Subaru Exiga

Subaru Exiga

Whoever said that minivans with their utilitarian oversized box shape and seven passenger layouts had to be boring never met the guys from the automotive arm of Fuji Heavy Industries’ in house tuners at Subaru Technica International. While STI is better known for working their magic on the sport compact Impreza WRX and occasionally dabbling with a slightly larger Legacy sedan, but until today the largest car that Subaru’s engineers had given a hot rod inspired makeover to was the Forester crossover utility vehicle. That is because the Japanese automaker has just announced their plans to bring an STI tuned Exiga 2.0 GT multi passenger vehicle to the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Subaru Exiga 2.0GT tuned by STI

Dispelling the notion that MPVs can’t be exciting, this particular Exiga has undergone a similar treatment as the slightly more sophisticated Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited . There are no oversized rear wings or gaudy racing stripes adorning the tuner vehicle, instead the full size minivan was covered in one of the automaker’s Satin White Pearl paint, given a set of trick headlamps with an attractive blue bar separating the front and corner lights while the large grill complete with the new Subaru crossbar that can be found on almost all of their new cars. The specific STI upgrades include a sporty front lip spoiler, an STI tuned dual exhaust and a set of polished 17 inch BBS rims lifted from an old WRX STI that are connected to a sport tuned set of springs and dampeners that will make the all wheel drive minivan handle more like a sports car.

This distinctive seven seater touring concept will add a bit of enthusiasm to the full size MPV segment and in true Subaru fashion will provide an excellent fun to drive performance value with the practicality of an extremely spacious interior. There is no word as of yet if STI will upgrade the 2.0 Liter turbocharged boxer engine to go along with the new car’s exterior styling and up rated suspension components in order to create and all around performance MPV.

Subaru today announced the debut of its new Subaru EXIGA in Japan. The EXIGA went on sale nationwide through Subaru dealerships today.

Based on the concept of a seven-seater with panoramic visibility for the touring experience, the EXIGA has been developed to provide a safe and pleasant journey for all occupants. Capitalizing on its accumulated know-how from building wagons and crossover SUVs, Subaru has succeeded in creating open and comfortable interior space for all the passengers to easily engage in conversation and share the experience of touring enhanced by dramatic wide-angle views through the windows.

Subaru Exiga

The new model represents Subaru’s latest proposal for a new type of multi-passenger vehicle, built on Subaru’s strengths in vehicle stability, low noise, and quality ride —all realized by Subaru’s Horizontally-Opposed engine layout and the Subaru Dynamic Chassis Control Concept (Subaru DC3).

Subaru Exiga

The Exiga is being offered in four different versions: 2.0i is the basic model with selected standard equipment, priced in a more affordable range, 2.0i-L offers high quality finishes and expanded standard equipment, 2.0i-S is a sporty model with a naturally aspirated engine, featuring dynamic powerful styling and interior designs and 2.0GT is a grand touring car that combines potent powertrain performance with environmental considerations.

Subaru confirmed the official unveiling of the Exiga 7-Seater crossover on June 17th . Just a few days before the debut the car was caught testing in California. The car will go on sale in early 2009.

Subaru Exiga features a large bonnet scoop – lifted straight from the Impreza STi – plus a rear spoiler and split twin tailpipes.

It will be powered by newly developed 2.0 and 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engines, while the 3.0-litre unit in the current Subaru stable will be dropped.

The recently launched boxer diesel will be used as a blueprint for maxi­mising the performance and efficiency of the petrol units. The result will be an output of 200bhp from the naturally aspirated 2.0 engine and more than 300bhp from the turbo 2.5-litre.

Source: AutoExpress

Last year at the Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru unveiled the Exiga Concept . Today the Japanese company confirmed the launch of the production version with an official teaser image and the launch of a mini site.

Subaru confirms Exiga production version

The Exiga will be a 7-Seater crossover, with a well-appointed interior and a panoramic roof. It will be powered by a 2.0-liter, horizontally-opposed, turbo-charged engine (same used in the concept version).

Official debut on June 17th!

Source: Subaru

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