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Chevrolet Major League Baseball Silverado

There is nothing like a good pat on the back…especially when you give it to yourself. Chevrolet has issued a press release to announce how much it has given to baseball and baseball lovers everywhere with its support of youth baseball players. Some of their involvements include the Chevy Youth Baseball program, sponsorship of the 2010 MLB All-Star Game in Anaheim, Calif. on Tuesday, July 15, and providing vehicles for the MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Show presented by Chevy (shocker, do you think if Ford sponsored it Chevy would provide vehicles…uhh NO). Chevrolet Chevrolet has also sponsored awards like the Roberto Clemente Award, which each year recognizes one Major League Baseball player who gives back to their community while playing some darn good ball.

Chevy’s coup-de-etat this year is the ‘Building Diamonds and Dreams’ contest which will refurbish five youth baseball fields in the U.S. Youth baseball teams can enter their team’s zip code on the website as many times as they would like. The five winners will be chosen at random from the pool of zip codes entered.

Yes, Chevy is doing a wonderful thing by providing all of these sponsorships to baseball and baseball lovers-alike, but to parade their achievements through a tacky display of “look what we have done” through a media outlet that self-satisfies their urge to sell more cars, make more money, and get more tax write-offs is just plain ugly. Oh yeah, I said it, but you can’t hate me too much. I mean, I did play into their vanity by listing what they have accomplished so our kids can take advantage of their wealth-spreading marketing antics.

Hit the jump to read Chevy’s press release as they toot their own horn.

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Yes, we have all been the butt of a joke on April Fool’s Day and it seems that the auto industry has taken that information and run with it. Yesterday, everyone was bombarded with pranks that were either awesomely believable or ridiculously forgettable. One of our favorites was the MINIMagic that claimed owners of the MINI Clubman could change the color of their vehicle “as often as their mood”. We wish we could say that not all of us fell for it, but one of us did and had to go back and add the “April Fool’s” line to save face. Yes, I, Ummm…I meant my friend, did hang my head in shame as the April Fool’s joke revealed itself.

Of course, MINI wasn’t the only one to get in on the action. Follow the jump for some of our favorites and, no, I wasn’t fooled by any others.

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New Jersey officials decided to require drivers under the age of 21 to affix red stickers on their front and rear license plates. This law comes after a teenage driver, by the name of Kyleigh, was killed by another teenage driver while operating a motor vehicle. The law states that the red sticker needs to placed in the upper left hand corner of the license plate while the teenage driver is driving. The red sticker can be removed when an older person is driving and can also be transferred if the teenage driver is given the option of driving a different car. Of course, who’s to say that anyone will even remember to remove or affix the red sticker when they are supposed to?

This situation has brought on much controversy since the law was signed last year. Attorney Gregg Trautmann has said that the red sticker is equivalent to tagging teenagers with a scarlet letter for age discrimination and can make them a target for police and sex offenders while Raymond Martinez, who runs the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, called the law "one of the most significant steps forward in teen driver safety."

The red stickers can be purchased at motor vehicle agencies and cost $4.00. Sales will begin April 12, 2010 and the law will begin May 1, 2010. And for all the teenagers that think they can just take the red sticker off if you plan on driving after 11pm, beware. This action will cost you $100.00 if you get caught. Wait, doesn’t that bring us to the original reason the red stickers were being enforced? Legislators wanted to make teenage drivers “stick out” so they can be caught driving after 11pm. This just seems like a vicious cycle of idiocy, but (insert sarcasm here) at least the New Jersey government will be making money off of it.

We don’t care if you have a Ferrari , a Rolls Royce , or even a Bugatti . It doesn’t excuse me from hogging up more than you need for a parking space, especially when these are the kinds of things that a lot of people get arguments about.

Apparently, the driver of this Rolls Royce Phantom thinks that just because he has six-figure ride, it entitles him to have three parking spaces. We’d let it slide if he covered two spaces and attribute it to a flawed sense of his surroundings. But three spaces? And it looks like he didn’t even bat an eyelash as to how he parked his Rolls.

We hate to say it – and believe us, it’s happened in the past – but this is the kind of thing that leads to cars being scratched. And God forbid that it happens to this Phantom...

