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Whenever we refer to the car that holds the world record for top speed , this is the one. Not the car model, but the actual current record holding car is up for sale on eBay.

This 2007 Shelby Super Coupe Ultimate Aero made a 257 mph pass on a remote road in Washington (the full run averaged to 255.83 mph), and went into the record books. While the 2007 car’s 1180 hp twin turbo V8 is impressive, SSC has upped the power for 2009 to 1287 hp.

The auction is currently up to over half a million dollars, and the reserve is still not yet met. Then again, the winner not only get a car that’s faster than a Bugatti Veyron , but also gets a certificate from Guinness World Records as well as a nifty commemorative watch too.

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We like stuff that comes from Shelby SuperCars (SSC) because its fast. The Ultimate Aero currently holds the record for world’s fastest production car at 256 mph, and the 2009 car is promised to be even faster . So when SSC announced it will build the world’s fastest electric car last summer, we thought we might have a reason to start getting excited about EV cars (no offense Tesla).

SSC decided to release a few details about its progress on the electric supercar, and its having us check the calendar to make sure it isn’t April Fool’s Day. For starters, SSC is keeping with its basic principle and keeping the electric car’s charge time fast; a hard to believe ten minutes.

In a sixth of an hour, SSC says its Nanotechnology Rechargeable Lithium Battery pack can be charged up for a 200 mile run. These figures are not from hooking up the car directly to the local nuclear power plant, but just by using the same household plug that powers an alarm clock. The reason why his is a little questionable is because the engineering team at SSC has accomplished what a lot of bigger companies have not been able to do yet. For example Chevrolet’s Volt will need an eight hour charge on a 110v plug to go 40 miles.

If SSC really has created a system the will charge an EV car’s batteries in the same time it takes to fill up with fuel, and it fits in a performance car, then the electric car revolution may really be here. Now all we have to do is keep our homes from burning down when the Ultimate Aero EV pulls the current (presumably an ungodly amount) to get its quick charge.

Full details in the press release after the jump.

Shelby Super Cars (SSC) produces the world’s fastest road-going car, the 255 mph Ultimate Aero , but SSC isn’t going to cool its record-stetting heels. For 2009 SSC has decided to upgrade the the ultra-rare supercar’s twin-turbo V8 from 1183 hp to 1287. This kind of power also has SSC setting the bar for a new world record: 270 mph.

SSC Ultimate Aero

Besides the impressive output, the Ultimate Aero also gets a redesigned frontal area with enhanced aerodynamics, as well as carbon fiber louvers on the side intakes draw in 20 percent more air into the radiators. SSC is also introducing a system called AeroBrake, which will alter the angle of the rear spoiler during hard braking (similar the system is used on theMercedes SLR ).

SSC Ultimate Aero

Although 2009 pricing has not been announced, the 2008 model is priced around $650,000. So if the cost doesn’t change too much, that’s a paltry sum to be the fastest person on your block — no matter where you live.

Press release after the jump.

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It’s fast, it’s rare, and it can be yours possibly for low six-figures - it’s the SSC Aero. The car is a predecessor of sorts to the record setting SSC Ultimate Aero, and it’s now on eBay. This is an american-made speed machine produced by Shelby Super Cars. Although this company has no association with legendary builder Carroll Shelby, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look.

eBay Discovery of the Day- 2005 Shelby Super Cars Aero

The Aero features supercharged V-8 creating 787 hp, and at the time of this post, the car was under $150,000. The owners claim it is one of only two ever created, which may make it worth the price alone.

Source: Ebay
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Shelby Supercars is promising to next year unveil a SSC Aero Ev, a fully electric version of their Aero model. Powered by a 500 horsepower electric motor, the Ultima Ultima te Aero EV will have true supercar performance. Additionally, SSC SSC is exploring the potential of a twin 500 horsepower electric power plant producing 1,000 horsepower in a 2 or 4 wheel drive configuration. This car should break all electric car speed records.
In Shelby’s press release they stated, "The drive train under development will feature a revolutionary power source allowing for extended time between charging intervals with the possibility of several years between charging." Years? Really? They have left many people scratching there heads with that statement.

Aero Ev, Worlds Fastest Electric Car

"I think we can do it faster, leaner and cleaner than any other manufacturer," says SSC boss Jerod Shelby, clearly not a man given to understatement. Whatever Shelby have planed, they know it is going to be big. While these cars are not going to be in everyones garage it might make enough of a splash to make engineers start looking at batteries rather than cylinders.

Shelby Supercars are set to unveil the first prototype in February 2009, with production cars appearing at the end of next year.

Do you believe now when we are telling you that the future auto industry is all about electric cars? No?! You need one more proof? We’ll gave it to you: SSC announced today that the unveiling of the tery and secrecy, SSC has announced plans to unveil the next historical milestone – the Ultima Ultima te Aero EV (Electric Vehicle), "the first 100% Green Supercar to achieve speeds never before seen." First prototype will debut in February 2009.

The Ultimate Aero EV will deliver a pollution-free, engineering marvel with an exotic Supercar exterior. The drive train under development will not require a charge for six years and will power two 500 horsepower electric motors producing 1000 horsepower and providing supercar performance.

And as you already guess, SSC plans next to break the record for the fastest electric car in the world.

Here’s a video presentation of the SSC SSC Ultimate Aero playing on the highway versus a Lamborghini LP640. The SSC Ultima Ultima te Aero is powered by a 6.3 liter V8 twin-turbo engine that delivers1183 hp and 1094 lb-ft of torque. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 2.78 seconds and can hit a top speed of 256 mph (world record).

Here’s a video presentation of the SSC Ultimate Aero playing on the highway versus a Lamborghini LP640.

The SSC Ultimate Aero is powered by a 6.3 liter V8 twin-turbo engine that delivers1183 hp and 1094 lb-ft of torque. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in just 2.78 seconds and can hit a top speed of 256 mph (world record).

Shelby SuperCars, manufacturer of the world’s most powerful production car, the Ultimate Aero TT, announced that speed testing for the title "World’s Fastest Production Car" will be finalized by the end of August. Speed testing is being conducted in the company’s home state of Washington and is being validated by Guinness World Records. There is a standard procedure outlined by Guinness World Records to validate a land speed record. The vehicle must drive the predetermined course, (...)

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