Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift

The Tokyo Motor Show is shaping up to become a personal showcase of Japanese car brands after most of the international delegation decided to skip the event.

One local brand that’s expected to participate in the event is Suzuki , where the brand is already on tap to unveil a Swift-inspired plug-in hybrid concept. The concept’s hybrid drivetrain is similar to that being used on the Chevy Volt – a drivetrain that houses both a small gasoline engine and a lithium-ion battery pack.

The car, which is being pegged to be exclusively electrically-powered, runs after it’s charged from any electrical socket and as soon as the battery runs low, the engine revs up to power a generator that charges the battery.

If that confused you, look at it this way: the gasoline engine isn’t used to make the car run. It’s used to charge the batteries SO the car can run.

Pretty nifty, don’t you think?

Further details behind the Swift hybrid have yet to be disclosed, but as soon as any new information becomes available about the car, we’ll definitely provide more updates.

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In order to increase the sales of their Swift model, Suzuki released another special edition based on the small vehicle. The Suzuki Swift Sport “N’Style Rally” Edition is a tribute brought to the Japanese carmaker’s “Group N” Junior Championship Rally car and will be built in a limited edition of just 500 units, each at a price of €17,900.

Suzuki Swift Sport “N'Style Rally” Edition

Painted in black and covered with Suzuki Motorsport’s logos, each unit comes with a 1.6 liter engine capable of developing 125 hp but also with a new body kit consisting in a front lip spoiler, new side skirts and a rear wing.

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In a world where compact and fuel-efficient cars make more sense than big and thirsty ones, this news comes across without any surprise at all. The Swift hatchback from Suzuki has brought several laurels to company and it now surpasses global production of one million cars.

Loved by audiences across the globe and interestingly by tuning companies, the Swift was launched less than four years back intended mainly for the European markets as its design and styling took shape with feedback from there.

Suzuki’s Hungarian plant produces vehicles entirely for Europe which contributed more than 306,000 to the total. Since its launch in the UK, over 36,500 Swifts have been sold showing that it has been received very well by the English people.

The car was first built in Japan, followed by Hungary, China, India and recently Indonesia and Malaysia. There is always this trend followed by manufacturers to change the styling of a car, when releasing it in markets abroad, but interestingly the Swift has undergone little or no changes in its appearance. Now, here’s a lesson for other small car manufacturers- If you plan on making a hatchback for global markets, use feedback from Europe to design the car.

The petrol models, especially the 1.6-litre Sport, are popular for their acceleration and mileage, but the award winning Multijet engine from Fiat under the diesel Swift’s bonnet requires a special mentioning. In countries like India where diesel is preferred over petrol in the small car segment, the manufacturer is unable to meet the demands for the diesel version, thanks to this fabulous engine, which has won infinite hearts.

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Suzuki, the Japanese manufacturer unveiled today a new kit for the well-known Suzuki Swift : the XG Aero. The new kit unveils new design lines found in the front lip spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper and rear roof spoiler. Unfortunately the kit is ] not available on the Swift Sport version with the 1.6 liter engine capable to develop 125 hp. No words about the price yet!

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Limited to just 1200 units, the new Suzuki Swift “Black and White” will be on sale in the German automarket beginning June 2008. As the name suggest the new limited version of the Swift will be available in two colours: pearl black and pearl white.

Optionally for the car is the stylish tuning kit which includes a front lip spoiler, side skirts and a rear lip. What comes as standard are the 16” wheels, “Black and White” badges and a Clarion DVD/Navigation system. Everything at a price of 16,900 euros.

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HKS, a well-known Japanese tuner, unveiled its latest work for customizing the Suzuki Swift Sport . The exterior of the car says it all! The aero kit includes front lip, rear lip, roof spoiler and side mirror caps, all made out of carbon fiber. The rear also features double exhaust system together with a stylish air difusor built in order to offer better stability.

HKS Suzuki Swift Sport

The HKS Suzuki Swift Sport features 18” alloy wheels wrapped in Yokohama 215/35 R18 tires in order to offer better handling. The engine of the car remained the same: the 1.6-liter power plant is capable of producing 125 hp which is more than enough for the vehicvle. The customers who think all of the tuning parts mentioned are not enough, HKS offers them the option to upgrade the suspension and braking systems and also the chassis.

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Haw often do you heard of a Japanese car tuned by a German tuner? Or at least do you remember of one? Here is a Suzuki Swift tuned by Matting Tuning. The small city car received a sporty treatment to improve the overall look and as far as possible the cars dynamic comportment. After a session of esthetic surgery the car is proud to present some of the updates. The front bar was replaced by a new one which incorporates aggressive spoilers. The badge is now half covered, but I don’t know if I (...)

Suzuki will exhibit at the 2006 Paris Motor Show [September 28 to October 15] the Suziki Swift Sport - the European specification Swift Sport based on the 3-door Swift. It is produced at Magyar Suzuki Corporation in Hungary and sales will start in the autumn. Sales of the Japanese specification Swift Sport started late last year and its performance and dynamic design have been well accepted there since its launch.

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