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The car that everybody simply loves is upon us. The new Suzuki Swift supermini will be ready soon and, for your enjoyment, we have a few new details and photos, including the first shots of the interior.

There aren’t many exterior design changes to speak of, but the interior gets some of the cues from the Kizashi , which we will be reviewing this month. There are new LCD displays, new switchgear, and metallic accents.

Suzuki has also confirmed to Autocar that there will be a Sport version of the Swift and it is highly probable that it will get the current 1.6-liter motor.

The Swift gains a few inches this year, as the wheelbase has grown by 50mm and the overall length increases by 90mm. Luckily, despite the size increase the weight is down. The body is lighter and stiffer than before and the front and rear tracks are 10mm and 5mm wider.

For the car’s launch there will be a 1.2-liter petrol engine that will produce 92 horsepower and 87 pound-feet of torque. This new motor will be replacing the old 1.3 and, despite the loss of .1 of a liter, this new engine is more powerful. A manual gearbox will be standard with an automatic as an option.

Fuel economy is around 56.5 miles per gallon, an improvement of 7.8 miles over the last motor. The Swift will emit about 116 grams of CO2 per kilometer. There will also be a 1.3 diesel that will be able to get 67.3 mpg. That will be ready by early 2011.

We think that the new Swift will cost around £11,000 but that is just a guess at this point.

We’ll keep you posted on any further details that become available.

Source: Autocar

In the first half of 2010, no one word has had a more profound effect on the auto industry as the word ’recall’. Just about every automaker on the planet has had an encounter with it one way or the other and, as it turns out, it’s Suzuki ’s turn.

The Japanese automaker is in the process of recalling 46,549 units of its 2006 Grand Vitara and 2005-2006 models of the XL-7 SUVs because of a defective hydraulic power assist steering pump that could lead to serious trouble for owners of the aforementioned models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued the warning after finding out that the plastic tension adjuster pulley found in these models could deteriorate over time leading to pieces of the pulley breaking off and dislodging the steering belt, which would then make it extremely difficult for the SUVs to steer.

So if you have any of these two models, you can have them fixed at your nearest Suzuki dealer where they will replace the steering pump drive belt tension adjuster pulley - that’s a long name for a car part - free of charge.

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Source: NHTSA

Suzuki unveiled today the first official details on the third generation Swift that will go on sale this autumn. The new Swift comes with new styling, impact safety, driving performance, handling, improved fuel consumption, and significantly lower emissions. The vehicle will be built in the Magyar Suzuki Corporation production facility at Esztergom, in Hungary.

The new Swift will be powered by a new 1.2-liter petrol engine incorporating Dual VVT (Variable intake and exhaust valve timing) that delivers a total of 94 HP at 6,000rpm and 118Nm at 4,800rpm. Fuel consumption on the combined cycle is 56.5mpg. It also comes with a new bodyshell lighter and stiffer than before.

Suzuki will also be releasing a 1.3-liter diesel engine in the UK at the beginning of 2011. This engine emits 109g/km and has an impressive combined fuel consumption of 67.3mpg. These figures are much better than the 119g/km and 62.8mpg from the outgoing Swift DDiS.

The 2011 Suzuki Swift sees a longer bonnet line and larger head lamps and tail lamps to add to the already taller, longer, and wider body for this model. There is not much to say about the interior since pictures of it were not made available yet. Suzuki says that they will use black as its keynote color with accents of silver throughout the car.

More pictures and pricing will be available later on in the summer.

UPDATED 06/23/2010: Suzuki has released the first interior photos of the 2011 Suzuki Swift. Check them out after the jump!

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The Suzuki Kizashi is a fantastic car from a company known for motorcycles rather than automobiles. It proved that the alternative Japanese automaker could produce cars just as good as its rivals; Honda and Toyota . Now, Suzuki wants to take the momentum earned with the Kizashi and create a sports sedan to rival the Honda Civic Si and the TRD division of Toyota.

Called the Kizashi Turbo , this new variant, built on the base sedan, has a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a new catback exhaust system, and an upgraded suspension producing 290 horsepower. It also provides enough room in the back for two and plenty of luggage space for a road trip. All in all, the new Kizashi is a big stepping-stone for Suzuki.

