Nearly every driver has done it, but we all fear getting pulled over for doing it. No, not speeding. We mean flashing your headlights to warn oncoming traffic of a cop car hidden off the side of the road getting ready to pounce on a fast driver.

Most of us have been told at some point that the practice is illegal, but I once learned that it actually is not illegal, just frowned upon. Apparently, the police in Seminole County, FL seem to have not gotten the memo that there is no law forbidding it in Florida, or any other state, and handed a ticket to a driver for that exact reason. They certainly got that memo in direct fashion as a Florida judge ruled against the Seminole police saying that flashing your lights to warn other drivers of a speed trap is covered under free speech. This court date was just a civil hearing and the driver still has yet to take the ticket to traffic court, which he surely will win.

The worst part of the whole thing is that the police officer gave the driver, Ryan Kintner, the ticket based on Florida’s law banning aftermarket flashing lights on civilian cars. Flashing your headlights is in no way having an aftermarket flashing light on your car. That is abuse of power to a “T,” but we’re not here to debate police and their power.

Now, before you all go out there and start flashing your lights like crazy to oncoming traffic every time you see a cop, make sure to review your state, county and city laws in regards to high beam usage. Every state or municipality has a rule on when you have to dim your high beam lights, most of which are at 500 feet from the oncoming traffic or 200 feet from traffic heading in the same direction as you.

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We all love viral videos. Sure, half of them are completely irrelevant to everyday life, but we can always find time to watch them. The following video is no exception, with it raking up in almost 2 million views in a couple of days, and it’s not surprising why.

A trio of citizens from Chicago in the U.S. managed to film a $225,000 Lamborghini Gallardo crashing into oncoming traffic and swiftly bursting out laughing, just like we did, even though thousands of dollars of damage was inevitably caused. After all, it’s always fun watching videos of supercar drivers who have no clue in how to control their mighty, Italian machines.

One of the most ironic things about the video is that the man filming picked that the Lamborghini owner was going to pin the throttle through the turn and then just seconds later, it all started to unfold. Whilst getting off the line quite slowly, the owner began to increase their speed through the corner (just like any other good driver does) but before straightening out, the throttle was floored and a split-second later, the tail begins to slide wide sending the Italian supercar into two stationary cars on the opposing side of the road.

All we can say is that we’d hate to see the driver controlling a rear-wheel drive car, as that obviously wouldn’t end well.

Check it out!

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Driving a high-performance car comes with various pros and cons. Whether you own a full-blown supercar, muscle car, or simply a sports car with a high power-to-weight ratio, controlling your right foot and the throttle pedal is, and always has been, a delicate balance. This is thoroughly demonstrated in the featured video.

Filmed somewhere in Russia, the video depicts an Audi R8 supercar cruising the Russian streets before slamming into what’s suspected to be a Lada Samara in just a matter of seconds. As you’ll soon see, the R8 is seen making a U-turn from one direction of flow to the opposite direction of flow, before performing yet another U-turn just seconds after the first one.

It’s currently unclear why the R8 driver did this, but the result is as plain as day. While performing the second U-turn, the driver either intentionally or unintentionally kicked the tail of the rear-wheel drive supercar out, performing a drift Ken Block would be proud of. However, the result wouldn’t make anyone proud.

After drifting into traffic, the R8 smashes into a Lada Samara which rolls after the impact. However, instead of checking to see if the occupants were uninjured, the R8 driver instead paused momentarily while remaining in the car, before speeding off from the scene, even running a red light to escape the scene.

Although no number plates can be seen in the video, it’s likely to be crucial part of evidence if police decide to investigate the matter further.

Remember, please don’t try this at home!

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Let’s begin here by saying that the Brabus Mercedes-McLaren SLR Roadster is one of the most awesome cars ever manufactured. A 5.5-liter supercharged V-8 engine pumps out 650 horses gets this machine up to a top speed of 211 mph. Toss in just the sheer awesomness that it’s a Mercedes too, and few can compete.

As much as we love these cars, some of their owners take the privileged to drive one a little too far. We understand and even agree that these cars need their legs stretched out every now and again, but there is a time and place for it. The very last place to stretch out the legs on a 650-horsepower monster is a parking garage.

Well, this outstanding citizen decides to take his (or someone’s) $1 million Mercedes in excess of 90 mph through a parking garage. That’s right, I wouldn’t do half of the top speed of a Geo Metro through a parking garage and this guy is halfway there on a 650-horsepower supercar.

What’s worse is the annoying chucklehead in the passenger’s seat is just laughin’ away like he’s watching a young Jim Carrey movie. Then adding insult to injury, a dinging alarm goes off. What’s that, the a-hole alarm maybe? No, that’s the seatbelt alarm; these guys are doing this idiotic stuff without seatbelts on…

Didn’t these guys think that maybe a kid could come running out from between a few cars? Maybe a person might decide he wants to pull his car out of one of the parking spaces. Really, what exactly goes through the heads of these people before they do things like this?

