2008 Suzuki Swift "Black and White" Edition

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Limited to just 1200 units, the new Suzuki Swift “Black and White” will be on sale in the German automarket beginning June 2008. As the name suggest the new limited version of the Swift will be available in two colours: pearl black and pearl white.

Optionally for the car is the stylish tuning kit which includes a front lip spoiler, side skirts and a rear lip. What comes as standard are the 16” wheels, “Black and White” badges and a Clarion DVD/Navigation system. Everything at a price of 16,900 euros.


As its name suggests, the limited version of the Swift 1.3 will be offered exclusively in two special metallic colors – pearl black and pearl white.

I have heard the India where the second largest manufacturer of Suzuki Swift..is it true?

I got interested in the Suzuki I wish they sell it too in the US

Nice design though. I would love to have one of this..

This is a good car for ladies, most swift users here in our country is a female students and Employess but don’t get y mazda has already selling their Mazda 2, and it wont take long for the MazdaSpeed2 to release over the market.

Producing only 1200 units can make the car a collectors item for a guy like me who loves Suzuki Swift. I wonder if it will be available to other markets as well.

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