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Plenty of companies have been established with the vision of providing a vehicle that would give eager everyday drivers the option of doing a Jetsons-style flyover for their morning commute. But the reality is that although there have been many drawings and ideas in the past, very few have ever gotten off the ground. So each time news has come out of the Terrafugia company about their Transition car/plane, we’ve been skeptical.

Now the company has given us good reason to move them from the “Crackpot Idea” category right into “Money Sinkhole” slot. This video shows that the Transition is a real flying aircraft (even if the altitude is very low). If Terrafugia keeps up this kind of progress, we may soon be moving it into the “Toys for People With More Money Than Brains” category.

Now all we have to do is see proof that the Transition folds up and fits into a garage like the computer-generated video showed us. Still a tall order for a company that announced it wants to deliver the first production vehicle in late 2009 for $194,000. If Terrafugia can keep on target, we won’t just have to watch out for the idiots driving in front or behind us in morning traffic, but also the rich idiots who are attacking from above.

Interview video with the test pilot after the jump.

The Predator Extreme is a car with an identity crisis. It does not know whether it is an expensive Italian supercar, a Formula 1 inspired sportscar or a Japanese sedan; because it calls upon touches from all of these. The nose is inspired by the Ferrari Enzo . The bodylines are pure Lamborghini and although the seats look like the Lambo offerings, the seating position is pure McLaren F1. Quite possibly my favorite touch to the exotic looking kit car is the incorporation of the Infiniti G35 taillights. Whoever would have thought that Nissan’s luxury brand would be said amongst the names of Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren?

Even though the looks of this hodgepodge of expensive supercars is highly criticized across the web, the producers of Knight Rider liked it enough to blow it up on their TV show.

Source: Jalopnik
252 MPH Pontiac Trans-Am

It must hurt Bugatti Veyron owners to be passed by an old Trans Am. What they probably don’t know is that there’s 1407 hp 8.9-liter V8 behind the screaming chicken. Polly Motorsport of Norway took a 1987 Pontiac Trans Am and turned into a supercar. It recorded an official 252 mph top speed at the Papenburg test track in Germany, and now Polly is looking to take the car to the U.S. next to challenge the current top speed record holder, the SSC Ultimate Aero .

There are plenty of KITT and and Knight Rider jokes to be made (they start in the next paragraph,) but this is a big deal. If the 228 mph BMW M5 was an accomplishment, this is a miracle. There is obvious a lot of replacement of stock parts to keep a 20+ year-old American car from falling apart or taking flight at 252 mph.

This kind of power is better than any ‘Turbo Boost’. Looks like this car would have been a better choice for NBC’s now canceled Knight Rider. No word yet on why a 1987 Trans Am was chosen to house the massive engine. After all it’s the Germans, not the Norwegians, who love David Hasselhoff.

Source: AutoBlog
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The problem with a 1987 Corvette is that you can only share the experience with one lady at a time. Why not three at a time? If this is a question you’ve asked yourself, put the cap back on the glue container and head to eBay. If you’re the highest (or only) bidder, you can be the first one on your block to go big pimpin’ with a 1987 four-door, four-seat Corvette convertible.

As far as a custom job goes this is actually done quite well. It doesn’t seem overdone, which is seen many times on workshop cars like this. The bodylines seem straight, and the back doors are somewhat hidden by their suicide nature. The interior is simple and uses a second set of matching bucket seats. In fact, according to the site car’s site, it took home first prize at this year’s Detroit AutoRama.

Possibly “Family Vette” creator Gene Swatek is really an environmentalist. He realized the 240 hp that the Corvette had when it was factory fresh over twenty years ago was just too much power to share with two people, so now he’s doubled the number of occupants. But before you gather the ladies and go bidding, make sure you live someplace warm. Like the women you’re hoping to attract, the car currently has no top.

