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A few days ago, the Guinness Book of World Records stripped the Veyron Super Sport of its "fastest production car" record due a violation of the official rules. Apparently, the Veyron used to set the speed record had its speed limiter disable, thereby negating the “production car” part of the record. Now, with the Veyron officially losing its crown, the SSC Ultimate Aero re-claimed the title.

According to SSC this is not how it wanted to get the title back to them, but it is good enough until the SSC Tuatara will be ready to show what it can do.

SSC Ultimate Aero set its record back in 2007 on a public highway in Washington when it was able to hit an impressive top speed of 256.14 mph (412.22 km/h). The Ultimate Aero kept the title of the fastest production car until 2010 when a Veyron Super Sport was able to hit a top speed of 267.8 mph (430.98 km/h).

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Back in August, SSC unveiled the Ultimate Aero XT , which was a special edition Ultimate Aero featuring an all-new 423.6-cubic-inch 1,300 horsepower engine, and an updated exterior and interior. The XT was limited to only 5 units with each carrying a different price tag, with the most expensive one being the car number No. 5 at a whopping $850,000.

According to SSC, the final Aero XT is now entering production, so if you were planning to acquire one, it looks like you have missed your chance. This last Aero XT features an exterior color specially chosen by the customer and that will never be used again on any Ultimate Aero or Tuatara.

This special edition also features some key assemblies that will be featured in the upcoming Tuatara. The company’s new supercar will be delivered to first customers in 2013.

Our hats go off to the bunch at SSC, now we just need to wait and see is the Tuatara is everything SSC has touted it as – essentially a Bugatti Veyron killer…

The company formerly known as Shelby Super Cars, now known as SSC, has already released the replacement for its extreme supercar, the Ultimate Aero. This replacement car is dubbed the Tuatara . You didn’t think that SSC would let its one-multiple-world-record-holding supercar just ride away into the sunset, did you?

If you did, you’re mistaken, as SSC has just announced a special edition model of the Ultimate Aero , dubbed the Ultimate Aero XT, which boasts a power plant never before seen in an Ultimate Aero and styling to match the might behind the seats.

This model will literally be a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it model, as there will only be a small number of examples built. From a quick glance, it looks like this special edition SSC will give the Ultimate Aero a proper send off into retirement, but is this new XT worth all of the hype?

You’ll have to click past the jump past the jump to see what we think of it.

SSC Tuatara

SSC North America , better known as the parent company of models like the record breaking Ultimate Aero and the recently unveiled Tuatara , announced it will be dropping the Shelby name from its title, opting to only use the SSC nomenclature. Apparently, there was way too much confusion when it came to whether or not Jerod Shelby (SSC’s founder) was in any way related to automotive legend, Carroll Shelby.

Jerod Shelby, Founder and Lead Designer, said in an official press release: "After several months of successfully launching our new corporate name and solidifying further International brand awareness for SSC SSC at the Dubai International Motor Show and Top Marques in Macau, it was the right time to officially announce our name change."

"We have always wanted to focus on the pride associated with being an American built supercar and the timing is right," Shelby stated. "We have previously launched the Tuatara in both Shanghai and Pebble Beach and these two events in Dubai and Macau ensure the appropriate branding we are hoping to achieve for our company worldwide."

We don’t necessarily see how only using SSC will stop the annoying "relation" question from being asked, especially since SSC stands for Shelby Super Cars anyway, but with vehicles like the Aero and the Tuatara diving into the supercar market, Jerod Shelby will more than likely get his own following.

Before anyone begins to even dream about owning any of these cars, we feel we have to give fair warning that purchasing any one of them will probably cost a few arms and legs. Of course, for anyone whose bank account has never felt the dryness that most of ours have, then listen up.

Forbes - yeah, we all know them - has released a Top 10 list of the World’s Most Expensive Cars. Think forking over $100,000 on a car is already a financial burden? Well, think again. Not only are these cars fast and powerful, but they command a pretty steep price tag, which is only affordable to those people that have as much money as we have lottery tickets.

Something of note for this list is that there are two cars that have yet to be unveiled, let alone given a price tag. Their respective prices are then assumptions by Forbes and may change the list once the actual prices have been revealed.

Another thing that we noticed is the conspicuous absence of the Aston Martin One-77 , which, at $1.77 million, is easily one of the most expensive cars in the world. Forbes normally covers a lot of holes on their list, but they clearly made one oversight there.

Check out Forbes’ list after the jump.