There’s a thing called courtesy, buddy. You might want to use it from time to time.

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There are plenty of people guilty of posting some pretty stupid things on YouTube, however this one takes the cake. Apparently a pair of salesmen at a St. Louis exotic car dealership wanting to be more like Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond than a couple of intelligent employees posted a few of their high speed antics behind the wheel of a few super cars, like the ultra exotic Lamborghini Murcielago LP 670-4 SV , on the internet showing the world how they deliberately disobeyed the speed limit on public roads with traffic all around them.

It was kind of funny how the St. Louis FOX afiliate made such a big deal about the driver doing 150 MPH in the "slow lane," the way we figure, doing those kinds of speeds outside of the Autobahn is a bad idea no matter which lane you’re in. Hopefully the lesson to be learned is this; if you are going to do something as stupid as this and share it with the entire world on the internet, you might as well be smart enough to take a few precautions not to incriminate yourself. Steps like not showing your face on camera or the place where you work, even blanking out the license plate. However some people just aren’t that bright, and it is thanks to those individuals that we can all feel a little smarter.

Video after the jump.

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If you are a fan of this steering wheel setup from CTA digital then you definitely have a serious addiction to gaming. The reason iPhone applications have become so popular is because they allow users to pass the time with a quick escape from reality and then put them away for a return to real life. The last thing that we can imagine any iPhone user doing, is carrying the box containing the rather large device with them incase they get the urge to play Need For Speed on their cell phone. Imagine pulling the flat rimmed steering wheel out of your bag and then suction cupping the base to the table while your boss blabbers on and on, it just won’t happen.

The only place where you should use this thing is at home where you won’t be embarrassed to break out your adjustable steering wheel, but if you are a hard core enough gamer to own this then you will most likely have a full-fledged PS3, plasma TV, Xbox 360 surround sound stereo setup, much better than the couple of pieces of shiny plastic that are going to get used a handful of times before it is lost to the darkest regions of some hall way closet.

Demonstration video after the jump.

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We all know someone who doesn’t like cars. Every time you try to show this person a picture of the new Camaro, he/she goes off on some rant about all the great people you meet on the bus. No one knows why this person is so anti-car, but now there may be an answer. Maybe there was something traumatic from his/her childhood. If so, there might be a new member to the society as a grandmother in southern Florida left her three-year-old granddaughter on the roof of her car as she drove through a supermarket parking lot.

Brenda Bouschet said that she would never let anything hurt her granddaughter. But for those of you who may have compassion for this woman thinking that she just forgot about her granddaughter, and that we all make mistakes; she also said that she was driving at "snail-speed" and holding the child’s leg.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately most phrases that come to mind are inappropriate for this site.

Yes, that is a home air conditioner strapped to the sunroof. Maybe he didn’t like the A.C.’s performance and decided to swap it for a bigger one? Maybe he searched everywhere for a more powerful unit and found the answer in his bedroom? Whatever happened, cold air is not longer his problem. Somebody get this man a jacket.

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Anyone who loves his/her old car can almost sympathize with what this owner was trying to do. We all have got a tendency to give an aging car a new life by adding a decal, a new paint job, or even after-market parts like spoilers and scooped hoods. However, the owner of this wretched car likely had something else on his mind.

We don’t understand what he was trying to do, however exactly like us, he shouldn’t have been very pleased with the outcome. The car has been cloaked with the grisly paint and excess fat to such a degree that it’s unidentifiable and terribly frightening. If you have a name for this car, let us know by logging it in the comments section.

P.S: Viewer discretion is recommended while viewing the gallery.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the case of these owners, they may be blind. It just so happens that all of these automotive crimes happen to come from the same country, Russia. Just like last week’s golden Porsche , be glad these are not in your driveway.

For these unfortunate owners, no one mentioned that PVC piping, rivets and house paint do not make for proper car modifications. Then again, it takes a special person to craft SLR doors for a Lada or to attempt to turn a sedan into a Porsche Cayenne.

Of course there are professional Russian tuners out there, but they wouldn’t be as much fun to show. After all, every country is guilty having a select few do-it-yourself car guys. But for the sake of national pride, please try to make sure no one gets pictures. Then again, if someone does, drop us a line—we love a good laugh.

Source: Fast World

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