Oh, those rock stars. They think they can get away with just about anything and expect no repercussions for their actions. Running rebels, are ya?

Well, one company isn’t letting the name of one iconic rock and roller from filing a lawsuit against the aforementioned star and now resident douche.

Bentley isn’t at all happy with Guns N’ Roses leadman, Axl Rose, for his direct involvement in turning a leased Continental Flying Spur from an exquisite luxury car to a destroyed heap on four wheels. Bentley Financials filed the suit seeking for payment to the damages done to the car that included, among other things, a cracked windshield, scratched wheels and trims, dented doors, gouged bumper cover, and even a missing remote key. And that’s not even getting into the part where he exceeded the car’s mileage limit by 42,000 miles.

As a result of the trashing, Bentley is requiring Mr. Guns N’ Roses to fork over $74,000 for all the damage he did to the car.

It’s one thing to go bonkers and trash a hotel room with your groupies, but for the love of God, you never, ever, destroy a car as awesome as a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. Shame on you, Axl Rose.

Source: TMZ

“Oh. My. God.”

If you listen carefully, you’re going to hear a woman utter these words after witnessing the driver of a Bugatti Veyron back into a Toyota on the street. The woman may have captured the whole episode with those three words, but no words can really explain the level of stupidity of how this driver ended up damaging a $1.6 million supercar.

If the crash wasn’t bad enough, the driver even manages to scrape the front of the supercar twice, once before the crash and another one after.

Apparently, the driver was on his way to test drive the car when the crash occurred. Turns out, not only did he get further than a block with it, but word has it that he ended up having to pay for the damage, which cost over $30,000.

This is probably the most expensive ‘test drive’ we’ve ever heard of.

Source: Examiner

It seems that there are people out there who will do their very best to ensure that car thieves will make off with at least part of their car. Sound ridiculous? Well, it is, but it also seems to be true. Take this Bentley Continental GT , for example. The Bentley is already a tasty treat for car thieves everywhere, but this owner has sweetened the pot by adding Swarovski crystals to his luxury vehicle making this a deadly combination for the naive and insane car owner.

And if the crystals were not enough, the owner of this Continental GT also added a very unique exterior: white with orange flowers and flames. The crystals are "hidden" in the flames, but it is still impossible to miss the sparkly additions when you take a glance at the vehicle.

This Bentley was spotted on the streets of the Ukraine, but we’re just wondering how long the car will actually be cruising the streets before we get news of its abduction.

Source: Autogespot
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While Chrysler continues to struggle financially, employees have found their own way of getting over it. Outside of the plant, 15 workers have taken up drinking, and possibly even smoking pot, as a way to ease the pain. They might need to hit the bar because Chrysler has just announced that they all have been suspended indefinitely without pay.

This wasn’t just a one day occurrence either. These workers at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant have been hitting the bottles for ten days. It didn’t take long for Chrysler to identify each one of the 15 men and notify them that they had lost their jobs within 36 hours.

Although the video evidence is about as clear as a perfect summer’s day, Chrysler must still obey its protocol when releasing employees. The company also stressed that each one of their vehicles is screened for quality control and an issue like this will not affect the vehicles in any way.

Hit the jump to read the press release and see the news video.

A reminder to those people who own sports cars; please treat them with utmost care. And in the event that you decide to sell these cars, please give them more respect than leaving them out in the sun like they’re some kind of rusted-up lawnmower in a garage sale.

If you’re wondering why we’re a little, shall we say, perturbed, it’s because we found out that there’s a man somewhere in Utah that decided to have a little auto sale of his vehicles, which really isn’t a big deal except that one of those vehicles sitting idly on the lot as if it was getting a tan just so happened to be an Aston Martin V8 Vantage .

If this guy wants to sell his Vantage, by all means, he’s got every right to do so. We just don’t know if he understands just how special this car is. Sure, there’s a $75,000 price tag attached to it, but in this case, it’s not really about the money.

It’s about an Aston Martin Vantage being treated just like any other used-up car, which it definitely is not.

Source: Daily Derbi

Sometimes, burnouts can be a good thing, provided, of course, that you do it the right way without showing off too much. The problem with being a little in over your head is that you begin to think that you can do just about anything without any repercussions.

