Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara

  The current generation Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara was launch in India in 2006 with a 2-litre petrol engine. in 2009 Maruti gave the grand Vitara a facelift and added the more powerful 2.4-litre VVT engine. the Vitara competes with the Honda CR-V, Mitsubishi Outlander and the Chevrolet Captiva.

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Suzuki unveiled the IV-4 — a concept car that previews a new crossover that will replace the Grand Vitara — at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. And now our spy photographers caught a prototype of the production version is out testing.

As you can see, the prototype is heavily camouflaged, so it’s pretty difficult to know what is hiding beneath. Still, considering an SX4 was testing next to it, and that it was wearing the typical Suzuki camo, it pretty evident that this is s Suzuki crossover of some sort, likely the next-gen Grand Vitara.

This new Grand Vitara will use Suzuki’s latest ALLGRIP four-wheel-drive system, but it will also come in your basic front-wheel-drive setup.

Suzuki promised that this new crossover will lightest model in its class, with lowest fuel consumption and the lowest CO2 emissions.

Though we are not 100-percent certain that this new crossover will carry the Grand Vitara name, we are pretty sure that we’ll see it in 2015. Sorry U.S. buyers, Suzuki does not plan to sell it, or any other model, in the U.S. any time soon...

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We have all had bad experiences at car dealerships and car repair shops. Heck, being a former service manager, I have had to attempt to repair these bad situations at times. Typically, when customer service turns sour, you simply express your anger, go home, call the corporate office, and eventually get a resolution. Well, apparently this is not the way the customer service flowchart goes in some countries.

In a Nissan and Suzuki dealership in what looks to be Russia, if I am seeing the sign correctly, a customer decides to take part in creating his own resolution for a customer service issue.

According to the story that we read, this customer took his Suzuki SUV, which he bought new, back to the dealership to have a faulty shock replaced. The dealership refused to replace the shock under warranty, which really isn’t that uncommon, and from there the customer bypassed calling customer service, and chose to take his frustrations out on the dealership, by way of ramming his Grand Vitara through the dealership’s window.

That’s not where it stops, this driver then smashes up a few brand new floor model vehicles, using his SUV as a battering ram, then eventually disappears from the screen – likely to do more damage on the other side of the dealership.

I used to have pretty nasty road rage, but mine mostly consisted of laying on my horn and flashing the occasional one-fingered salute. This guy really needs to get his anger issues under control. I hope his car insurance company is prepared to pay out to fix his now-smashed SUV, or their office may receive the same “redecorating.”

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face, sheesh. Check out the above video to see all of the craziness, pay close attention to the brave guy that goes knocking on this lunatic’s window at the 1:57 mark. What’s he gonna do, ask him for some Grey Poupon?

When considering motorcycles, Suzuki is likely a brand that comes to mind. Their cars, on the other hand, nearly go unnoticed unless you are looking for specifically cheap transportation. They typically only account for a fraction of a percent of U.S. auto sales, but that fraction is a tight and very loyal market. Well, it looks like they are trying to dig themselves out of obscurity by adding high-end features to their vehicles.

Starting in the 2013 model year, nearly every Suzuki car, truck, and SUV will include a Garmin stereo system that will also include Pandora radio. With the internet taking over everything nowadays, it’s only expected that internet radio would make its way into more cars – heck, some cars now have a hard drive bigger than my desktop PC, seriously…

Pandora works a lot like satellite radio, as it is not broadcasted from terrestrial towers, but rather streamed through the internet. You can personalize your own station too, so there is no need to swap the station every time something you can’t stand comes blasting through the speakers.

There is no receiver or anything like that for Pandora radio, so this is really not costing Suzuki much, meaning the cost to you would be minimal, if anything. The Garmin radio connects to an iPhone, per Pandora, and the iPhone in turn receives the Pandora signal, broadcasting it through the radio. It makes us curious because Pandora radio also has an Android app, which means nearly any phone on the market can receive its signal. However, Pandora specifically mentions just the iPhone in its press release.

We are starting to wonder if iPhone and Garmin are maybe up to something, or did the Pandora rep just misspeak. For the sake of all Suzuki buyers that choose to use this service, we hope the latter is the truth. From our research, it looks like Garmin and Suzuki have apps for both Android and iPhone, so it was likely a mistake to just say “iPhone.”

Regardless of its connectivity, this is a step in the right direction towards Suzuki reeling in its direct competitors, Hyundai and Kia .

