Wouldn’t you just love to have a nice and shiny coin in hand to teach the driver of this gray Expedition a thing or two about being a certified parking douche. It’s bad enough that he can’t seem to understand the significance of the parking lines, but to park your SUV right smack in the middle of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR parking spaces? That takes the level of douchery to an entirely new level. Now, back to that coin; we have a couple of things we’d love to do with it to this SUV, all of which would fall under "parking justice". On a serious note, we probably wouldn’t do it, but that would require a massive amount of self-control.

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To what lengths will you go to to prove that your Toyota Prius is not a push-over on the road. Apparently, for Timothy Hird of Winder, Georgia, far enough to get him thrown in jail.

The Toyota Prius owner became so incensed at the lack of ’road cred’ his Toyota Prius was getting that, in a fit of rage, he attempted to race a Honda Civic just to show that his Prius could hang with the non-hybrid types. The incident occurred at a Publix supermarket near Braselton, Georgia when the driver of the Civic pulled out in front of Hird, inciting him to the point that he ran to his Prius, sped up, and caught the Civic before shouting "Watch this!" at the passenger of the Civic and began blocking their car. In an attempt to get past the raging Hird, the driver of the Civic almost ran into a police car.

As a result of the incident, both drivers were booked for reckless driving with Hird suffering the brunt of the punishment - he got thrown in jail - for his highly aggressive, and obviously dangerous attempt in proving that his beloved hybrid Prius was no slouch on the road.

Way to go, Mr. Hird. You did prove your point, although we didn’t see the whole point of it in the first place. Hey, more power to you and your stay behind bars.

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Racing with monster trucks on a wet and muddy truck isn’t exactly the safest thing to be racing on, but for some people, it’s the perfect recipe for having a good time. That is, until something like this happens to one of the participants.

The driver of this particular truck was in the middle of his run and was - given the circumstances - running smoothly despite all the splashing mud it was running over. That’s when all hell began to break loose. In the middle of his run, the truck unexpectedly hit a deep hole that was being hidden by the excessive amounts of water and mud on the track. As soon as he hit the hole, his truck lurches forward and fell on its side pinning the driver, who, idiotically, wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

Race officials immediately scrambled to assist the driver who miraculously escaped being squashed like a bug by the truck. We’re not the type to blast people for enjoying the things they love to do provided, of course, that they know where their limits are. It is apparent that this guy was so way in over his head that his limits were obviously not realized. Or maybe he just needs to wear his seat belt next time.

Either way, he’s lucky to be alive after coming this close to getting pinned under a two-ton truck.

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In September 1969 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA), Mercedes displayed a futuristic study that was used to test Wankel engines, diesel engines, and turbochargers. There were only three versions built, with the third one C111-III being unveiled in 1977. It used a straight-5 turbo-Diesel engine that developed a total of 230 HP. The C111 hit 200 mph (322 km/h) at Nardò in 1978.

Do we need to continue or is the information we have provided sufficient enough to understood that this is a very rare car and some people will do anything to have it? If it is then we must move on to the crazy news we must reveal. A C111-III prototype being transported from the company’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, to its museum in Brooklands, England, was reportedly the target of a robbery attempt when criminals tried to hijack the truck in which it was contained. As if the near-stolen experience wasn’t enough, the vehicle suffered some damage to its front fender and gullwing doors.

This shows the idiocy involved in thievery. Where exactly did these thieves think they were going to go with such a rare car as the C111? Did they think no one would notice? Maybe that the robbery wouldn’t be splattered across all automotive outlets? Stay in school, guys. Stay in school.

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This is precisely why it’s hard to blame someone for losing their top when they get upset at people who either don’t care that their parking skills are horrible at best, or that they’re just terrible at the rather simple practice.

This photo, which was taken by a member of The370Z forum, shows aHonda Accord Hybrid parking a little too close to a 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z , which incidentally belongs to a member of the aforementioned forum. For the life of us, we have no idea how the driver of the Accord could park this close to the 370Z without at least noticing it. We just hope that the owner of the rare 370Z has a forgiving heart because if we were in his shoes, it would be a test of patience and kind-heartedness for us to not get upset over this.

Who are we kidding? We’d slaughter them.

Photo credit: Cunnos

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If anybody can justify this photo without breaking up in laughter, then we’d love to hear it. Make no mistake, the bus driver’s intentions are right. The execution, however, is an entirely different matter.

After spotting an accident ahead on the road, the bus driver decides not to become an obstacle in the rescue attempt and promptly turns the bus he was driving around. Unfortunately, in his attempt to not become a roadblock, that’s exactly what he ended up doing after his attempt ended up getting the bus stuck out on the road.