Source: eBay
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If you’re still feeling paranoid that the soccer moms will be able to penetrate your BMW X5 security , then upgrade to the Knight XV. Taking a bow a SEMA, this $295,000 urban assault vehicle is Pimp My Ride meets a disputed eastern European country. This fully armored vehicle comes with Wilton Wool carpeting, Andrew Muirhead leather, 6-way seating, tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades, side-mounted laptop stations, LED cabin lighting, an Alpine DVD navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, TVs, night vision and rear operation camera system, and a PlayStation 3.

The company says it uses biofuel to power the 400 hp V10. So if anybody asks, you can just tell them it runs off the people who get in your way.

The makers are looking to have an initial run of 100 vehicles. That may be fine considering there’s got to be at least that many ultra-rich out there who describe the outside world as doing the hell-in-a-handbasket thing.

Source: uncrate
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German company Fuoss 01 has created the ultimate go-cart. The new vehicle weighs almost 300 kg and is powered by a mid-positioned Suzuki engine (from the small bikes and ATVs) connected to a 5-speed gearbox. The total package is good for 43 hp and a 90 mph top speed.

Fuoss 01 Trackcar

In true go-cart style, there is no roof (or windows, doors, windshield, etc.), but the whole interior is said to be waterproof. At least it will be exclusive: only 10 units set for production next year (priced at $37,520).

Although the Fuoss’ 47 mpg may seem like a interesting way to fight gas prices, it doesn’t seem so good compared to Audi’s version of the VW up!

What would you get when you mix an old hag known for fast moves and a younger, but proper, British gent? It’s not Madonna and Guy Ritchie, but rather the custom built "Mentley Insanne". In 2002, Andy Saunders purchased a 1983 Bentley Mulsanne Turbo with light front end damage and transformed into what is now known as “Mentley Insanne”. Every panel, except for the hood, was modified and in addition to the handmade custom work, parts of nine different cars were employed. The current generation Range Rover being the most obvious.

Custom work includes the roof was lowered 76 millimetres, and ends in a glass landau top from the panoramic roof of a Mercedes Mercedes -Benz 280SL. Range Rover front and rear lights are incorporated as well as side air vents. Although the grille seems to be untouched, it actually has been lowered and widened. Thankfully, what hasn’t been changed is the Bentley’s the 6.75-liter 328 hp turbocharged V8 engine.

The car is set for bidding at the RM Auction next Thursday (October 29). If this Frankenbentley seems like something you’re interested in, then have about 20,000 to 25,000 pounds ready (about $31,000 to $39,000). But before bidding we suggest you get your eyes checked.

Source: RM Auctions
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A new electric personal vehicle concept tries to convince the car makers to think about a cleaner type of car.

A new electric car concept

This compact and clean electric vehicle, designed by Sergio Luna, forgets about all the aspects of the modern car and uses a pod-like exo-skeleton to create something that looks more like a ball than a car. Inspired by the Segway vehicle this concept has only two wheels, and a panoramic roof that is also the front window. It can accommodate one person that, looking at the pictures, I can’t imagine how he will get in.

The car is powered by four electric motors, two in each wheel, but it also has batteries for keeping the energy.

Source: Tuvie
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This year at the LA Auto Show Design Challenge you will be able to admire an interesting new concept from Mitsubishi, the MMR25 Rally Racer. This futuristic race car is an all-electric race car powered by four lightweight, high-efficiency, in-wheel electric motors whose output is boosted with the help of eight supplemental motors. The battery packs are positioned low to the ground in the center and on each side of the vehicle, enhancing the stability and lowering the center of gravity.

Mitsubishi MMR25 concept

The interesting thing about the MMR25 concept is the omnidirectional wheel design that allows the vehicle to be driven forward while pointing the nose of the vehicle in any direction.

The concept has no window, reducing the vehicle weight, but the driver’s cabin has a 360 degree panoramic screen that displays the images taken by the outside cameras.

Source: Jalopnik

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