Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ

  Subaru's new "technology concept" called the BRZ Prologue - Boxer Sports Car Architecture II - could very well be the Japanese automaker’s answer to Toyota’s version of the FT-86 that, ironically, the two are co-developing. The BRZ stands for ’Boxer engine’, ’Rear-wheel drive’, and ’Zenith’, but other than that we don’t know exactly what to expect from the BRZ other than thinking it will be an RWD sports coupe and that it "embodies ultimate passion for the new sports car and confidence in its distinctive trademark and core technology."

When a car is considered the fastest of its kind, people usually stand up and pay serious attention.

Well, that’s what folks are saying about this 2013 BRZ , which belongs to drag racing driver Ali Afshar. If beefed up is a description for this Japanese sports car, then consider that a massive understatement.

As an 18-time NHRA champion, Afshar knows full well the value of having a monster engine under the hood of his team’s racecars. That’s precisely why this BRZ comes with a staggering 1,400 horsepower, all packed in the car’s 2.5-liter, four-cylinder boxer engine. The usual amenities of a racecar have also been added, including the full-on roll cage, the enormous rear wing, the wheelie-bar, and the wide slick wheels.

But the real highlight of this BRZ is that engine that has been tuned to deliver some otherworldly output. All in all, that much power should bode well for the Afshar, as he attempts to race the BRZ down the strip of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway later this week in 7 seconds.

It’ll be interesting to see if Afshar is successful in his attempt, which will be a record, should he achieve it. Whatever happens, it’s going to make for an extremely entertaining show.

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Subaru BRZ

So here we are on April Fool’s Day eve and we are getting prepared for the most confusing day in the automotive calendar year. You see, nearly all of us Automotive journalists have a comedic age of roughly 12 to 15 years old and we can’t help but toss a few “big stories” your way in the hopes of tricking you into believing a complete fallacy. Even yours truly did so last year with my return of Merkur article .

Apparently, the press folks over at Subaru missed April Fool’s Joke 101 in school, as they attempted to fool us about a new BRZ that was coming out. The “press release” stated that an AWD Diesel Hybrid BRZ was to be released by 2015. Sounds like a great Joke, right?

Sure, it is a great premise for a joke — it almost caught us off-guard — but they completely missed the mark, in our opinion.

First of all, you never want to place a fake press release with the date of “April 1, 2013” when it is only Mach 31st – that’s a dead giveaway. Secondly, you’ve gotta make it somewhat believable. Word it like any other press release and don’t get all cheeky in the release – that just gives it away before you even finish reading it. Lastly, don’t let people know it’s an April Fool’s Day joke until the next day or at least for a few hours, unless it is something that can really cause issues.

Well, Subaru managed to break all three of those rules with their release on the “new” BRZ Hybrid Diesel. I guess we have to give them credit for showing a sense of humor…

Click past the jump to read the fake press release and let us know what you think: hilarious or epic fail.

Subaru BRZ Concept STI

It looks like today has been a day for Tokyo Auto Salon previews. First Honda , then Mazda and now Subaru has offered us the first details on its models to be displayed in Tokyo, starting January 11, 2013. Subaru will come to the show with several new concepts, the coolest one being based on the new BRZ sports car.

The new BRZ Premium Sport Package concept will offer customers a pretty good idea of what the STI version will bring to the market, including an STI aero kit, a carbon fiber roof and a set of 19-inch BBS prototype alloy wheels. The interior has also been customized with leather seats and bright metallic trim.

We have no images of the concept just yet, but we do know it will be featuring lots of black exterior elements and special metallic colors of high brightness.

Full details on the Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Package concept will be unveiled during its official debut at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

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If you thought the 2.0-liter boxer engine pumping out 200-horsepower wasn’t enough, Weapons Grade Performance has a solution.

With a company name as intimidating as the upgrade it’s carrying out on the Subaru BR-Z, Weapons Grade Performance is on the verge of making one of the most powerful BR-Zs to run the streets.

How does it does it pull off this task? Slap a good ol’ American V-8 in there, of course. Yup, W.G.P chose the old-school-but-still-awesome method of increasing horsepower by mounting an LS2 V-8 from a Pontiac GTO that produces 400-horsepower, twice more powerful than the stock 4-pot boxer engine.

While the idea of a V-8 powered BR-Z sounds good, it may not do wonders when it comes to weight distribution. A picture of your pot-bellied uncle is a good comparison to this build. Then again, this sort of uncle can be rather exciting to hangout.

Here’s to hoping that W.G.P will pull off this build, hassle free. We’ll update this review as more information rolls out, as this is a work in progress. And for those that think this is a Photoshop trick rather than the real deal, see the video after the jump for a live shot of the car. There’s no Photoshopping a video…

Image: Instagram pic from W.G.P.’s Facebook page

An aftermarket turning company often finds ways to make its programs stand out from the rest of the competition. In some cases, it’s for the better but there are those times when the result is just plain weird.

Bee Racing’s program for the Subaru BRZ is a combination of both.

The program is impressive because Bee Racing not only installed an aero kit, but then combined it with a modified interior, a new set of wheels, an DG5-built suspension, an aftermarket header, a custom-built muffler, and a Tomei limited-slip differential. More importantly, though, is that Bee Racing acknowledges that the project is still far from a finished product.

The body kit, which comes courtesy of Rocket Bunny, required the Bee Racing to tweak the BRZ’s front end to look more like a Toyota GT 86 just so it could install the aero kit. While doing that, Bee Racing also installed Bride racing seats and a Drift Works steering wheel.