Source: Forbes

Shelby Supercars has released new details on the new generation Aero that is set to take on the Veyron SuperSports record. The SSC Aero II is powered by a 6.8-liter four-cam twin-turbo engine that develops an impressive 1,350 HP at 9,000 rpm. Top speed will be in the 440 km/h area or 273 mph. The current world record was set by Bugatti and is 267 mph .

The Aero II will be offered with ABS, traction control, power steering, and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. It will also be given an active air brake system inspired by airplanes. It will go on sale at a price of $970,000.

Top Gear’s thoughts on the supercar: "A crush on your body, a blur on your vision. As magnetic and sinister as peering over the edge of a cliff at crashing waves hundreds of feet below. A headlong rush - a physical one towards the far-distance, and a metaphorical rush towards the edges of your own self-restraint that, for me at any rate, exposes a gaping shortfall of skill to make the best of torque that can, because there’s no traction control, produce extravagant wheelspin in the first three gears and occasionally in fourth beyond 100mph."

That’s a fantastic description if we’ve ever heard one. And now that TopGear has revealed more details on the SSC Ultimate Aero II, we expect the official debut to come soon. Stay tuned!

Source: TopGear

The highly-anticipated arrival of the Bugatti Veyron slayer, the SSC Ultimate Aero II , is fast approaching. We’ve seen a few spy photos of the America supercar, but now it looks like Top Gear Magazine may have done all of us better. A lot better.

In the October issue of Top Gear , the magazine was given full access by Shelby Supercars to get as much load as they can on the Ultimate Aero II, the one car that is expected to make a run at the Veyron Supersport speed record for a production car.

Needless to say, we’re all geeked up to see the American powerhouse in action, and while the sight of the Jason Castriota-designed machine is still a ways away, we can take comfort in salivating over the new photos of the Ultimate Aero II that will make their way to the October issue of Top Gear magazine.

Source: Top Gear

There are a few cars in this world that can make a room full of supercar owners stand in wide-eyed disbelief and at a loss for words on the exotic that they’re looking at. One of those few cars is the SSC Ultimate Aero II . Now, we finally get a look at what the new American supercar looks like.

Similar to how Ferrari did a secret unveiling for a select few customers for the 599 Roadster, SSC did the same at the Pebble Beach Concours, bringing a few supercar owners – notice the parade of exotics these owners came in – for the sneak peek of the Ultimate Aero II.

And when you’re a company that broke the speed record for production cars set by the fabledBugatti Veyron , you know that expectations for the sequel are about as high as they can get. And now that Bugatti has once again one-upped them – the Veyron Super Sports now holds the speed record at 268 mph – it goes without saying that SSC just might have something special brewing with the Ultimate Aero II, and you only need to look at the reactions from these exotic car owners to believe that.

Source: Jalopnik

When Bugatti unveiled the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport , Shelby Supercars announced it will not enjoy the title of the fastest car in the world for a very long time as the American company has plans to bring a new generation Ultimate Aero . Compared to the current Aero, the future model will come with a more aggressive design and a sportier look.

There are no official details yet on the car’s specifications, but as it is expected to brake the current 267 mph record, it will be lighter and more powerful than the car it replaces. The current SSC Ultima Ultima te Aero is powered by a mid-engined, twin-turbo 6.2-liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 1183 HP and is capable of hitting a top speed of 256 mph. So, we expect the new supercar to deliver somewhere between 1,300 and 1,400 HP.

Stay tuned! Official details will be revealed on September 8th!

Source: Jalopnik

A while ago Shelby Supercars announced their plans to develop a new supercar that would be even faster than the recently launched Bugatti Veyron SuperSports . They still haven’t provided many details on the forthcoming SSC Aero , but they did say the car would debut in September and they offered up the very first teaser image. Okay, so it’s not much of a teaser image, but at least we got a little something.

The current SSC Ultimate Aero is powered by a mid-engined, twin-turbo 6.2-liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 1183 HP and is capable of hitting a top speed of 256 mph. However, in order to run faster than the current 267 mph record, the next Aero will need to be more powerful and lighter. So, we expect the new supercar to deliver somewhere between 1,300 and 1,400 HP.

"We’ve been working on a new project to debut before the end of the summer. Not much can be said at this time except that we’ll be upping the ante on all fronts. Having famed American designer Jason Castriota as our lead design enables SSC to reflect its engineer and performance in its aesthetics. It’s impossible for us to be more thrilled about having him on board and we’re anxious to show the world what we have up our sleeve."

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