Ugh, okay enough of my fatherly ranting. Check out the above video to see for yourself. We can say that the in-car audio from the 5.5-liter V-8 is phenomenal, but the idiocy of the two squash-for-brains guys in the car seriously outweighs the impressiveness of the car.

Many years ago, I was a lowly sales person at a Dodge , Chrysler, and Jeep dealership in Florida. As a sales person, you got to test drive nearly every new car and every trim level of every new car, as they came in. It was the only way to really get a feel for each car. There were only a few vehicles that we were forbidden to touch. Those vehicles were the Dodge Viper and the Ram 1500 SRT-10 , because those were considered collectibles and the extra mileage could reduce their value – plus they knew what we would do with them.

This is pretty much standard procedure at every single car dealership, including Mercedes. The Mercedes C63 AMC Coupe Black Series is much like the Viper and SRT-10 Ram were for Dodge, simply untouchable. Apparently a few technicians at Star Motors in Ottawa, Canada did not get that memo.

They took one of the 30 models of the Black Series available in Canada out on an 8:11 joyride through Ottawa. It would be one thing if they just drove it around to look cool and brought it back to the shop safely. Nope, these techs decided to see what this AMG coupe could do on multiple occasions.

At one point, the driver mentions that in manual mode, the car does not automatically up shift. The passenger didn’t believe him, so the guy proceeds to take the car up to redline in first gear and keep it there for about five seconds. This car can certainly handle that, but as all new car techs should know, these things require a break-in period before seeing that sort of stress.

Thankfully, the snoops over at recognized the dealership, and alerted officials at Mercedes-Benz Canada. Mercedes is currently attempting to track down the owner of this thrashed upon vehicle to let him or her know the scoop on the car. Whether or not Mercedes will compensate the owner with anything is not known

All we can hope is that these techs got what was coming to them by the car gods!

We have all had bad experiences at car dealerships and car repair shops. Heck, being a former service manager, I have had to attempt to repair these bad situations at times. Typically, when customer service turns sour, you simply express your anger, go home, call the corporate office, and eventually get a resolution. Well, apparently this is not the way the customer service flowchart goes in some countries.

In a Nissan and Suzuki dealership in what looks to be Russia, if I am seeing the sign correctly, a customer decides to take part in creating his own resolution for a customer service issue.

According to the story that we read, this customer took his Suzuki SUV, which he bought new, back to the dealership to have a faulty shock replaced. The dealership refused to replace the shock under warranty, which really isn’t that uncommon, and from there the customer bypassed calling customer service, and chose to take his frustrations out on the dealership, by way of ramming his Grand Vitara through the dealership’s window.

That’s not where it stops, this driver then smashes up a few brand new floor model vehicles, using his SUV as a battering ram, then eventually disappears from the screen – likely to do more damage on the other side of the dealership.

I used to have pretty nasty road rage, but mine mostly consisted of laying on my horn and flashing the occasional one-fingered salute. This guy really needs to get his anger issues under control. I hope his car insurance company is prepared to pay out to fix his now-smashed SUV, or their office may receive the same “redecorating.”

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face, sheesh. Check out the above video to see all of the craziness, pay close attention to the brave guy that goes knocking on this lunatic’s window at the 1:57 mark. What’s he gonna do, ask him for some Grey Poupon?

Chevrolet Chevelle Z-16

Cloned classic cars are everywhere. Heck even my dad has a cloned 1966 Chevelle SS. There is one difference between my dad, along with most other cloners, and one Bobby Patton, they have no problem admitting that their vehicle is officially a clone.

Mr. Patton apparently purchased a 1965 Chevy Chevelle from a gentleman and figured out that there is one extremely rare model in 1965 that the average person wouldn’t recognize from a regular old Chevelle. This model is the 1965 Chevelle Z16 , which features a boxed frame, different engine stampings, special badges, different rear end, and the most obvious one, a unique VIN.

After tricking some car show judges into giving him a nice collection of trophies, Mr. Patton decided he was going to try and make a quick buck off of this clone by auctioning it off. Well, the problem is that he didn’t identify the vehicle as a clone, but as one of the few Z16s in the world, and was trying to get a cool $100K out of it.

The crack detective team at sniffed out this fraud and began a conversation with the man that was auctioning the car. The conversations were not accusatory, but instead an attempt to help the guy realize that whoever sold him that car had tricked him. One of the folks talking to Mr. Patton pointed out numerous errors with the vehicle, including a homemade cowl VIN tag, incorrect speedometer, wrong engine stamping, wrong frame, and many other things.

