Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester

Have you believed that for a car that has a great top speed you have to pay millions of dollars? Well no, you are wrong! You can buy a car with a very good top speed and pay between $25000 and $30000. Ties were settled first by quarter-mile time, then by which was quicker to the highest speed both cars achieved (usually 120 or 130 mph), in that order. Most cars at this price point offer basic luxury or at least decent amenities and looks in addition to speed, as buck-banger boy-racer (...)
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Since its introduction for the 1997 model year, Subaru’s somewhat oddly proportioned Forester has been a welcomed alternative to more traditional SUVs, thanks to its uncanny ability to handle the road like a car, haul cargo like a small sport/utility vehicle, and scramble through a snow drift or a sand dune with equal aplomb.

Subaru of America, Inc. is showcasing two new versions of its All-Wheel Drive 2007 Forester compact SUV at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. The 2007 Forester Sports models combine new, more powerful styling with exclusive interior features and enhanced standard equipment. The Forester Sports 2.5 XT adds to that the 224-horsepower intercooled turbocharged Boxer engine from the 2.5 XT Limited model.

Subaru will present at SEMA Motor Show a sport version of the Forester, probably called the Cross Sport. The Sport version will have a lowered suspension, JDM Forester Cross Sports front end, and hopefully the sharp-looking body color/aluminum roof rails as well. It will feature a VDC on automatic versions, and Anthracite black cloth seats. Colors are black, Urban Gray and WR Blue (WRX/STI blue). The new model will keep the good stuff from the 2006 model: turbo, 17" wheels—and a lower price (...)
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Subaru of America, Inc., America’s All-Wheel Drive market leader, has introduced the redesigned Forester for 2006. Proven one of the safest and most reliable small SUVs on the market, the Forester for 2006 gains new, more refined, yet rugged exterior styling, more powerful engines and a host of enhancements to driving performance, comfort and utility.

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