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The Peugeot RD Concept, designed by Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar from Columbia is one of the ten finalists of the 5th edition of the Peugeot Design Contest 2008.

Peugeot RD concept

The RD concept is a 3 wheels car perfect for traveling through the busy traffic of a city. The interesting thing about this concept is that the car is able to change direction and to become more compact during heavy traffic and low speeds. The big front window offers the driver the best view of the surroundings, and also offers all the necessary information the diver commands talking to the car. The concept has no doors, only the front window that is also the roof of the car.

The RD is a great looking concept that could change the way we travel through the big cities.

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Although it is a little late for April Fools, there is no better way to celebrate Labor Day than with a car that will require a lot of labor. Enter the Paykan.

The Hillman Hunter was a good car for Britain, but it had run its course by 1976 — or at least in Europe. Chrysler, who owned Hillman at the time, sold the body pressings to the Iranian government, and the Paykan 1600 was born. Essentially an old Hillman with a Peugeot 504 engine, the Paykan soldiered on for almost thirty more years.

This 1998 car on eBay means you can get in on one of the latest examples of the car that put Iran on the road (more likely on the side of the road if you believe the quality reports.) Classy.

Source: eBay
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Engineers and designers are usually at odds when it comes to making cars. What makes a car beautiful and unique, will also make it tougher to manufacture. The Michelin Challenge Design tries to bridge this gap by establishing a closer relationship with the design community—combining technical innovation with transportation design to create vehicles that consumers want to buy and will enjoy driving.

One of the more innovative concepts presented at this year Michelin Challenge Design is the single passenger Drop. The Drop comes from the mind of Rubem De Floriani, a 26-year-old product design graduate of Catholic University at Rio de Janeiro.

Drop - a new type of car

Drop was developed following a new vehicle modality where people instead of being isolated by their vehicles; they become part of a mobile community. Each person is able to personalize his/her car to the individual personality. The innovation of the Drop comes from its ability to change angles and use less road space depending upon needs or its location.

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If you think that today’s "green" cars are something fabulous that will save the planet thanks to the fuel they use, you are wrong! The Peugeot ONE concept could be the solution for a cleaner environment.

Peugeot ONE the solar energy vehicle

Peugeot ONE is a new type of non polluting vehicle, a very strange and special one that runs on solar energy. Designed by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso, this amazingly and innovative concept uses its windshield to capture the solar energy and transforms it into the energy needed by the car. This single seater uses a Gyroscope system for the stability, and features a rather unique suspension system.

The ONE concept is design to make you feel "one" with the nature and the environment, but also to make you feel one with the machine, thanks to its strange shape.

Source: EcoFriend
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A new concept that entered the Peugeot Design Contest is the OMNI Concept created by Darko Markovic. The Peugeot OMNI is a strange and unusual car that uses the Omni wheel concept of the great designer from past to make sure that there are no parking problems in today’s cities. Thanks to the Omni wheel the car can spin and turn around at an instant making it easy to maneuver.

Peugeot OMNI

The Omni wheel idea belongs to the Swedish automobile designer Bengt Ilon, who created in 1973 a wheel that could move in any direction at a given time. His idea was to attach many roller-wheels around the rim of the main wheel to enable the wheel to spin in any direction and change angles at an instant. The rollers were oriented at an angle of 45 degrees with the wheels axis of rotation.

The Peugeot OMNI is an awesome concept that tries to show us the car of tomorrow.

Source: CGSociety
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The 5th Edition of the Peugeot Design Contest has an interesting theme: “Imagine the Peugeot in the worldwide megalopolis of tomorrow”. This theme makes the designers that enter the contest to include in their concept car design environmental awareness, social harmony, interactive mobility and economic efficiency.

Alexei Mikhailov entered in the Peugeot Design Contest with his eco-friendly concept car Henosis (in Greek it means unity, oneness). Alexei Mikhailov design a vehicle that unites the driver with the machine, in such a way that the car can analyze the environment, driver’s mood, expression, and body temperature to provide the most comfortable and safe driving experience.

Henosis - the next generation vehicle

The design wants to explore the new possibilities of car construction in order to obtain the perfect body. The car, made from light weight carbon nano tube polished aluminum, looks like a space vehicle made not to be driven on the road, but to explore new planets.

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Designer Matus Prochaczka from Slovak has created an unique and interesting vehicle concept. Making use of magnetic power, the MAG Magnetic uses an electric engine that has a polarity which is the same as in road. The downside: this will also require the roads to be made of huge concrete panels with magnets embedded in them. This magnetic force will repel the vehicle, pushing it upwards and lightens the vehicle to 50 percent.

The 2-seater vehicle’s design is definitely a unique one, and it even won the ’Unseen Technology’ award at the Interior Motives Design 2007 Awards. Although it’s likely no government is about to lay magnetic roads, maybe this could find some use in airports or shopping malls.

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Anyone who loves his/her old car can almost sympathize with what this owner was trying to do. We all have got a tendency to give an aging car a new life by adding a decal, a new paint job, or even after-market parts like spoilers and scooped hoods. However, the owner of this wretched car likely had something else on his mind.

We don’t understand what he was trying to do, however exactly like us, he shouldn’t have been very pleased with the outcome. The car has been cloaked with the grisly paint and excess fat to such a degree that it’s unidentifiable and terribly frightening. If you have a name for this car, let us know by logging it in the comments section.

P.S: Viewer discretion is recommended while viewing the gallery.

Source: VW Vortex
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Say hello to the future- Japan's pod-car is safe and eco-friendly

Cartoons like the Jetsons portrayed to little children way back then how the future would look and work. The cartoon was a big hit and was accepted by children all over the world as they switched on the TV everyday to see the characters and pods buzzing around making them laugh and it kept them entertained.

I guess the Jetsons would have been the prime inspiration behind this creation. A single-seater electric vehicle that would bid farewell to gas prices and congestion. Displayed at Tokyo’s Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo held last month, Topia’s HUVO, received a lot of attention as curious onlookers wanted to know how the locomotive functioned.

A head-on collision at city speeds in this car would be scary but not fatal as the vehicle is built using aluminium and carbon fiber which are strong and versatile materials. At the rate at which car sales are going, rising congestion is not avoidable. The world is turning towards small cars but even then, there would be a point down the line, where cars would need be smaller and more efficient. Whenever that happens, people dealing with the HUVO will be the happiest bunch.

Source: Dvice
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Yet another special for Beetle lovers. You have seen your favorite car taking on different avatars, a wide range of color schemes, shapes, attachments and modifications but I bet on my bottom dollar that you haven’t seen anything like this as such.

This Beetle owner thought about customizing his Beetle in a totally different way. He used the sheet metal of the car as a template and made another body welding strands of metal and the final result is terrific. Black paint should have made it look a lot better.

In terms of performance, the loss of weight should improve handling, braking, acceleration, and top speed, but is all of that of any importance in a theme car? What is even more so a useless bit of info is the enhanced engine cooling gained due to the free air-flow through the grills. I wouldn’t want to be the driver maneuvering through city roads on a rainy day though. Enjoy!

Source: Sense4Fun

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