2006 Steeda Q 525

Steeda Autosports introduces the 2006 Supercharged Steeda Q 525. The new model of which a limited number will be built, is the top of the line Steeda Q for the customer who demands the ultimate in performance and drivability. The engineers at Steeda Autosports have paid careful attention to vehicle dynamics to give the Q 525 world class ride and handling.

One looks tells you this is a serious performance car, with its new for 2006 light weight, competition front facia equipped with functional brake cooling ducts. These ducts feed cool air to the 14” Steeda front brakes of the Q 525. At the rear the new Steeda designed, engineered and manufactured rear sway bar with billet end links improves handling and rear compliance.

Power and Performance

The heart of the Q 525 is a Magna Charger 5th Generation MP112 hybrid roots style supercharger with internal bypass valve. The supercharger provides instantantanious boost from 1,200 to 6,000 rpm. The unique valve is responsible in eliminating parasitic drag from the crank shaft to the supercharger.

The Eaton internal rotating assembly components are durability tested to OEM standards and are accepted by Ford Motor Company. The same assembly as used in the Cobra, Lightning and Jaguar XJR.

Working with Magnuson Products, Steeda engineers created an intercooled system as well as a specific tune for the Q 525, resulting in a very impressive 500 horsepower with 530 ft. lbs torque.


The suspension dynamics of the Q525 are in keeping with the Steeda Autosports tradition of designing, engineering and manufacturing quality suspension systems that are competition proven. In addition, they are constructed to strict Steeda quality standards and are precision engineered for both improved ride quality and the finest street and track performance.


What does Steeda do with this one? I don’t any wonderful tweaks for this car. It is like a standard Ford Mustang that I normally see in our city. However, I have no doubt in the performance of the car.

think one of Jeremy Clarkson’s biggest complains about the Mustang platform was that the rear suspension was a live axle.

Like a truck as opposed to independent suspension (like on most cars) making it pretty bad on a track. Whatever, at least it looks sweet.

Actually, a live axle isn’t as much a disadvantage on a race track as on the road. Race tracks are usually fairly smooth, and there a live axle actually makes camber control pretty much a snap. On the other hand, if you’ve ever driven at Talladega you know that some race tracks AREN’T smooth, but those NASCAR guys get along with their live axles just fine.

well 500 is quite good for a muscle car like this, but isn’t that a mustang has already a 600HP out of the box? well i hope to see it head to head with the GT-R.


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