Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza

Subaru’s WRX STI is definately one of our favorite rides here at Top Speed, however ever since the turbocharged all wheel drive Japanese automaker chose to go with a distinct five door hatchback layout for their flagship performance vehicle we have been yearning for a return to sexy two door bodies with a set of boxed fenders much like the special edition 22B Impreza. It appears that the creative re stylers at Digimods shared our ambition and came up with this sleeker STI. The virtual designers started off by smoothing the rear doors in the digital world before flaring the fenders even more then from factory. Digimods then continued to emphasize the STI’s attitude by fitting a set of large diameter deep dish wheels to go along with the new bodywork and Ferrari style bumper exit exhaust. Stepping into the wilder realm of digital tuning, the boys at Digimods moved the engine behind the driver for better weight distribution, however in order to make it work they have had to feed in tremendous amounts of air to the turbocharged flat four through a variety of scoops on the roof and rear quarter panels with a rather large vent integrated into the hatch.

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If you’ve ever doubted the power that comes from a Subaru, then this video should – at the very least – make a believer out of you.

In an ironic twist of fate, a tractor-trailer got stuck on a icy and snowy road, rendering it immobile and, in the process, clogging up traffic and feeling the wrath of some pretty hot-headed drivers behind it.

Never fear, semi-truck, you’re savior has arrived!

A Subaru WRX STI – a miniscule car compared to that behemoth truck – showed up and pulled the hapless semi out of the road, saving it from the wrath of a lot of angry drivers that got stuck behind it.

Normally, in these situations, the shoe should have been on the other foot. But seeing this video has made us rethink our opinions about the WRX STI. It may not be a Superman-esque feat, but it was nevertheless impressive in every which way you look at it.

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The Japanese sport compact maker Subaru has just announced pricing for the 2010 Impreza WRX STI Special Edition that was revealed just a few days ago. With a scheduled production run of only 125 units, this special edition STI will be in high demand when it goes on sale in the spring of 2010 starting at $32,995. What is even better about the Spec C inspired STI is that it will cost $2,000 less than the standard 2010 WRX STI.

2010 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Special Edition prices announced

Aside from the high performance suspension, the Special Edition differs from the standard WRX STI with a few cost cutting options like a set of halogen headlamps rather than HID units; the 6 CD 10 speaker system turns into a single disc player with 4 speakers; manual air conditioning in place of automatic climate control and side mirrors without integrated signals. However if getting around a track as fast as possible is what you are after it is very unlikely that you will miss any of those creature comforts.

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All this talk about new Subaru models is getting us here at Top Speed pretty excited, so much in fact that we just had to show the all wheel drive Japanese automaker’s setup from this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Being the world’s largest aftermarket car show Subaru pulled out all the stops and brought in everything from an SPT display car showing off all of the automaker’s aftermarket offerings to the ultra ridiculous snowmobile on steroids, Ken Block’s latest creation, the STI TRAX complete with carbon fiber sled in tow.

Subaru at the 2009 SEMA Show

Now those two tuner cars were impressive enough on their own, but when you consider that Subaru also had the infamous white and black Gymkhana car from all those internet videos and the golden boy Travis Pastrana ’s number 199 rally car , Subaru showed off every conceivable application that there is for the STI. So no matter whether you are a do it yourselfer, if you have a wild imagination and want to make lots of smoke or if you want to use the Subaru Impreza WRX STI for what we all grew up watching it do; it is nice to see the automaker providing us with four extremely different applications of this very versatile high performance vehicle.

Check out the gallery below to see all our snapshots from SEMA.

The all wheel drive Japanese automaker Subaru will come to the Los Angeles Motor Show with a Special Edition version of their turbocharged high performance hot hatch Impreza WRX STI, and unlike their last take on the sport compact with the STI Carbon that was more of a softer luxurious ride, this special edition STI could be too hot to handle. The Scooby will be covered in a unique shade of Aspen White and limited to only 125 units, much like when they offered the STI Limited back in 2007. Aside from the frosty paint job, the Special Edition STI will include a variety of suspension components from the razor sharp WRX STI Spec C model from the Japanese Domestic Market. Not only do you get the track ready STI’s thicker rear sway bar, but the bushings are firmer and the shock and spring package has been significantly stiffened at all four corners.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Special Edition

The Special Edition WRX STI will be about as close as the American market will get to a Spec C from the Japanese automaker as it will also ride on the JDM version’s charcoal colored 18 inch wheels. A while back we had the chance to speak with some of Subaru of America’s representatives and they ensured us that they had seen the errors of their ways when they numbed down the STI into its hatchback only form, but they also promised us that they were going to take steps to make up for it. However if this is any indication of their intentions it is clear that Subaru is skipping the baby steps and taking some pretty significant leaps to return the STI to its performance oriented rally bred heritage.

The STI Special Edition will go on sale in the spring of 2010 for $32,995 ($2,000 less than the standard version).

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Remember the Formula One wheel that we found in the Enkei booth at the 2009 SEMA Show, well there was one other item on display that was almost as impressive as a 14 inch wide lightweight wheel that is good for turning in at 200 MPH, one of the most aggressive looking Subaru Impreza WRX STi hatchbacks that we have ever seen. Apparently the car was fully built by Design Craft Fabrication for a former motocross race who wanted to trade in his two stroke bike for an all wheel drive turbocharged flat four cylinder STi. With his initial intentions to rally the new Subaru, the exorbitant costs of campaigning a rally car turned his ambitions towards Time Attack on track ambitions.

