EST VIA – "For the tenacious no road is impassable".

This limited edition timepiece will be sold at carefully selected watch retailers as well as a small number of Spyker-sponsored car owners’ events. Prices range from US$ 9,750 / € 7,500 to US$30,500 / € 23,500.

Press release after the jump.

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