Suzuki Kizashi

Suzuki Kizashi

We first had three different concepts, then heavily camouflaged spy shots and now this latest drawing give us a pretty good idea of how the 2010 KIzashi will look like (just pretend its a coloring book).

The Kizashi will be built in three different body versions: a wagon, crossover and sedan. The last one, showed in the drawings was previewed by the Kizashi 3 Concept unveiled at the New York Auto Show.

The base version will be powered by a 2.5-liter 150-horsepower four-cylinder engine, but there will also be a 3.6-liter 300-horsepower DOHC V-6 version. A 2.0-liter turbodiesel will be available in many markets.

The 2010 Kizashi will be priced from around $21,000 and should finally provide Suzuki with an appealing mid-sized world car.

Suzuki’s new Kizashi was caught testing in the California Desert. First unveiled as a concept at the 2008 New York Auto Show, the Kizashi is now preparing to enter production.

The base version will be powered by a 2.5-liter 150-horsepower four-cylinder engine, but there will also be a 3.6-liter 300-horsepower DOHC V-6 version. A 2.0-liter turbodiesel will be available in many markets, expect USA.

The car will be about 183 inches long, slightly shorter than a Camry at 189 inches, but riding on a longer wheelbase for more interior volume. As Suzuki has had a long tradition offering station wagons as well as all-wheel drive, expect a sedan, a sport wagon, and a true crossover to round out the line up.

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Suzuki Kizashi 3


Suzuki today added the latest version at the Kizashi line-up: the Kizashi 3. According to the company, it will produce a sport sedan derived from the Concept Kizashi 3 design. It will debut sometimes in 2010.

Suzuki Kizashi 3

The closest-to-production variation of the Concept Kizashi series, Concept Kizashi 3 embodies Suzuki’s interpretation of the sport sedan segment in the North American market. The Kizashi’s “super sport” identity, a core component of the Suzuki brand DNA, is tempered by the vehicle’s overall mission to provide strong, refined urban performance.

As with Concept Kizashi and Concept Kizashi 2, the front end of the Concept Kizashi 3 expresses strength and style, with sharply fashioned headlights that emphasize the sensation of forward motion.

Suzuki Kizashi 3

The vehicle’s exquisitely engineered body reflects Suzuki’s distinctive combination of capability and refinement, with power flowing from a 3.6-liter DOHC V6 engine with plated cylinders — a weight-and space-saving technology that evolved from the lessons learned by Suzuki’s motorcycle and WRC development teams. The body’s monochrome finish, Kizashi Silver, gives the vehicle a sense of composure and depth of character, with metallic paint sparkling to emphasize the dynamism of the body’s cross-section.

Suzuki will unveil at the New York International Auto Show the sleek and athletic Concept Kizashi 3, the final addition to its acclaimed Kizashi concept series. The Concept Kizashi 3, which suggests both Suzuki’s future design direction and stated intent to offer a larger, more upscale sport sedan, will be joined in New York by the North American debuts of the Concept Kizashi and Concept Kizashi 2.

The Kizashi concept series was developed by Suzuki’s Advanced Design Group to reflect a dynamic athlete in motion, taking its design cues from a strong, honed physique while displaying the performance, strength and style befitting a flagship vehicle. The design theme began with the Concept Kizashi, which made its debut at the 2007 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, and the Concept Kizashi 2, unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show last October, which further pushed Suzuki’s new design language.

The Concept Kizashi 3 will represent the completion of the Kizashi concept series as well as providing a closer-to-production vision of a future Suzuki sport sedan offering. The complete Kizashi concept series will be revealed at the Suzuki press conference on Thursday, March 20, at 12:10 p.m. in booth 1215 at the Javits center.

V8 powered Kizashi 3 to be unveiled in New York

Suzuki unveiled the Kizashi 1 at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and the Kizashi 2 at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. The next step will be made this March at the New York Auto Show, when Suzuki will unveil the Kizashi 3 Concept.

But compared to the previous versions that were powered by a V6 engine, the Kizashi 3 will be powered by a V8 engine driving all four wheels.

More details will follow after the New York debut. Stay tuned.

Source: Carscoop

Riding the crest of a sales boom around the world, Suzuki will have a major presence at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show starting later this month. The Suzuki stand will feature a ‘Small Cars for a Big Future’ theme, reflecting the huge future possibilities envisaged by the company for compact cars. “Each of our exhibits will embody the unique spirit and technological prowess that have made Suzuki the leading name in compact car design and production,” said a Suzuki spokesperson.

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