To make things even more frustrating, the ambulance that was racing on its way to the scene couldn’t get past the stuck bus, preventing the ambulance from reaching its destination.

Like we said, the bus driver’s attempt in steering clear from trouble was a good idea. Getting his bus stuck, on the other hand, left a lot to be desired.

Source: Aftenposten
Bugatti Veyron 16.4

One thing every father should know when their son borrows their Bugatti Veyron : he’s not going to the grocery store with it.

That’s what Michel Perridon found out, the hard way, when his 20-year-old son was flagged for speeding at 100 mph in a 50 mph zone in Rotterdam while onboard his Veyron. As a result, the kid’s license was revoked and, worse for pops, his Veyron was likewise impounded.

As the director for Trust International BV, a former sponsor of the Spyker F1 team, Perridon can probably afford another Veyron without losing too much sleep. Then again, that’s a $2.4 million car his son just lost for him so it’s still a pretty bitter pill to swallow. Come to think of it, at $2.4 million, he would probably lose some sleep.

It’s unclear as to whether Perridon can reclaim his Veyron, but at least he knows not to trust his son when it comes to getting behind the wheel of a supercar.

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Okay, all you crazy car fanatics, listen up! This next piece of information is for you. Door Shox have, oh so kindly, provided us with some valuable insight on protecting your car from dings and dents. Welcome the new Door Shox protection system. Door Shox is a car door protector equipped with no-touch magnets made of soft silicone (so the car isn’t damaged) and impact arches (to absorb, duh, the impact). This technology will make sure that no one dings your car when parking too close or when they are just plainly being a jerk.

Well, if it’s magnetic then how can I stop someone from stealing it? Door Shox has thought about that too with their anti-theft, adjustable cable. Oh yeah. Not joking. This cable is attached to the door protector and ran inside the car to the suction cup provided. The suction cup is attached to the window on the inside and, voila, no stolen door protectors. It even extends to accommodate larger vehicles.

If you haven’t guessed, we think this is paranoia at its best. Yes, it prevents dings and dents, but seriously, do we really need a car door protector? If you said yes then consider yourself a part of the neurotic car maniac club. You may save some money on not having to fix the dings and dents, but you’ll have to spend more on your weekly therapy sessions.

And don’t forget…
“Without a car door guard to protect your car, your vehicle is a sitting duck. If you love your car and want to keep it looking new for years, don’t leave your car unprotected.”

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Hold on to your hats everyone, this madman is speeding down the road. Is he driving a Ferrari 599 GTO ? A Porsche Panamera ? Maybe a Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera ? No, folks, we are sorry to say that this drunken fellow was hightailing it down his street in Essex in a pink Barbie toy car. Paul Hutton, a former RAF aeronautical engineer, was helping his son with a project for his car mechanics course when he decided that he simply had to take the car out for a spin. Maxing out at 4mph, the Barbie car is suitable for children between the ages of 3-5. Of course, when you’ve been drinking, your mental capacity can sometimes lead you to act like you’re between the ages of 3-5, so Hutton went for a ride. We can’t figure out what was more embarrassing: driving around in a pink Barbie car or receiving a DUI while driving around in a pink Barbie car. It’s simply a no win situation.

Hutton’s thoughts on the situation?

"You have to be a contortionist to get in, and then you can’t get out. I was very surprised to get done for drunk-driving but I was a twit to say the least.”

Yes, sir, to say the least. Hutton received a three year ban from driving only because this was his second DUI in ten years. We assume the last time he received the DUI he was riding a Hello Kitty model.

The judge’s comments?

"The vehicle is not even capable of doing the speed of a mobility scooter and could be outrun by a pedestrian."

Our opinion?

After a few good, long laughs we figured this was the epitome of drunken hilarity.

In yet another soggy tale of a petulant supercar owner, we bring you this heartbreaking video of how washing and cleaning a Ferrari Enzo can go wrong. So horribly wrong.

The scene of the mishap occurred during a Ferrari day - apparently, they have those on that part of the world - at Padborg Park in Denmark. One of the cars that made an appearance was this Ferrari Enzo, which was spotted at a local car wash.

The owner of the Enzo was washing it down with a hose and then proceeded to dry the car with a microfiber cloth with sand.

Wait a second...sand? He’s going to use sand on an Enzo?

The answer, regrettably, was yes. The owner, genius that he is, used sand to dry out the Enzo. We have no idea what would possess him to do such a thing, but he did. We don’t know that thought even crossed his mind, but it did.

We’re not going to blame you if you don’t watch the video. Trust us, it’s very painful to watch. Then again, curiosity is a funny thing; the more you don’t want to, the more you end up doing so.

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