Here’s where it gets weird, though. We get the part — to a certain degree — about giving the BRZ a facelift to make it look like a GT 86 . What we don’t get are the Scion badges slapped into the BRZ. Did Bee Racing want to run the full gamut of all three sports cars sisters in one vehicle?

If you’re prepared to let that one go, you have to admit that this project car actually looks pretty amazing. We can’t wait to see Bee Racing add a little more performance to this package.

Source: XCar Films

Okay, we all pretty much figured that the BRZ and FR-S would likely have a strong presence in SEMA this year, as it was only one of the most talked about cars all year. To boot, with Toyota and Subaru dragging their collective feet about releasing higher-performance models, aftermarket companies have been working double-time to develop performance parts to hop up its 200-horsepower 4-banger engine.

Our colleagues over at Rides magazine managed to compile a gallery chock-full of just about every BRZ and FR-S at SEMA . We’re not too sure if this is a complete list of the examples at SEMA, but the total count in the gallery is 50 different examples – all but one or two are of the FR-S. We’re not too sure exactly how many cars showed up for SEMA this year, but we can say with some confidence that the FR-S takes the trophy for most heavily represented at the show.

Check out our gallery to see all of the examples that Rides provided us.

Source: Rides

We are all waiting to see the STI version of the recently announced Subaru BRZ when it comes out in the next year or so. We’d rely on the BRZ STI Concept that was unveiled at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show for design inspirations, but we all know how concepts sometimes exaggerate the look of the production car. Instead, we are going to take a look at Subaru ’s latest STI preview in the form of a Subaru BRZ equipped with STI upgrades. This is not the real STI version, but it still allows us to get a pretty good idea as to the production version’s final look.

The model displayed at the 2012 Australian Motor Show in Sydney was equipped with an aerodynamic kit that includes a front chin spoiler, side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a bootlid spoiler. The model sits on a new set of 17-inch light alloy wheels combined with a set of lower and stiffer coil springs.

Other updates include a low-restriction exhaust muffler, a short-shift gear linkage for manual-equipped BRZ, a wheelnut set, an STI gearknob, an STI push-button starter, and unique interior trim highlights.

The 2012 Australian Motor Show has been a pleasant surprise to us, largely because of the number of models that made their debuts Down Under.

One vehicle that caught our eye comes from Subaru and what appears to be a partnership with New Zealand-based racing outfit Possum Bourne Motor Sport involving the BRZ .

The BRZ Race Car was customized to be a club-level race car and comes in three track-ready packages. For the entry-level package, the features include a number of carbon fiber parts, including the mirror caps and the door panels, a full-on roll cage kit with Recaro motorsport seats, Sabelt six-point harness, and fuel system modifications.

The second package comes with more added components. First, there’s the new set of 18" Enkei lightweight wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo R motorsport tires. From there, PBMS also added driveline and suspension modifications, highlighted by a new Cusco height and damper adjustable coil over suspension system. There’s also a brake package that includes AP front and rear rotors and calipers and an STI handbrake, as well as an electrical kit that comes with wiring and circuit breakers. Last but not least, lightweight battery Recaro winged-HANS seats round out the upscale package for the BRZ race car.

Then there’s the third option, which includes a complete performance parts package, including engine and gearbox enhancements, all of which catered to the customer’s unique requirements.

Talking about the car, Subaru Australia Managing Director, Nick Senior, said: “We’re delighted to display the PBMS BRZ motorsport project car. This car will take the BRZ thrill to a whole new level for those that want some serious trackwork.”

“From day one we have always imagined the BRZ would appeal to the ‘weekend warriors’ - people who enjoy club level motorsport activities. PBMS has developed packages that will appeal to these enthusiasts.”


Subaru BRZ

The sixth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, aptly titled "Fast 6," will see the return of franchise mainstays Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. It’ll also have Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in it. Clearly, there’s no lack of Hollywood star power in the movie.

But if there’s one thing the Fast & Furious franchise has shown us, the artists aren’t the only stars in the movie; the cars play a pretty important role too. We saw that in the last movie when a pair of Dodge Chargers took over the latter parts of the movie.

For Fast 6, producers have turned to Subaru to have its new sports car, the BRZ , play a starring role in the film. In response, the Japanese automaker sent over five BRZs to the set, all of which will probably be beaten to oblivion during the course of filming.

Starring in such a high-profile blockbuster like Fast 6 could end up being a huge marketing coup for the BRZ, especially if it appears decked in full-tricked out glory, akin to what you expect to see in a movie that’s heavily influenced in the aftermarket auto scene.

Fast Six is set to hit theaters on May 24, 2013. Here’s to hoping the BRZ gets enough camera shine in the film!

Subaru ’s line-up for the 2012 Paris Auto Show wasn’t very impressive, but it did include a very cool BRZ concept car. The concept was inspired by the Subaru XT - a small coupe sold from 1985 to 1991 - hence the name. Subaru barely offered any details on it, but it’s clear that the concept features a more radical look than the standard BRZ and most likely previews some design elements we’ll see in the future STI version .

The Subaru BRZ XT Line Concept benefited from a new carbon fiber spoiler and diffuser, along with carbon fiber exterior mirrors and roof. There is also a new set of 18" wheels painted in Black Silica. For the interior, carbon fiber trim was combined with red leather for the door panels and the dashboard, and "XT Line" logos adorn the interior as well.

Aside from the aesthetic modifications, Subaru also added a Torsen differential, HID projectors, and a number of SRS airbags. No changes were made to the power source, so the XT Concept is powered by the usual 200 HP 2.0-liter horizontally-opposed boxer engine.

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