A Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is a type of passenger vehicle which combines the load-hauling and passenger-carrying capacity of a large station wagon or minivan with features designed for off-road driving. They have been the hot car to own for the past 10 years, but lately they are regarded as gas guzzler and substantially dangerous because of high potential to roll over.

Sister companies Honda and Acura promised to present to distinctly different concept vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show .

For its part, Honda delivered on that promise with the angry-looking 2013 Concept M MPV. Meanwhile, Acura unveiled its own concept, the SUV-X, and just like Honda’s Concept M, this one should have a future production model.

And by future, we mean “right now.”

The concept itself was designed to highlight the Japanese automaker’s emotional and sharp styling with driving performance, all while adhering to an environmental approach. The result is the SUV-X Concept, which combines all of that and wraps them all up in a body that looks downright stunning.

Acura has never had a reputation for building cars with cutting edge designs. But its recent offerings like the new 2013 NSX Concept and this one does paint a clear picture that the Japanese automaker is entering a new phase in its design philosophy.

Hopefully, the SUV-X Concept is one of the first in a long line of future models that adheres to this new edginess.

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British manufacturer MG hasn’t put anything on the market for quite some time now, but it looks like the company is preparing a big comeback . The company will unveil the CS Concept later this month at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. The concept is designed to slot into the compact SUV sector and will likely see production at some point.

The concept has been specially designed to attract younger buyers, so it features a distinctive, sporty style and youthful appearance, but in the same time it can be immediately recognized as an MG model.

The concept received newly designed headlights with a multi-faceted ‘shard’ structure which refract light in different colors and shapes from the side. Still, it is pretty easy to recognize the new CS concept, thanks to the iconic MG’s trademark octagon from the front.

Full details on the new MG CS Concept will be unveiled during its official debut in Shanghai.

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Update 4/20/2013: MG has released three new images of the upcoming MG CS Concept, but they don’t reveal anything new except that they are far more realistic than the sketches we saw earlier. You can see these images in the Gallery.

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The Mercedes G-Class has had a very long history in the automotive industry. Currently the model comes in four versions: G, GL, ML and GLK. Starting 2014, however, a fifth version will be added to the lineup. Called the GLA, the new model will be an SUV coupe.

The Mercedes GLA will be built on the same front-wheel-drive architecture that features transversely mounted engines, as found in the next A and B-Classes. The production version of the GLA will also borrow lots of its design elements from the sameA-Class that inspired it, but of course with an increased ride height.

Updated 04/18/2013: After the first images surfaced on the Internet the other day, Mercedes dropped the official details on the new GLA Concept set to be unveiled at the 2013 Auto Shanghai motor show on April 21st.

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BMW recently revealed subtle updates to keep the BMW X6 M competitive in the face of stiff competition across the super performance SUV segment. Since the X6 M’s 2010 launch, the competing Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG are either all new or significantly enhanced to better neutralize the BMW threat.

The X6 M follows the successful mechanical template from the X5 M but enhances its appearance with a fastback coupe profile and a trimmed window line. The stylish X6 M stands out in the BMW showroom when compared with the bread-and-butter models like the 3 Series and 1 Series.

The appeal for these buyers comes from the inherent impracticality of the design’s chopped roof versus the practical X5. It separates the X6 M as a car bought by people for who all-weather performance is king of kings. The X6 M has been a runaway sales success for BMW among these niche audiences – to the point where non-M X6s are the rarity.

Can the X6 M cut with the best competitors four years after its launch? Please follow the jump for details on the 2013 facelift, the mechanical and performance specs, and an image gallery of the new X6 M in action.

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Land Rover unveiled the new-generation Range Rover Sport earlier this year at the 2013 New York Auto Show. Back then, everyone believed that this was all the new Range Rover lineup had to offer, but today a series of spy shots proved us wrong.

Our spy photographers have caught a very mysterious Range Rover Sport just outside the Nürburgring . Why do we think this is no ordinary Range Rover Sport? Well, the answer is quite simple: it wears a new front bumper with bigger air intakes. All these changes are a clear indication that under the hood there is something more powerful than the current 510-horsepower 5.0-liter V-8 supercharged engine.

What we cannot tell for sure is what name this new version will wear, but "Range Rover Sport R" sounds like the perfect choice for an even more powerful Range Rover Sport.

We will keep you post it with more details on this mysterious model as soon as we will find out more!

