2011 Suzuki Swift S-Concept

The last time the Suzuki Swift was sold in the US, Facebook wasn’t born yet, Britney Spears was still the biggest name in music, and America just experienced the worst terrorist act on US soil.

Time sure has passed, hasn’t it?

While Suzuki has yet to reveal details as to whether the Swift will be making a comeback in the US, the Japanese automaker has nevertheless gone ahead with plans of introducing a concept version of the Swift at the Geneva Motor Show.

Called the Swift S-Concept, the car is being positioned as a sporty and aggressive coming-of-age model from the Japanese automaker’s Swift model. Judging from the teaser photos Suzuki released, the S-Concept does have some aesthetic attitude to it, especially with the feline-looking front fascia and the presence of what appears to be a rear roof spoiler.

Overall, the Swift S-Concept looks the part of what Suzuki is hoping to build on for their future models. It’s got style, class, and a bonafide mean streak, qualities that should bode well for what a production version could look like.

Details on the Suzuki Swift S-Concept after the jump.

Exterior and Interior

Suzuki Swift S-Concept

The Swift S-Concept has dimensions of 3.89 meters long, 1.755 meters wide, 1.475 meters high, with a wheelbase of 2.43 meters and a special ’Lightning Pearl Yellow’ paint finish that was specifically used for the Geneva Motor Show. Unlike the standard Swift, the S-Concept rides lower and is 60 mm wider than the base model. To make it look sporty and aggressive, Swift gave the S-Concept some aerodynamic upgrades, including new front and rear bumpers, remodeled headlights and rear lights with high-tech accents, a huge rear spoiler at the rear, and a set of 18" wheels to complete the exterior set-up. Over at the interior, the modifications continue with a set of two-tone bucket seats, redesigned meter clusters, a sporty steering wheel, and carbon fiber trims on the car’s center console, giving the Swift S-Concept a touch of luxury to go with the sporty package.


Suzuki Swift S-Concept

The Swift S-Concept is powered by Suzuki’s very own 1.6-liter M16A engine mated to a six-speed manual transmission. Oddly enough, the Japanese automaker didn’t release the official power output of the engine, opting only to give people like us the opportunity to speculate on it. So as far as our educated guesses are concerned, we think that the S-Concept’s engine output would be similar, or at least somewhere close to what the Swift R-Concept produces, which is somewhere around 155 horsepower.

When Can We Get One?

Suzuki Swift S-Concept

The car is a concept vehicle so chances of scooping one up this soon is highly unlikely. But as is the case with concepts and auto shows of this magnitude, companies usually gauge the response the cars generate from the attendees, so if the car can receive a favorable response from the crowd, then it can help expedite the S-Concept’s move towards the production block.


Suzuki Swift S-Concept

There are plenty of challengers lining up to take a swipe at the Suzuki Swift with one of them being the highly-popular Ford Focus . Talking about powertrains, if the S-Concept’s performance output is anywhere near what the R-Concept produces, then it’s going to compete favorably with the Focus’ 2.0-liter four cylinder engine that produces 155 horsepower and 145 lb/ft of torque.

As far as aesthetics go, both cars offer a sharp and edgy package, although the carbon fiber trim on the Swift S-Concept could sit well with those looking for more than just an aggressive ’supermini’.

In the end, we have to take into consideration that the Swift S-Concept is nothing more than just that - a concept. So if you’re in the market now for one, you probably would need to settle for a standard Swift model. Otherwise, the Ford Focus is the right way to go, at least until the Swift S-Concept hits the production block - if and when that happens.

Suzuki Swift S-Concept
  • Sporty exterior
  • Neat bucket seats
  • Reasonably powerful engine
  • Still a concept
  • No performance numbers
  • Plenty of other options to choose from


As expected from the Swift, it has a nice styling for a hatch. I like their decent styling here. And if not mistaken this car is a best selling hatchback. I wonder what does the Suzuki waits before they make a debut for this vehicle.

Agreed. The exterior of the car is very sporty and it has a power engine. I bet this concept would offer a better fuel economy. I wonder what does the Suzuki waiting for before releasing this car.

I do love the concept of Suzuki Swift. It seems like a combination of small car and a hatch. I really like the better fuel economy offered on this car plus it has a great handling makes it very nice to drive.

This is definitely one of the best concepts that I have seen for the Swift this year. I really liked the way that they styled the whole interior, especially the seats that they used.

Swift Suzuki shows a very unique concept that has a small yet contains a good performance as well, This concept surely brings the big hit for after market.

The swift release made to its a very cool and cute appearance,I cant wait to
have this as one. It would made your dream set into reality.

Yeah, it definitely made the Swift look even better. And they even improved the car’s rather good performance numbers. Now they should really build this one.

OK, so there isn’t really much to say about the Swift except that it is a great car. But the S Concept does add a lot more more to the car’s standard features.

One of the good things about the Swift is that it is actually quite spacious, despite its small size. This makes the Swift one of the most popular models that Suzuki has released. Hopefully, this concept has much of that in it.

The Swift has been one of my favorite cars from Suzuki. And looking from this concept, it is set to have another interesting incarnation. Hope they get this one into production soon

Look more sportier that before, but still built in a small sporty body. I can’t wait to have one since my last Swift is too modified. lol.

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