2012 Subaru BRZ RA

Despite carrying different badges, the Toyota GT 86 and the Subaru BRZ have gone hand in hand. Now it appears that Toyota and Subaru are at it again, offering a stripped down version of their respective sports coupes as a way to give customers free reign on how they want to design their cars.

Toyota has come out with that kind of option with the Toyota 86 RC and now, Subaru is doing the same with the BRZ RA.

If you think that the BRZ RA looks like an unfinished product, that’s not the case - at least not entirely. This specific variant of the Subaru sports coupe doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the standard model. There are no fog lights in the front. The door handles are unpainted, as are the mirror caps, and the 16" steel wheels. On the inside, certain amenities that are usually found in the standard model have also been removed, particularly the AC unit, the audio system, the aluminum-looking trim, the pedals, the mats, the plastic covers on the wheel, handbrake, and gear levers, and even the plastic covers on the engine bay.

What it still has though is the 2.0-liter boxer engine mated to the six-speed transmission that, together, produce 200 horsepower.

In the same philosophy behind the GT 86 RC, Subaru is giving its prospective customers a stab at creating their own race-spec BRZ, providing a bare-as-bones model that’s completely ripe for customization. The fact that you have a sports car with no AC unit does give us some kind of hint, doesn’t it?

All of the left out amenities have cut down the weight of the BRZ RS from 20 kg/44 lbs to 60 kg/132 lbs, depending on the trim level of the car. These deletions also cut down on the price of the car in Japan to just 2,058,000 Yen, which is about $26,900 based on current exchange rates, about $5,000 less than what you’d have to pay for a fully stocked version.


It has the most subtle fierce image among the Subaru models.

WOW! BRZ looks much sporty than the Impreza and it is more compact. I guess it has a very impressive performance as well.

I think this Subaru is much better than Toyota 86 RC, but it looks like the unfinished car since the fog lights are out, the wheels were undone with no concept at all, and the door handles were unpainted.

Well isn’t it practically unfinished to begin with? They’re still waiting for customer’s orders of customizations. Other than that, yes it looks basic but the performance is impressive.

Subaru has been always good when it comes to car designs. And now, they again made a model that will suit the taste of car enthusiasts.

It looks simple with its exterior. There are some missing parts with this sport coupe. I noticed that the fog lights are missing, but I also surprised with its output of 200hp.

I agree. It does looks like an unfinished car. Why there are no fog lights, even if they allotted a space for that? It was affordable at the selling price. 

Although, it’s not a finished product, the look is very aggressive and professional on appearance. This would boost powerful performance on the road.

Sleek design, not so edgy. The side skirts are great. I like the head and taillights but the rims don’t match the body’s design.

This is another impressive concept made by Subaru. The white body paint looks very professional as well as the exterior detailing of it. I’m sure this will work absolutely on the road.

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