Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift

The Suzuki Swift debuted in 2000, but its roots stretch back to the debut of the Cultus in 1983, which was rebadged as the Swift in countries other than Japan. The second-gen Swift hit the market in 2004 and the third — and current — generation launched in 2010. Heading into the 2014 model year, the Swift receives a new SZ-L Special Edition that receives some fancy paint work.

Oh, look. It’s a Suzuki . More importantly, or at least in this particular instance, it’s a Suzuki Swift SZ-L Special Edition! Wait, this is a special edition model?

The term "Special Edition" is supposed to apply to something truly special. Unfortunately, the automotive industry is prone to abusing this term, so we are not surprised to hear that this "special edition" Suzuki isn’t really all that special.

This Swift SZ-L does have features that standard Swift models don’t have, so we have to give Suzuki some credit here. Suzuki is packaging the Swift SZ-L Special Edition by adding an exclusive two-tone metallic paint finish with a choice of either a Boost Blue or a Cosmic Black hue. Both colors come with a contrasting Cool White roof, not to mention a rear spoiler, and door mirrors.

And...that’s about it.

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Suzuki UK just added a new model to its Swift lineup . Called the Swift Sport SZ-R, this new special edition has been specially designed for those customers who want to combine a very distinctive look with a fun-to-drive experience.

The new Swift Sport SZ-R is painted Cosmic Black combined with a contrasting Ablaze Red roof and door mirrors. When compared to a standard Sport model, the new SZ-R version also adds a new rear spoiler painted red. Each unit receives special SZ-R badges on the side, and on the inside it has uniquely numbered door-sill guards. Also for the interior, you will notice the same combination of black with contrasting red on the gear shift knob and carpet mats.

The SZ-R model uses a VVT engine that delivers a total of 136 horsepower and sprints the car from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 8.7 seconds and up to a top speed of 121 mph.

The new Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R will be limited to only 100 units. It will be put on sale at a starting price of £14,249 (about $22,500 at the current exchange rates).

Suzuki will be unveiling the new generation Suzuki Swift Sport at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. Compared to the original Swift Sport launched in 2006, the new model has a more aggressive and dignified exterior look, with a low-slung form and a big front grille. The interior will offer a high-quality look and feel, as well as design features that heighten excitement about the driving experience.

The model will be powered by a 1.6-liter M16A engine - developed exclusively for the Swift Sport model. The new engine will be mated to a specially developed six-speed manual transmission. Also, thanks to struts with internal rebound springs and an exclusive rear-suspension design, the new Swift Sport will offer superior cornering stability and brisker, more responsive handling.

The list of safety features will include: a light, stiff, impact-absorbing body, seven airbags (including curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag), and an ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

Who said the automotive world stops when the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors?

For one, Japanese automaker Suzuki doesn’t seem to think so. While a lot of its contemporaries will be heading to Geneva in full force with their latest automotive offerings – to be fair, the company’s going to be there too – Suzuki will be pulling the covers off of a limited edition Swift that will be exclusively sold in Italy.

The model, which is being called the Swift Samurai Design, was on full display in a number of dealerships in Italy on February 27th and 28th, 2011. The Swift Samurai Design will be based on the ‘Style’ trim level of the five-door Swift and will come with a number of special details to go along with whole ‘Samurai Design’ theme. For starters, the car will be painted with a ‘Red Passion’ exterior finish with the roof and the side mirrors sporting the old Imperial Flag of Japan. Then there’s the matter of the tinted windows, the black pillars, and the custom logos found on each side of the car. Unfortunately, the car will only be limited to these aesthetic designs and will not come with any mechanical or performance upgrades. What that means is that the car will be sporting the same 1.2-liter Dual VVT engine that produces 94 horsepower.

The last time the Suzuki Swift was sold in the US, Facebook wasn’t born yet, Britney Spears was still the biggest name in music, and America just experienced the worst terrorist act on US soil.

Time sure has passed, hasn’t it?

While Suzuki has yet to reveal details as to whether the Swift will be making a comeback in the US, the Japanese automaker has nevertheless gone ahead with plans of introducing a concept version of the Swift at the Geneva Motor Show.

Called the Swift S-Concept, the car is being positioned as a sporty and aggressive coming-of-age model from the Japanese automaker’s Swift model. Judging from the teaser photos Suzuki released, the S-Concept does have some aesthetic attitude to it, especially with the feline-looking front fascia and the presence of what appears to be a rear roof spoiler.

Overall, the Swift S-Concept looks the part of what Suzuki is hoping to build on for their future models. It’s got style, class, and a bonafide mean streak, qualities that should bode well for what a production version could look like.

Details on the Suzuki Swift S-Concept after the jump.

Suzuki is getting a head start on the Beijing Auto Show by announcing a brand new concept car called the Swift R that is said to preview the future Swift Sport . The Beijing show is a long way off - taking place in April 2011 - but Suzuki wanted to start talks about the future sports version of their smallest model early to keep everyone’s interest piqued from now until the show. A lot is riding on this model because Suzuki wants to attain the same kind of success they experienced with the old Swift R.