Take the owner of this Chevrolet Corvette C6 for example. The scene was in Houston at the Cars & Coffee event where a number of Corvette owners joined in to participate in a nice little run around the streets of the city.

Unfortunately, one of them decided to bring some attention to himself by performing a burnout in front of phone-recording spectators. In doing so, he forgot to remember one thing that makes for a good burnout: you have to do it right, and not go Die Hard on the spectators by running them over. The good thing is, no injuries were sustained from the Corvette owner’s recklessness, although we think that his ego must have taken quite a hit.

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We’re curious to know if at any point before the driver of this BMW X5 decided to turn his SUV into a Dukes of Hazzard stunt car did he honestly think that he could successfully complete an airborne barrel roll without doing his car – and himself – any harm.

We’re wondering that because we can’t, for the life of us, comprehend how he could honestly think of pulling it off given the girth of the SUV he was driving. Then again, crazy nut jobs do crazy things and this guy certainly qualifies for somebody who’s got a few loose bolts in his head that certainly need a lot of tightening.

That being said, we still enjoyed watching the video – we do hope the driver didn’t suffer any injuries – only because idiotic stunts like this remind us that performing stunts with your own car usually doesn’t end well for all parties involved.

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Not that we condone swagger-jacking a car even for recreational purposes – we really, really, really don’t – but if you’re going to do it, you might as well do a good job of keeping your face seen by a camera. Better yet, cover your tracks and leave the camera at home.

Apparently, this man doesn’t have that thing we call ‘smarts’ in his little head. Working as a security guard at the Dallas Auto Auction in Dallas, Texas, the now former employee of the dealership decided that it would be a good and fun idea to boost a Corvette ZR1 – one that costs around $111,000 – and take it out for a nice little hooning under the warm Texas sun.

But as it turns out, this security guard, for whatever reason other than it was completely and amazingly stupid, decided to videotape the whole ordeal, complete with footage of himself getting out of the jacked ZR1 with his arms raised like Rocky before doing some pistol-preening in front of the camera. And to add insult to his stupidity, he went ahead and posted the video clip on You Tube where his employers quickly got a hold of the video, fired the employee, and are now on the verge of pressing charges against the security guard.

Once again, way to go to, Mr. Security Guard! You managed to get yourself fired and get arrested for your idiocy.

Source: You Tube

There’s no question that the Lexus LF-A is one of the fastest cars you can get your hands on. Unfortunately, the supercar’s speed also makes it a magnet for law enforcement authorities and, as this video will show you, the LF-A can now be associated with a different kind of fast: how fast it can get a speeding ticket.

In this video, Claus Ettensberger of CEC gets behind the wheel of a Lexus LF-A and takes it for a quick ride around the block. Twenty minutes later, Ettensberger returns to the dealership, but when he came back, there was a piece of paper sticking inside his windshield. Yes, dear friends, that piece of paper was a speeding ticket.

Turns out, during Ettensberger’s quick run with the supercar, he got flagged by local authorities for going 103 mph in a 35 mph zone. We don’t know what this dude was thinking, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that going three times over the speed limit is like heaving a stack of pancakes at a hungry man. The radar guns will take advantage of it.

The best part? The Lexus LF-A hasn’t even been released yet, so getting a ticket with a car that has yet to hit the streets is another feather you can add on Ettensberger’s cap.

Source: ZerCustoms

You would’ve thought that, by now, people driving rental vehicles would be more careful of the cars they rent.

Apparently, some people are a little more hard-headed than others. Yeah, these are the same people who think that just because they’re behind the wheel of a rental - whatever the car may be - it gives them the license to do just about anything with it.

A few days ago, somebody decided that renting a Ferrari 458 Italia would be reason enough to show it off to his friends. He did show it off, alright - but not before losing control of the supercar and crashing it into a barrier.

Now, a new idiot has popped up with another rental car crash. This time, it’s a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS – not as expensive as a 458, but it’s not a Pinto either – that was rented by somebody who thought that jumping it off of a railroad track a la Dukes of Hazard was a responsible thing to do with a rental. The result, as you can imagine, wasn’t what any of them expected.

Just goes to show that if you’re driving a rental, always make sure that you take good care of it because, in so many words, it’s not yours.

Source: You Tube

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