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Looks like this day revealed another partnership between two companies: Becker Automotive Design, known for their exclusive unique custom limousine, and STRUT unveiled today a special edition of the Cadillac Escalade ESV which will be sold to the exclusive clientele of Becker. The vehicle features the latest technology like an impressive Apple iPod ready audio-video system featuring satellite HDTV, DVD, and digital surround sound and other high-end components, all controlled by a Crestron touch screen. At the exterior, as you expected STRUT fitted its custom grille and side vents created from the finest stainless steel available.

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For the folks who don’t know, Strut is a manufacturer specialised in handcrafted chromed grilles, wheels and accesories for the luxury cars. The grilles you see in the photos belongs to the ”Oxford Collection” which is special built for the Bentley Flying Spur . Strut offers grilles also for the Bentley Continental GT , but these belong to the ”Greenwich Collection". The customized Flying Spur features a primary grille, front air dam intake and a Strut insignia. No words about the price yet!

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Tired of your Lamborghini Gallardo ? Want to improve its looks and you don’t know how? Well, Strut, a well-known tuning company specialized in tuning high-end cars, unveiled its customization programme for the Italian sports car.

Lamborghini Gallardo by Strut

The new Strut package gives the Lambo a new look and for $25,000 you can add to your vehicle some carbon fiber accessories or you can choose the titanium edition for $35,000. For those who want some more, Strut also offers new alloy wheels for an extra of $9,000.

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