2011 Suzuki Q Concept

Over the past few years, the Tokyo Motor Show has been kind of a dud because of a number circumstances beyond its control. This year promises to be different and a number of automakers have already previewed some very interesting concepts that will debut in Tokyo next month.

One of these brands is Suzuki , the local Japanese automaker that’s set to preview its new urban vehicle, the Q-Concept.

Described as a new kind of mobility solution, the Q Concept is a tiny 1+1 urban car that can be transformed with two small rear seats that can be completely taken off to accommodate for a larger cargo space in the rear. The Q Concept is replete with unique features, highlighted by a pair of circular doors that open by swiveling around the front-positioned pivot point. Then there’s the rear side window, which has been contoured, forming a panel that slides up and to the rear, providing access to the rear seat.

And we haven’t even gotten to the exterior finish of the car; the combination of white, mixed with elements of orange, provide a spunky look to what already looks like a Jetson-type mode of transportation.

Meanwhile, the interior of the Q Concept features a panoramic windshield that extends upwards to the rood. Two lower side windows also add to the prevalent use of transparent surfaces. The dashboard of the Q Concept also speaks to the car’s circular graphic theme, while the H-shaped steering wheel and the HUD-inspired instrument panel adds plenty of technological - and concept worthy - attractions.

The Suzuki Q Concept will be fully unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, providing us a good glimpse at the future of Suzuki vehicles. Stick around for all the details when they become available!


I didn’t expect Suzuki to think of creating something like this.

Flowery words are unnecessary; I just want to exclaim how cute it is!

Kids will enjoy riding this type of vehicle. Perfect bonding time is assured, but don’t ask whether the parents will love to drive it on the traffic jams of the city. 

It appears to be some sort of an amusement ride for kids. It’s merely neat, vibrant, and cute!

The unique concept of this car is truly astounding. It looks like a space capsule like some famous cartoon back in the 90s.

Concepts like this are slowly spurting lately. I am amazed on how Suzuki have idealized the most unique out of them all.

This is such a cute concept. Viewing it from the side, it looks like a PokeBall. I hope it’s kind of high-performing.

This is the image of economic cutesy! I wish automotive companies would develop more cars like this.

I like the futuristic concept of the vehicle and it’s modern design from the exterior to the interior. It’s really the prospective urban car in the city on the upcoming years.

I think this will suit for a golf course. It looks like it wasn’t build for road. Seemingly, it has not the capability to stay off road.

This is impressive, but somehow it looks like for youngsters. If you are really a guy, you would definitely like this one. It’s not fitted to the personality of certain man. 

It was rather looked like a cartoon car for me because of the platform, interior and exterior detailing that is very futuristic! I noticed that the front design is really looking so cute.

This Suzuki car reminds of a cartoon series called Astroboy. It’s very cute and it looks like a big portable DVD player. It’s really cute and that’s all that I can say.

This one was very cute, other says it was a space capsule, but for me, it is closely like system unit of a desktop computer, or a vacuĆ¼m design.. hehehe, more likely to be a toy or display for amusement.

It’s so cute!! It looks like a space capsule use by cartoon anime! Too bad it’s just a concept. Why not try to drag it on the market? I will surely love to see these cars invade the road. haha... It will be great!

It is really amazing if how a small vehicle like this concept has a spacious interior! That is truly great with it! Anyway, it looks so cool and unique but too bad it is only a concept.

It looks like a toy in a picture! smiley Anyway, I’m so amazed with its spacious interior. I really don’t expect it for a small vehicle like this! Furthermore, I would truly love to see and try driving this car!

I wonder if why Tokyo still on building a concept vehicle which is very futuristic today, and the fact that they didn’t have any plan to put it on the market. I wonder if what’s the use of it?

This urban vehicle is truly so impressive on its uniqueness and cuteness either! smiley I am just wondering if they really had the plan to put it on the market? Well, I hope that they truly had, at least someday!

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