Ssangyong Concept XIV

Ssangyong Concept XIV

  The Ssangyong Concept XIV-1 is a new compact crossover concept that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was brought to the biggest auto show in the world to introduce everyone to the company’s new design language, one that is expected to be applied to a lot of its future models.

In 2011, Ssangyong debuted the XIV-1 crossover concept, but it never saw production. In 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show, Ssangyong brought the more modern and convertible XIV-2 , but it still had no release details attached with it. Now, Ssangyong is bringing another variant to the XIV concept lineup in the form of the E-XIV.

The E-XIV, much like its predecessors, has no anticipated release date, but it is expected to debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The E-XIV is a huge step forward for the developing automaker, as it disposes of the traditional gasoline and diesel engines in favor of an electric drivetrain that uses a small gasoline engine to extend its range.

The details are very scarce, but we can tell that the front fascia of the E-XIV is slightly different than that on the XIV-2, as it lacks the air-intake ducts and plastic insert on the front fascia. In the place of the plastic insert are a series of small holes, but we are unsure of their purpose. On the rear en, you can see that there is really no difference between the E-XIV and the XIV-2, with exception to the illuminated “E-VIX” logo on the rear fascia. We also know that it’ll measure in at 163.2 inches long x 70.8 inches wide x 62.4 inches high and have a 102-inch wheelbase.

On the roof, instead of boasting a “convertible” top, the E-XIV features a glass roof and solar panels, meaning that this hybrid would use solar energy too. That would be a huge revolution in the industry, but it may be purely theory now, in the case of Ssangyong.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Ssangyong rolls out on September 29th to see if this solar hybrid is a reality or just another non-production brainchild.

One of the most surprising concepts to grace the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show floor in September 2011 was the five-door SsangYong XIV-1 with some nifty suicide-style doors.

Fast forward to the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show and the Korean automaker is bringing another concept crossover, the XIV-2 Concept. Unlike the XIV-1, the XIV-2 is being prepared as a three-door, convertible crossover concept that measures 4,166mm long, 1,820mm wide, and 1,566mm tall. It also features a one-touch automatic opening soft-top roof, among many of its still-to-be-announced qualities.

SsangYong has also announced that the concept will carry different variations - petrol and diesel - of the company’s 1.6-liter engine.

For now, the SsangYong has bared some teaser images of the XIV-2 Concept leading up to its debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It remains to be seen as to what kind of surprises the Korean automaker has in store for us with the XIV-2 Concept. Rest assured, we’ll be very interested to see how they follow up on their surprisingly popular XIV-1 Concept.

The fact that some of the world’s lesser known brands have all come out of the woodwork to present their own concept cars speaks volumes on how popular Frankfurt is. We haven’t heard from Ssangyong in a while now, but apparently, all that changed when the South Korean automaker officially introduced a new compact crossover concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show called the Concept XIV-1.

According to SsangYong, the Concept XIV-1 is derived from the the phrase "eXcitinguser Interface Vehicle" and was brought to the biggest auto show in the world to introduce everyone to the company’s new design language, one that is expected to be applied to a lot of its future models.

Not much is being mentioned about the concept’s future other than it’s going to serve as the concept peg for a lot of the company’s future models. But if it does get the green light, expect it to be a player in what is appearing to be a very competitive premium SUV segment.

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