The style of the concept is inspired by the Suzuki supersport motorcycles, especially the GSX-R 1000 . It features a front bumper with enlarged air intakes, rear spoiler, and wheel arches increased significantly in order to change the character of the Swift.

No words yet on what type of engine under the hood, but we presume there will be a 1.4 liter TSI engine that will deliver either 150 hp or 180 hp. It will most likely be combined with a 7-speed DSG transmission.

Stay tuned for more details!


Back in March, Maruti Suzuki reached a very important milestone when they reached their landmark of selling one million cars a year. It took them a few months, but they are ready to celebrate that milestone by releasing the "Swift One Million Edition." The Swift was specifically chosen for this honor due to the fact that the one millionth car was aSwift . The special edition will only be built in a limited number of 1000 units.

The "Swift One Million Edition" will be available in a specially created "Goldsmith Black" color with tons of features that will allow the Swift to stand out that much more. Some of the features include splendid graphics, a special integrated stereo with USB and speakers, luxurious leather seats, cushions, foot-mats, and an artistic decal on the exteriors.

"The interiors of the Swift One Million Edition have aesthetics of a commemorative edition. The new features and the characteristic body graphics together compliment the sporty character of the Swift. We are confident that this special edition will bring pride to the select owners who get to possess it."

"It is indeed a moment of pride for us. Swift One Million Edition is our gesture to show gratitude to our customers who have strongly supported us in our journey to reach milestone of one million sales in one year."

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The car that everybody simply loves is upon us. The new Suzuki Swift supermini will be ready soon and, for your enjoyment, we have a few new details and photos, including the first shots of the interior.

There aren’t many exterior design changes to speak of, but the interior gets some of the cues from the Kizashi , which we will be reviewing this month. There are new LCD displays, new switchgear, and metallic accents.

Suzuki has also confirmed to Autocar that there will be a Sport version of the Swift and it is highly probable that it will get the current 1.6-liter motor.

The Swift gains a few inches this year, as the wheelbase has grown by 50mm and the overall length increases by 90mm. Luckily, despite the size increase the weight is down. The body is lighter and stiffer than before and the front and rear tracks are 10mm and 5mm wider.

For the car’s launch there will be a 1.2-liter petrol engine that will produce 92 horsepower and 87 pound-feet of torque. This new motor will be replacing the old 1.3 and, despite the loss of .1 of a liter, this new engine is more powerful. A manual gearbox will be standard with an automatic as an option.

Fuel economy is around 56.5 miles per gallon, an improvement of 7.8 miles over the last motor. The Swift will emit about 116 grams of CO2 per kilometer. There will also be a 1.3 diesel that will be able to get 67.3 mpg. That will be ready by early 2011.

We think that the new Swift will cost around £11,000 but that is just a guess at this point.

We’ll keep you posted on any further details that become available.

Source: Autocar

Suzuki unveiled today the first official details on the third generation Swift that will go on sale this autumn. The new Swift comes with new styling, impact safety, driving performance, handling, improved fuel consumption, and significantly lower emissions. The vehicle will be built in the Magyar Suzuki Corporation production facility at Esztergom, in Hungary.

The new Swift will be powered by a new 1.2-liter petrol engine incorporating Dual VVT (Variable intake and exhaust valve timing) that delivers a total of 94 HP at 6,000rpm and 118Nm at 4,800rpm. Fuel consumption on the combined cycle is 56.5mpg. It also comes with a new bodyshell lighter and stiffer than before.

Suzuki will also be releasing a 1.3-liter diesel engine in the UK at the beginning of 2011. This engine emits 109g/km and has an impressive combined fuel consumption of 67.3mpg. These figures are much better than the 119g/km and 62.8mpg from the outgoing Swift DDiS.

The 2011 Suzuki Swift sees a longer bonnet line and larger head lamps and tail lamps to add to the already taller, longer, and wider body for this model. There is not much to say about the interior since pictures of it were not made available yet. Suzuki says that they will use black as its keynote color with accents of silver throughout the car.

More pictures and pricing will be available later on in the summer.

UPDATED 06/23/2010: Suzuki has released the first interior photos of the 2011 Suzuki Swift. Check them out after the jump!

Press release after the jump.

Seeing as the new 2011 Suzuki Swift is going to be built in the company’s plant in Esztergom, Hungary, it would seem pretty obvious that the first set of completely undisguised photos of the company’s new hatchback would be taken in that part of the world.

Well, it took longer than any of us expected, but somebody finally spotted the new Swift in all its glory - well, in all it’s rear glory, to be exact. A driver was able to see a number of Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift s being carried around on a vehicle transporter and had the instinct to snap up a few photos of Suzuki’s new hatchback minus all the camouflaging. Granted, he was only able to take photos of the rear of the car, but it’s still better than most of what we’ve seen of the car so far.

Specifics surrounding the new Swift are still being withheld until after Suzuki officially releases the first batch of official photos and specs of the new car, which, fortunately, will happen on Thursday, June 10. In the meantime, these photos should be enough for us, at least until Thursday.

Source: Total Car

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