Silver Bullet Time Attack STi at the 2009 SEMA Show

Design Craft took every opportunity to develop new parts for the customer vehicle, like a V mount radiator and intercooler set up, a set of custom pistons from J.E. to handle the boost generated by a Garrett GT3582R turbocharger and one of the wildest body kits we have ever seen. However there is one piece of the Time Attack STi puzzle that should seem familiar to you, that is if Subaru hadn’t pulled out of World Rally Championship competition. That is because this STi is wearing a legitimate Prodrive WRC wing on the back, and as far as we know it is the only one in America.

The Subaru WRX STI by SPT is a demonstration of what a WRX STI owner can build at home using just the SPT catalog as a source for bolt-on parts. The WRX STI by SPT offers more power along with even sharper handling response, making it the ideal machine for high style street performance or track driving.

Subaru WRX STI by SPT

It is powered by a 2.5 liter DOHC, 16 valve, turbocharged and intercooled 4-cylinder Subaru Boxer engine with Dual Active Valve Control System. The engine delivers a total of 315 hp @ 6,000 RPM (up from the stock 305) and a peak torque of 290 lb.-ft. @ 4,000 RPM.

The concept also features 19 x 8.5-in. Prodrive GT2 wheels finished in Glitter Gold, STI performance springs, an SPT strut tower brace and an SPT lower chassis brace. On the interior there is an SPT boost gauge, a media hub digital music integration system and an auto-dimming mirror.

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Everyone knows that driving on snow can be challenging even for driver with lots of experience. But today at SEMA Subaru came with the perfect solution: the WRX STI TRAX - the fastest vehicle specially designed for snow driving.

The WRX TRAX is powered by a 2.5-liter, 4-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled STI engine tuned with a MOTEC M800 ECU that delivers a total of 400 hp and 400 lbs-ft of torque.

The TRAX Concept also features: RECARO SPA ProRacer competition sport seats, carbon fiber door panels, and an onboard fire suppression system, a Yakima FatCat 4 Snowboard Rack, a Yakima Landing Pad rack base, and DC Shoes XFB-C Snowboards.

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The Subaru WRX STi is always a nice sight to see, and the Japanese automaker had one such example sitting front and center at their exhibit at the 2009 Miami Auto Show. Although Mitsubishi had one of their latest sleeper EVO s on hand at the show, Subaru was displaying the standard version of their high performance in house tuned hatchback. The STi tuned Impreza is highlighted for its 300 HP turbocharged 2.5 Liter flat four cylinder engine and symmetrical all wheel drivetrain that earned the car multiple World Rally Championship titles. After speaking with some Subaru representatives earlier on this year, we learned that they have accepted their fair share of criticism for numbing the 2008 model and promise that the 2009 STi is as razor sharp as ever. There is also the issue with the new STi’s hatchback only body style, but rest assured fans of the traditional four door sport compact version, the car will be making a comeback very soon.

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If you don’t remember D.C. Shoes cofounder Ken Block’s tire smoking gymkhana antics, then we suggest you take a moment to refresh yourself with his catalog of adrenaline inducing videos with his power sliding sideways Subaru as the star of the show. In a recent interview with Edmund’s Inside Line, Block admits that his first generation gymkhana car was nothing more than an extremely modified streetcar that had gone through a series of complete revisions. The STI started out as a way for Ken and friends to enjoy cross country rallies before dabbling in the world of the Japanese art of autocross know as gymkhana. Gymkhana is like any other time trial that takes place in an oversized parking lot, except there is a lot more rally style sliding in order to get your car around the orange cone even quicker.

Ken Block's Gymkhana Subaru STi

So when Block wanted to get serious about gymkhana, he contact the folks at Crawford Performance and teamed up to produce a race ready 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI . The first thing that the racers did was shed every unnecessary ounce from the STI and then stiffen the chassis with an extensive roll cage. Weighing in at 2,775 pounds, the Crawford car is almost 600 pounds lighter than a stock STI. The weight reduction helps the 565 HP high performance flat four make the Subaru absolutely fly. Almost every part of the stroked 2.65 Liter boxer engine has been replaced in favor of lightweight reinforced pieces. Sitting atop the neon green powder coated charge pipes is a Garret GT35R turbocharger that compresses a maximum of 30 psi of boost to make a total of 590 E85 burning lb-ft of torque.

Ken Block's Gymkhana Subaru STi

One thing that you don’t get an appreciation for with those slow motion pans and rubber burning power slides is exactly how quick Ken Block’s car is in a straight line. First of all launching an all wheel drive turbocharged car can be difficult, you have to get the revs up around 7,000 to keep the turbo spinning and then absolutely dump the clutch so that all four drive wheels can get power without bogging out the engine. But after all the Crawford STI is a racecar and even without the aid of fifth gear it can go from 0 to 60 MPH in just 3.0 seconds and run the standing quarter mile in only 10.8 seconds at 123.7 seconds on a set of 275/35R18 BFGoodrich g-Force Drag Radials, now that is 0.7 seconds faster than a Corvette ZR-1 super car, so you know that this tuned STI is fast.

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