2006 SSC Ultimate Aero

The American super car SSC Ultimate Aero is one of the most extreme, expensive and exclusive vehicles in the world. SSC (Shelby Super Cars) says it’s also the fastest car ever produced..

The car was specifically created to challenge the 250 mph barrier, and with recent top speed attempts by Koenigsegg Koenigsegg and Bugatti, the car will have to achieve that number if it wants to hold the title of ’World’s Fastest Production Car’.

Following the creation of the 787 horsepower ’Standard’ Aero, the Ultimate version features enhanced body work with improved downforce at higher speed, as well as a more powerful version of the supercharged V8 engine in the standard car. An increase in boost, a modified cam, and an upgraded fuel delivery system help the engine make over 1,000 hp, topping the Bugatti Veyron.

The car is also lighter by 200 pounds due to lightweight materials. The bodywork alone weighs under 150 lbs. The visual differences can mostly be seen in the rear of the car, which is sloped behind the cockpit and ends in a small spoiler.

Talking about performance, SSC says the Ultimate Aero can reach speeds up to 273 mph based on Langley windtunnel calculations. A spokesperson of SSC SSC wrote to Forbes that they did steady speeds of around 210 mph at a famous NASCAR track in Pennsylvania called Pocono with the Ultima Ultima te Aero. The question remains how well it handles. SSC plans to sell about 25 of these monsters worldwide. The SSC Aero is promo car of the Ultimate Rally, a rally event plant for summer 2006.

Even though the car remains untested, Forbes is happy to report that the Aero is already the fastest car in America.

This Ultimate Aero is the fourth car to come from SSC’s Washington facilities and it is by far the their most extreme. It shares all the elements with its predecessors, except #4 is much lighter and has an engine to the tune of 1050 bhp!

Each Aero has a heavily modified Corvette engine which is forced fed by a supercharger. It’s supported in a steel space frame and covered by a carbon fibre body.


Bull$hit. Excuse my language but thats what this is. The Veyron is a sixteen cylinder work of art, the Ultimate Aero is just another tuned car with a pushrod engine, an engine that may have been famous in the last half century but is now just garbage. All anyone did for this car was to build a body and then put a modified engine in it.

they cant even keep the veyron on the road long enough to top speed...nasa has done a wind tunnel test of the aero and it will hold up to top speeds of 273 mph...bottom line, veyron is an overpriced p.o.s.


this piece of crap only does 2.78 secs to 60 the veyron does it in 2.3 an ya’ll say this is better?!! plz the bugatti still is the greatest this is jus a bootleg imitation

273mph x 1.63=445kph.Fastess car ever made.Say goodbye to Bugatti!

I think that the ssc is a nice car. Because a like a car that can do more top speed. But unital ssc proven that can beat the bugatti, i will buy one. The bugatti with hp 1001 it still spine from Zero to 100, i donot know how the ssc with a rear wheel drive that can handle the power hp 1180 without spinning ?????. I will wait and see the ssc after finallize there test and see all the figures that will come out for 0-300 kph, after i will think twice and i will go for one ( ssc ).

Please note a vital sentence from teh above article.

Talking about performance, SSC says the Ultimate Aero can reach speeds up to 273 mph based on Langley windtunnel calculations.

Speed is based on calculations and not actual speed. If the SSc Engineers manage to control the car @ 273mph on the road then all credit to them. Untill tht point it is all theory

Guys while a lot of you are favouring the SSC Ultimate Aero over the Bugatti based on exterior looks and top speed it should be noted that the Bugatti is electronically limited to 253mph apparently it can go to 257+mph.

Also these two cars are not the only production cars in the elite 1000bhp group. Joining the ranks you now have the Bristol Fighter T. Not as pretty as the other two cars but the all important drag coefficient is just 0.27 whereas the Veyron’s is 0.39 (which is disgusting for a car). Therefore the Bristol is more slippery going through the air than the Veyron and as a result able to focus more of its titanic power towards obtaining a higher top speed (270+mph) rather than wasting significant amounts of power trying to rip through the air at 250+mph (hint hint Bugatti). Does anyone know what the drag coefficient for the Aero is?

Unfortunately Bristol has felt it necessary to restict the top speed to 225mph presumably because of tyre issues. Check it out on

Just thought it was worth pointing this out guys, also to bare in mind a cars looks and performance figures do not reveal how good a car is as they fail to reveal how it sounds, how it drivable it is, whether the steering is feelsome, etc.

The Veyron is actually a mixed bag as it grips like hell and probably posts the best 0-60mph time as it’s able to put down its full 1000bhp quite well to the road due to its dynamic 4 wheel drive (rather than sit there wheelspinning on its rear wheels). However, it is not a very feelsome car and doesn’t sound as awesome as its 8 litre quad turbo engine spec leads you to believe.

One really nice aspect of this SSC is that it is already taken the Car and Drivers slalom record besting the Ferrari records. I think the SSC is well on its way to beating more records.

I think this car is absolutly outstanding. 22 miles per gallon city with over 1000 horse power and 900 and somthing pounds of torque. It may not have the creature comforts of the Bugatti, but those creature comforts are honestly not going to win any performace challenges between the 2. It depends on what you are more into performance or speed. I just like brute performance and this car delievers. As far as a car that can beat a gsxr 1000 stock I know of one.

Beats Bugatti Veyron FOR GOOD!!!...
Whit over 253mph= 410kph at 273mph=437kph Yeah....

I Whant That Car.
Me Whant ONE=(1)

You’ll need special tires to handle that kind of top speed. Wonder how much they’d cost to replace?

nice way to beat the bugatti, not by one or two but by about 20mph.

Top Speed: 273 mph =WOW!!!!!!

when they say that this car can beat a gsxr-1000 then ill give it my graces. Until that time then I must has to give my hand to the bugatti Veyron 16.4. I mean yes the price may be higher, and the top speed may not be as much, but where are you going to be able to reach 273??? The supercar industry is all about quickness off the line, but as well as top end. If you can afford the ssc areo then for another 400,000 that should not be any problem for all more of the luxuries that Bugatti has to offer over the ssc areo. Until the time in which the ssc has proven to beat the bugatti, then that guy that left the first comment can eat his words. Im for the Bugatti.

ooohhhh.... i want to have sex with this car.

Well the Bugatti Veyron 16.4’s top speed is only just sly of 253mph or 410kph.. If this car can realy hit 260-273mph, thats like.. 418-439kph... oh god. I’d also like to add that the Bugatti is $1,000,000 while this baby is only $654,500, which by my books is a sure winner over the legendary Bugatti Veyron 16.4, sorry Bugatti.. I think it is a bit late for sabotage.. Lol. But saying that there is going to be 300 Bugatti’s made while Shelby is only blessing 25 people with the SSC Aero....

dis faukin car is as nice as hell!!!!

is this the new fastest car in the world or has it "officially" beat the bugatti yet some one post something on this and inform me!!!!!!

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