Obviously, the guy kept pressing the issue and it took several days for him to come to his senses and pull the car from the auction site. That was a little too long, as someone reported him to the Ohio State Highway Patrol and they paid him a nice visit.

He claimed to have purchased the car that way, but the cops found out from the original owner that the car was badged, titled, and sold as a Chevelle 327SS, not a Z16 . A long story short, now his car is impounded and he is serving two years of probation. Who would have known cloning a car could cause such issues?

Image is of a real Chevrolet Chevelle Z16.

Okay, I have worked in many repair shops in my day. During my tour as a service manager, I came across a fair share of “Mountain Man Mechanics,” which is the politically correct thing to call them. These guys love taking the strangest vehicles and creating monsters out of them.

There was one mechanic that took a 1980s Honda Civic hatchback and dropped a 1300 cc Hayabusa engine in it, thinking it would increase the Civic’s performance. He didn’t quite grasp the logic of torque-to-weight ratio and ended up with only a really cool sounding Civic .

Another monster that sticks out in my mind is when a mechanic tore apart his unwilling wife’s mid-1990s Mitsubishi Mirage and dropped its body on a self-shortened S-10 frame. He then dropped a 307 cubic-inch Oldsmobile engine in it and connected the Olds engine to the transmission and transfer case on the S-10 frame. It actually looked and sounded mean when he was done, but instead of re-welding the frame together, he used several bolts to secure it. Guess what happened...

What’s my point here? Well, a new monster has recently come to our attention, which is for sale on Craigslist. The owner has dubbed this machine a 2007 Willys Trike. This trike has a stretched Jeep CJ-2 body with a motorcycle wheel on the front. The body sits on a custom frame – hopefully it’s welded – and has the rear independent suspension from a T-bird.

Instead of having the old Jeep CJ-2 engine, this beast has a Chevy 4.3-liter Vortec engine, which is good for around 190 horsepower, if it is stock. Plus it has a four-speed transmission connecting the engine to the rear wheels.

The handle bars for the motorcycle wheel span all the way from the front of the vehicle through two slots under the windshield. We bet this thing is a scary animal to maneuver at high speeds. But anyways, this “Mountain Man” monster can be yours for “just” $11,000. We bet this thing sits on the market for a while.

Source: Craigs List

Back when the Impreza WRX made its debut, we began salivating, as it marked the comeback of the turbocharged car. Then once the STi came around bearing its 300-horsepower, 2.5-liter H-4 engine, we were officially in love. That love has somewhat dissipated, as the turbocharged market has become a little flooded lately. The STi still has its own little spot in our hearts though.

One of the many things that made the STi so unique was its combination of extreme power from a four-cylinder engine with Subaru’s legendary AWD system. This made, and still makes, the WRX STi one of the most fun cars in the world to tinker around in the snow and ice.

The above video comes straight from Russia showing a rather good driver maneuvering his STi through the icy and snowy streets with a lead car filming him. Not only is the action pretty darn good, but the editing isn’t half-bad either.

Regardless of how cool this video is, we do have to ask you to please not go buy an STi and start sliding around your city’s streets during the next snowstorm. Yeah, it looks cool and you might get yourself a spot on the internet, but its rather dopey, to say the least.

Now that we have given you our parent-like lecture for the day, sit back and enjoy a WRX STi frolicking in it favorite habitat, snow and ice. If you keep a close eye at the 1:19 mark, you can see their fun is almost over, as plow tractors are coming through to clean up the slippery stuff.

We all love high-performance cars and nearly everyone that loves high-performance cars loves seeing these cars do burnouts. Regardless of the love, there is a time and place for everything. I remember my first ever burn out well, it was in a 1986 Camaro IROC-Z, which I had just finished painting and doing body work on. On my way home from school, some buddies talked me into power-blocking it at a stop light. Well, after about 30 seconds of intense tire smoke, there was a gigantic clunk and the wheels stopped. Yeah, I destroyed the rear end.

$250 later and about two nights of installing the new rear end, I learned never to power-block a car again. I am sure the guy in the above video has learned an important lesson too.

When you are at a car meet and there are cops there, you can oftentimes get away with more than you can on a public street. However, if there is a crowd of people around your Mustang and you decide to power-block it, you are just one slip of your foot away from mowing down a bunch of people.

When the cops see that, regardless of it being private or public property, they will immediately place you under arrest for endangering the lives of others. That’s exactly what happened to the dude in this video. After some enticing by his “friends” he decides to light ‘em up on his Mustang and the cops literally pull him from the car and take him directly to jail, he did not pass “Go” and did not collect $200, just right to jail.

So what did we learn today, guys? Don’t power-block a car in a crowded area with cops around, that’s bad, mmmkay?

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