Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback

I used to have a lot of love for the Subaru Outback. I owned one for a while, and it was one of the best cars I have ever possessed. All Subaru’s have a very special feel about them, like they are built for a purpose. They are a bit rough, a little uncouth, but that is what makes them special. There is this feeling that they will really take you over any terrain, and that they will never cease to function. Nothing quite drives or feels like a Subaru. But then my Outback died, and I have since moved on.

Now, despite this great drive, Subaru has long been lambasted for creating cars that are too poorly built, too uncomfortable and too unrefined. Now with the introduction of the all-new 2015 Outback, Subaru is promising that all those woes have been corrected and it is promising more power and fuel economy to boot. Is this new machine good enough to make me get rid of my Volkswagen go back to Subaru? Has Subaru managed to fix all its issues while maintaining that special feel and attitude that has defined the brand for decades? My Outback was a 2000 model; what has Subaru managed in 15 years over three more generations?

I spent seven days and more than 500 miles beating the new Outback on-road and off to see if it still had that special magic.

Read on to find out more about the all-new 2015 Subaru Outback

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This week we have Justin back, and he has a new car for Weekly Wheels, so we let him start things off with a look at the Acura ILX . After that I get to talk about how the new 2015 Subaru Outback is a great SUV, but a terrible Subaru. Mark finishes us off with a look at the new Audi A3 . Small spoiler, I like it more than he does, even if it is missing a door.

For the news segment of the show I spend some time talking about my new review for Forza Horizon 2 . I think that is the only important part of our whole show really, but the other two figured that we should cover other news as well. In the end we talked about the Lamborghini Asterion , the death of the Lotus Evora, and Infiniti’s desire to build a car that it kind of already makes. We also have some truck talk with Mark as we discuss the fuel economy ratings of the new Canyon and Colorado trucks before we all get angry at GM’s latest “sport truck.”

We didn’t have any questions from last week’s show to answer, so we skipped the Question and Answer section to head straight to Own, Drive, Burn. Our own Ciprian provided us with a trio of the worst cars Ferrari ever made to choose from. I’ll be honest; it wasn’t a super great or entertaining ODB. Sorry about that.

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The 2014 New York International Auto Show is nearly upon us, with the media preview days set to kick off on April 16 before the grand event opens its doors to the public on April 18. More than 50 vehicles will be on display at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, just about anything from city cars to heavy-duty trucks and track-prepped race cars. About 14 global debuts are expected to happen at NYIAS, with six more vehicles to show their metal to North American enthusiasts for the very first time.

Dodge , Ford , Acura , BMW , Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are all set to shows us their latest creations, be it new-generation cars or facelifted versions of existing automobiles. As usual, we’ll be providing you with tons of information from New York, so be on the lookout for more details and in-depth reviews on the most recent apparitions on the automotive horizon.

Meanwhile, we compiled a list with the most important cars and SUV set to be unveiled next week. While some are still under wraps, others have been revealed and detailed ahead of their world debut.

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The all-new 2015 Outback has been spotted roaming European streets while dressed in bulky camouflage garb. Though the car is fully disguised, its easy to tell Subaru has slicked up its best-selling model for the last half of the decade.

Starting with the updated front fascia that includes xenon headlights, lower fog lights, and the traditional-to-Outback high approach angle, the design seems to be more styled than before. The hood has some nice character lines riding just over the front fenders and rising into the A-pillars, which rise at a more sloped, aerodynamic angle.

Just below the A-pillars, the side mirrors are repositioned on the door. The body cladding along the rocker panel returns, as does the cladding along the lower front valance. The matte-black painted wheels should look nice one coated in a proper finish. Out back, the rear bumper still includes a step and large red reflectors. Up above, the rear glass enjoys a more forward rake, much like the front windshield. The roof rails return as well, assuring us the Outback won’t lose that utilitarian, do-anything, carry-all we’ve come to love.

Though it’s hard to see from the photos, the photographer notes the dash has an all-new design with two large gauge pods, a sportier-looking steering wheel with silver paddle shifters, and new HVAC vents.

We expect the Outback to get an updated version of its current 2.5-liter flat-four to serve as the standard mill. Rumors swirl around Subaru dropping the upmarket 3.6-liter flat-six for the 2.0-liter turbocharged flat-four from the Forester in premium-trimmed Outbacks, though nothing is confirmed. Of course, Subaru’s standard AWD will return, making this wagon a capable winter weather hauler and light-duty off-roader.

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The Subaru Outback has always been the Boy Scout of the car/wagon/crossover crew, with its standard AWD and rugged, foul-weather-defeating demeanor. While that demeanor won’t likely change, reports say the Outback is getting a Legacy -style work-over for the 2015 model year and will make its grand entrance at the 2014 New York Auto Show this spring.

Since the Outback is essentially the wagon version of the Legacy, it makes sense the recent changes to the 2015 Legacy would make their way over to the Outback. What this means for the Outback is a new exterior look with a similar reworked grille, headlights and raked windshield. The extra body cladding and plastic bits that make an Outback look like an Outback will surely make their return.

Inside, the same redesigned dashboard, instrument panel and center console with softer touch, more premium materials will be present. The coupe -like look of the new Legacy obviously won’t make the jump as cargo room and rear passenger headroom are bigger priorities in the Outback.

