2012 Ssangyong E-XIV Concept

In 2011, Ssangyong debuted the XIV-1 crossover concept, but it never saw production. In 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show, Ssangyong brought the more modern and convertible XIV-2 , but it still had no release details attached with it. Now, Ssangyong is bringing another variant to the XIV concept lineup in the form of the E-XIV.

The E-XIV, much like its predecessors, has no anticipated release date, but it is expected to debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The E-XIV is a huge step forward for the developing automaker, as it disposes of the traditional gasoline and diesel engines in favor of an electric drivetrain that uses a small gasoline engine to extend its range.

The details are very scarce, but we can tell that the front fascia of the E-XIV is slightly different than that on the XIV-2, as it lacks the air-intake ducts and plastic insert on the front fascia. In the place of the plastic insert are a series of small holes, but we are unsure of their purpose. On the rear en, you can see that there is really no difference between the E-XIV and the XIV-2, with exception to the illuminated “E-VIX” logo on the rear fascia. We also know that it’ll measure in at 163.2 inches long x 70.8 inches wide x 62.4 inches high and have a 102-inch wheelbase.

On the roof, instead of boasting a “convertible” top, the E-XIV features a glass roof and solar panels, meaning that this hybrid would use solar energy too. That would be a huge revolution in the industry, but it may be purely theory now, in the case of Ssangyong.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Ssangyong rolls out on September 29th to see if this solar hybrid is a reality or just another non-production brainchild.


Ssangyong E-XIV Concept

The E-XIV Concept takes inspiration from its conceptual predecessor, the XIV 2 CUV Coupe. The dynamism of the E-XIV’s design is apparent by the first looks of it and it’s more evidently impressive because the people at Ssangyong took a more environmental approach with the styling of the concept. The Korean automaker took its new "Robust Aesthetics" design philosophy to heart with a clear emphasis on streamlined language that belies its contemporary look.

If there’s one complaint coming from our end with regards to the design of the E-XIV, its that the front profile looks nowhere newer as interesting as the rear, which is really saying a lot considering that we can’t help but picture a mustache on that rear bumper. The grille - or what looks like it - and the front bumper looks like it’s always having a good time, albeit for no other reason than we can think of. The front headlights of look good and asides the high-tech solar cell panel that Ssangyong applied to the glass roof.


Ssangyong E-XIV Concept

Admittedly, the interior of the E-XIV Concept is a lot more interesting than the exterior. The four-bucket seat configuration not only offers individual space for the driver and passenger, but it does so while making each seat comfortable and versatile enough to create a variety of seating combinations and a choice in space utilization. That’s a sweet trick.

We also appreciate Ssangyong’s attempt at plushing up the interior of this concept with a generous blend of high-end materials, particularly the use of carbon fiber. The instrument cluster is an intricate, high-tech mix of features that adds a level of dynamism to the concept. And Ssangyong’s use of its Auto User Interface’ concept, similar to what they did with the XIV1 and XIV2, offers a new direction for the car as a moving communication space that combines the latest in technology for both automotive and personal smart devices.

Unique to the E-XIV’s technical features is the aforementioned glass roof solar panel that converts solar energy to electric power. IT’s with this energy that the concept is able to operate the interior equipment such as the air conditioning, audio system and internal lighting.


Ssangyong E-XIV Concept

As an environmentally forward car, the E-XIV Concept uses an 80-kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) for the EV mode and a 1.0-liter 2-cylinder engine and a 20kW generator for the Range Extend mode. This set-up allows the concept to travel a cruising speed of 80 km using EV mode at first and once all that energy’s been spent, the engine then switch to the petrol engine, which in turn, supplied additional power through the generator, increasing the concept’s range all the way up 600 km, all while only emitting 45g/km of CO2.

Technical Data

Ssangyong E-XIV Concept
ModelSsangyong E-XIV Concept
Length4,160 mm
Height1,575 mm
Width1,790 mm
Wheelbase2,600 mm
Engine1.0 litre 2-cylinder petrol engine
Generator20kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Charging TimeNormal 4 hours, Quick 20 mins
Cruising Range80km with EV mode, 600km with Range Extend mode
Max Speed150 km/h
CO245 gkm

Will We See It In Production?

Ssangyong E-XIV Concept

Considering that Ssangyong’s past two concepts never made it past the concept stages, we’re a little skeptical about the E-XIV Concept’s production future. That being said, we’re not completely closing our doors on this one, especially in light of the fact that it’s an environmentally friendly car that clearly has a place in a world that’s slowly becoming more proactive in improving the environment.

Ssangyong E-XIV Concept
  • Could have a production future if Ssangyong wants to
  • Spacious and fancy interior is a pleasant surprise
  • Powertrain is versatile and eco-friendly
  • No word on production destiny
  • Front profile is underwhelming
  • A little more power would have been nice


I really love the color combination, white and blue plus the fact that this car has large front fascia, wow. It’s just great

Non_Believer: I agree. I really love the thickness of this car. Really good.

Is this only a concept ? It’s already 2012, and I wonder if they will released this kind of car.

I don’t know why they hate the thickness of this car. Actually it is one of the unique features and it is actually good.

Really cool sport car. Nice choice of colors. Dark colors give more appeal in this car.

I like the smooth fluidity of this concept. It seems the aerodynamics of this concept has been prioritized knowing that it is a crossover.

I must say that this car is great. But I just don’t like the thickness and the ground clearance of this car.

StratRacer: I didn’t know that there will be others who is also excited on launching of this car. I must say this car is really superb.

It is ridiculous on style, but the concept is truly exceptional.

I would love to see the the launching of this concept. Very brilliant and futuristic style.

It’s like a face of robocop! Ha! Ha! Ha! But I must admit that they really came up with a good concept.

Wow, the look of this Ssangyong E-XIV seems smiling to its future owners. Plus they really got hot wheels. I must say that the creator truly has a brilliant idea to come up with this one. 

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