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It’s time to take a little break from all of the Camaro and Mustang tuning projects debuting at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show to take a quick look at a different type of concept. The Suzuki Grand Vitara Marine Concept was developed by students at Ohio Technical College and is definitely something that would cathc the eyes of just about anybody. The Marine Concept is based on a 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara and uses a unique convertible design, a cool exterior paint scheme, a Suzuki outboard motor, and over-sized chrome wheels wrapped in toyo off-road tires.

As if those features weren’t enough, the Marine Concept also includes a bull bar bumper with a winch, bar side steps, a hood scoop, a shaved door handle kit, LED underbody and headlights, a Hydro cell provided by Hydro Fuel 2 Go, and chrome exhaust tips. Adding to the oceanic design is an ocean liner horn and a surfboard rear view mirror, while technological additions include a DVD headrest entertainment system, a backup camera, and hydrogen generator electronics provided by Square One Energy.

"The Grand Vitara Marine Concept exemplifies the unique combination of passion and innovation, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product," said Jeff Holland, director of public relations and social media, American Suzuki . "It was a pleasure working with the students at Ohio Technical College, and we hope this motivates other groups to creatively express themselves and the passion they have for Suzuki and the automotive industry."

A few weeks ago, GPS manufacturer Garmin issued a recall on its Nuvi portable navigation systems after it was discovered that the batteries in these units have the potential to overheat and could, in a worst-case scenario, result in the system catching fire.

It also just so happened that Suzuki has three vehicles in its line-up that use the aforementioned Garmin GPS – the SX4 , the Grand Vitara , and the Equator – and as such will also be issuing a recall of the cars to fix the malfunction at the soonest possible time.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 20,000 of these Suzuki vehicles ranging from the 2008-2010 SX4, the 2010 Grand Vitara, and the 2009-2010 Equator, will be recalled beginning this month with Garmin technicians on hand to replace the malfunctioning batteries “by replacing the battery and inserting a space on top od the battery” at no cost to the customers.

So, if you own any one of these models, you can contact either Garmin (1-866-957-1981) or Suzuki (1-887-697-8985) for further information on the impending recall.

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Source: NHTSA

In the first half of 2010, no one word has had a more profound effect on the auto industry as the word ’recall’. Just about every automaker on the planet has had an encounter with it one way or the other and, as it turns out, it’s Suzuki ’s turn.

The Japanese automaker is in the process of recalling 46,549 units of its 2006 Grand Vitara and 2005-2006 models of the XL-7 SUVs because of a defective hydraulic power assist steering pump that could lead to serious trouble for owners of the aforementioned models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the warning after finding out that the plastic tension adjuster pulley found in these models could deteriorate over time leading to pieces of the pulley breaking off and dislodging the steering belt, which would then make it extremely difficult for the SUVs to steer.

So if you have any of these two models, you can have them fixed at your nearest Suzuki dealer where they will replace the steering pump drive belt tension adjuster pulley - that’s a long name for a car part - free of charge.

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Source: NHTSA
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Until now customer opting for a diesel powered Suzuki Grand Vitara have been restricted in their choice to the larger 5-door bodystyle.But from April, a new 3-door model joins the range.The new model will be priced at a competitive £14,999 on-the-road. The new 1.9 DDiS Grand Vitara adopts the drivetrain of the manual transmission 5-door models.The car supplements permanent four-wheel drive with a centre differential lock and a low range to ensure serious and outstanding off road (...)
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Over the past decade, Suzuki’s Grand Vitara-along with the Vitara, and the Sidekick that preceded it-has earned a reputation as a capable little sport-utility vehicle that’s buff enough for real off-roading yet extremely easy to park and city-friendly. But almost anyone who drove it would agree that there were several sore points-most notably ride comfort, seating space, noise, and too many, looks.

American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) has broken its own all-time sales record, rolled out its eagerly anticipated all-new XL7 and SX4, bolstered its dealer network and unveiled an engaging brand campaign. Now, ASMC has announced that its 2007 Grand Vitara has received the prestigious Consumer Guide(R)(1) Automotive Best Buy award. An integral part of Suzuki’s life enthusiast brand proposition and its diverse product line, the Grand Vitara has helped drive record-breaking sales and (...)

In 2006, the Suzuki Grand Vitara was reborn, ushering in a new generation of Suzuki vehicles built to satisfy the needs of people who live active lifestyles. Its complete transformation leads the Suzuki brand to new levels of refinement and style at a value-packed price. For 2007, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is sure to impress on challenging off-road trails and drives around town, with a powerful 2.7-liter, V6 engine, advanced chassis design and available four-wheel drive, an extensive list of safety features and interior amenities and sleek styling – inside and out.

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