History tells us the powertrain offerings will be identical as well. The new Legacy offers two engine choices: a 2.5-liter flat-four making 175 horsepower and 174 pound-feet of torque and the 3.6-liter flat-six putting out 256 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque. Unfortunately, both engines are stuck with CVT transmissions with no conventional manual on the horizon.

Updated 04/03/2014: Subaru has officially confirmed that the 2015 Outback will be officially unveiled at the 2014 New York Auto Show. With the occasion a first teaser image reveals that the new Outback will follow the steps of the more-recently unveiled Legacy sedan.

Updated 06/05/2014: Subaru today announced prices for the 2015 Outback which will arrive into dealerships this summer. Prices will range from $24,895 for the base 2.5i version to $32,995 for the 3.6R Limited version.

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It’s time to take a little break from all the Subaru BRZ excitement and focus our attention on other models from Subaru ’s line-up. This is especially important now that the 2012 New York Auto Show is getting closer and the company has announced a series of debuts for the show. The first is a restyled version of their Outback SUV. The 2013 model will receive a new exterior face, a new, more efficient powertrain, and a series of new safety systems. All in all, it looks like the Outback is prepared to be better than ever.

The 2013 Subaru Outback will be offered in three trim levels - Base, Premium, and Limited - and all of them are powered by a new double-overhead-cam (DOHC) 2.5-liter FB series Boxer engine that delivers a total of 173 hp and 174 lb.-ft. of torque. Despite the extra 3 HP, this new engine will deliver a fuel economy of 30 mpg (on the highway) - a 1 mpg increase over the previous version.

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Back in the days when crossovers were just something ghosts did, there was the Subaru Outback , a vehicle that looked like a wagon, but was superb off-road. Established in 1995, the Outback became the synonym for durability, ease of use, and excellent all around ability.

The styling on the other hand, was always a bit low end. That really didn’t seem to matter at the time to buyers, but in today’s world, styling goes hand in hand with all weather ability so Subaru had to make a change. Luckily, they did and for 2011, the new Outback is better than ever.

Subaru has been one of the lesser-known Japanese companies for some time now. In fact, some people think they came from Australia, but that’s beside the point. While they might not have much influence on the American industry, they are resilient and during the economic recession, the company only declined by 0.8%.

With the new Outback, Subaru looks to continue their success, but this time things are a tad different. Before, it seemed that styling was about as important as the location of the light in the glove box, but now, exterior styling has taken a front row seat. The new 2011 Outback look pretty good, words that would never have been uttered about previous generation Outbacks.

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Road trips in an Outback have just gotten that much better. Subaru announced today that the 2011 Outback model will be offered with Wi-Fi connectivity that will give internet access to 10 or more users for up to 150 feet around the vehicle.

This Wi-Fi connectivity operates in a 3G network and works with all Wi-Fi enabled devices. The connection is encrypted making it a completely safe way to enjoy the world of he Internet right from your car at speeds averaging 400kbps-1.2mbps. And no, the driver isn’t supposed to be the one utilizing this capability. Hands on 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock guys. This connection is to be enjoyed by passengers only.

So take out those laptops, netbooks, smart phones, game controllers, or even the iPad and iPod Touch models and go nuts surfing the web, listening to Internet radio, or simply checking your email. The world will be at your fingertips while your butt is firmly planted in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle. Ahhh, technology.

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The problems accompanying the 2010 Subaru Legacy and Outback aren’t over, according to the National Highway Safety Administration.

A few months after being recalled for a flawed CVT cooler hose that could potentially crack or split, Subaru has issued another recall for their two models, with this latest issue being a wiring problem in the steering column behind the vehicle’s steering wheel that could develop stress cracks and, in turn, lead to an eventual break. This break could end up shutting down a number of the vehicle’s electrical components, including the cruise and radio controls, paddle shifters, and car horn, in the process.

All in all, over 74,000 models of both the 2010 Outback SUV and the Legacy sedan built between February 16, 2009 and April 12, 2010 are being subjected to the recall.

Owners of the said models are now being requested to get in contact with any of their local Subaru dealerships so in the event their vehicles are covered in the recall, the dealerships can take action and replace any of the defective parts at no cost.

It’s not the kind of news Subaru – or any other automaker – is looking to be attached to, but now that it is, it’s good to know that they’re making the effort in fixing the problem before the situation gets any worse.

Source: NHTSA

Japanese automaker Subaru has been tasked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to have two of their new models - the 2010 Legacy sedan and the Outback crossover - recalled over a flawed CVT cooler hose. It turns out that these CVT cooler hoses are susceptible to cracking or splitting, which could then lead to a fluid leak.

When that happens while the vehicles are being driven, it could potentially turn into a dangerous situation when the vehicle stops and could result in a crash. All in all, the recall is said to affect a total number of 29,443 models in the US with Subaru already informing all model owners to drop by their local Subaru dealerships to have the CVT cooler hoses replaced at no cost.

So, any owners who have either the 2010 Legacy sedan or the Outback crossover that fall under this recall, please can contact Subaru at 1-856-488-8500 to inquire about how to get this situation fixed.

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