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After a small facelift that we saw at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, General Motors has already started to work on the next generation Opel Antara amd Chevrolet Captiva . Our spy photographers have caught the first mule out for a testing session, and even though the company tried to hide it under this chopped up Chevrolet Orlando, it is clear that it’s something completely different.

The new-generation Antara/Captiva will be built on a new platform, called D2XX, which will also be used for the new Chevrolet Cruze that will arrive in 2014.

Ok, so what makes us believe this is not a real Orlando? First, this prototype is offered with a four-wheel-drive system, which is not available on the Orlando, and there are also twin exhaust pipes. The wheelbase is slightly shorter than the standard Orlando and the front end is also chopped up to make room for the new engine and cooling system.

Of course, when it comes to exterior design, the next-generation SUVs will have nothing in common with the Orlando seen here. Rumors suggest it will borrow something from the recently announced Opel Mokka.

Expect the new Antara/Captiva to be unveiled sometime in 2015.

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Mercedes GLA45 AMG

This is the second time that Mercedes has taken its baby performance SUV out for a testing session. Instead of hitting the cold weather with the GLA 45 AMG , like the first time we caught it, Mercedes took it for an extreme test at Nürburgring in Germany.

The next GLA 45 AMG will be based on the same platform as the new-generation A-Class and will be offered with the same engine as the CLA 45 AMG and A 45 AMG : a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers a total of 360 horsepower and a peak torque of 331 pound-feet.

Unlike the standard GLA-Class , the AMG version will feature a more aggressive look with dual exhaust pipes, bigger wheels and cross-drilled brakes – pretty standard stuff for the AMG lineup.

The standard GLA-Class is expected to be unveiled in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, with the AMG version to follow few months after.

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Today must have been national test day for electric cars. Shortly after catching the R8 E-tron testing in the cold, our spy photographers caught a very interesting model testing. At a first look it appears you are looking at a standard BMW X1 , but you are actually looking at an all-electric X1.

As you can see from the spy shots the prototype features no exhaust pipes and there are also some Hybrid stickers – an obvious attempt at subterfuge. Our spy photographers lurked around long enough to confirm that this is an EV, as when it finally took off, there was not a peep from a gasoline engine.

We are not too sure if this means that the company is developing an electric version of the X1 or if it is simply testing the technology for other models. Still, considering that BMW and Toyota have recently signed an agreement and that Toyota already offers an electric version of the RAV4, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see something similar from BMW.

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The Shanghai Auto Show is the next auto event that a lot of people are already looking forward to. Scheduled to open in a few weeks, Shanghai is expected to be a largely attended event, particularly from the Asian automaker contingent.

Japanese brand, Acura , is one of the companies scheduled to go to Shanghai and its already gearing up for it with a new teaser of a concept that it’s scheduled to debut at the event.

Details surrounding the concept have not yet been revealed except for this teaser that shows the SUV’s side profile. Judging from what we’re looking at, the concept appears to be a completely new model that will complement the redesigned 2014 MDX . It’s got an aggressive headlight design that looks similar to the shape of the Toyota GT 86 with the rear end featuring a spoiler and an equally aggressive taillight setup that resembles what you can find in the Asian version of the new Honda CR-V .

Production is expected to commence after the concept’s unveiling and, for now, the only market that’s been confirmed to receive the model is the China, which explains why Acura decided to pull the concept’s covers off at Shanghai.

We’ll provide more details surrounding this concept when information becomes available.

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Yesterday we brought you the first spy shots of the revised Porsche Cayenne . While Porsche is trying to update the performance SUV’s look, some guy asked our friends over in Russia, TopCar, to develop a tuning kit that makes the SUV look, shall we say, “interesting.”

While we may not particularly care for the Red Dragin motif, you still have to admire the perfection that TopCar consistently delivers.

As it name suggests, the new Cayenne Red Dragon combines a white exterior paint with numerous red accents on the wheels and body panels. The aerodynamic kit is made in carbon fiber and includes a new bonnet, new front fender extensions, new front spoiler bumper, new side skirts and a new rear spoiler.

For the interior, the model uses the same theme as the exterior with red and black diamond-tufted seats, red accents on the door panels, a red steering wheel, a red dashboard and a red center console. To complete the dragon part of the name, TopCar added an embroidered dragon on the seats.

We’re sure whoever commissioned TopCar was happy to pay big bucks for this custom work.

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