2007 Subaru Legacy tuned by DAMD

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DAMD is a tuning company specialized in Japanese cars, so all the Honda’s, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota and other cars from that region were prepared by them.

But now was the time for some Subaru. So the BlackXMetal range has just been extended with an already very sporty car under the hood. The new Subaru Legacy Subaru Legacy Tourer. The designers at DAMD have created an exterior package in order to balance this high performance with stunning good looks

Subaru Legacy tuned by DAMD

A new front bumper was feeted with more aggressive spoilers and a large silver grill now took place were sometimes Subaru’s badge was. The grill complements the line from the bonnet but it resembles with the look of the Germans cars with that.

But they have a good reason for because the new grill also improves cooling and aerodynamic efficiency.

DAMD give some attention for the rear and sides also. Side skirts and new rear diffuser were mounted to complete the overall modification done to the car.

Subaru Legacy tuned by DAMD

The kit is available in 2 variants with the prices starting at 163,800 yen including taxes and up to 180,800 yen for the carbon kit .The car shown also has the optional chrome grill inserted with the mesh in the grill made from aluminium that was priced for is another 29,400 yen.

The interior has been fitted with double-stitched Bourgundy red leather for the demonstration car.

The Subaru Legacy Tourer was feeted with a set of Racing Sparco NS-06 Cheetah wheels in Silver, and tires Bridgestone Playz PZ-1 (front and rear: 225/35R-19).

Subaru Legacy tuned by DAMD


front looks alot like an audi

where can i get this entire kit??

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