After Suzuki unveiled the Sport version at the New York Auto Show, the company announced they will also prepare an even more powerful version. The production version of the Kizashi Turbo debuted on Speed Channel’s Test Drive program on April 30th, 2010. The Suzuki will deliver a total of 290 HP and will be connected to the track pavement via 19-inch Dunlops.

The boost in speed is achieved by a 16G turbocharger and Road Race’s high flow intercooler. Road Race continues its quest for cool by adding custom fuel management, Road Race’s Sleeper blow-off valve, a velocity air intake and an extreme spray injector.

The car will also feature sport springs working in combination with Kizashi’s ultra-rigid unibody and all-independent suspension. High-speed stability is enhanced with the addition of a rear-mounted spoiler supplied by Delta Tech Engineering. Whether you are Road Race founder Rob Tallini, Tommy Kendall, or the average Suzuki enthusiast, the Suzuki Concept Kizashi Turbo will quench the thirst for speed.

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Suzuki unveiled the 2011 Kizashi Sport today at the 2010 New York Auto Show . The new version will go on sale in August and will be available exclusively in the GTS and SLS trim levels.

The Kizashi Sport is distinguished by a more muscular front fascia (with chrome accents) and lower grille, body side sill extensions, lower body side molding with chrome accents, a trunk mounted spoiler, custom light weight 18-inch alloy wheels, a 10mm lower ride height for a combination of better aerodynamics, and a lower center of gravity for enhanced grip and sharper handling.

The interior gets a distinctively designed sport steering wheel with perforated leather grip and contrasting stitching on the leather seats, shifter boot, and emergency brake boot.

Prices will be announced at a later date.

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Forget the idea that Suzuki only makes dirt bikes and watercraft. The Suzuki SX4 is one of those high value products that are probably misunderstood for its size. Suzuki took the SX4 and gave it a complete makeover using high quality materials and tasteful styling to re-create a strong competitor in the sub compact class. Even a Yaris owner might think that the SX4 is a bit too small for them, but that all changes once you get into this little car with a big interior. It literally makes you forget that you are sitting in a sub-compact. Once you are behind the wheel of this small giant you also forget that you are driving a little car because of its 2.0 4 cylinder engine paired with Suzuki’s CVT 6 speed manual transmission.

Follow the jump for the full review.

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So why do we remember Suzuki? Aside from dirt bikes and recreational water vehicles, what else is out there? The Sidekick and the Esteem are the only models that come to memory, but what about the mid-size sedan category? Up until now Suzuki did not have a strong presence when it came to offering a product for this class, but times have changed and fortunately so has Suzuki’s prospect toward the mid-size sedan class. Enter the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi SLS , a very competitive mid-size sedan with the proper styling outside and comfort inside. This, much to our delight, is accompanied by a large array of features. At first glance the Kizashi appears more like a European sedan and is a bit smaller than most of the current competition, however, once you get past that you will note that the Kizashi is not only a suitable alternative for most European styled mid-sized sedans, but a great value as well.

Check out the full review on the Kizashi after the jump.

In an attempt to convince you that snowmen are not entirely what you thought they’d be, Suzuki is pitting them against their new Kizashi sedan in a not-so friendly machine versus nature tussle.

The car advertisement, which is actually a follow-up of a prior billboard campaign, features the Kizashi sedan driving along a snowy road when it gets unceremoniously attacked by carrot-nosed, hat-wearing, evil snow men.

In an attempt to rid himself of these snowball-throwing misfits, the driver does his best James Bond impersonation by swerving the car and making the two armies of snowmen collide into each other.

Of course, Suzuki isn’t exactly showing-off the driver’s deft driving skills, but rather the Kizashi’s “best in class standard horsepower” and its” all-wheel drive traction”, which when you put together results in a highly-regarded premium class sedan that can give even the wickedest of weathers a run for their money.

Source: Suzuki

No, this is not a special-edition Suzuki Alto ; although one would think that given the lot of weirdly-tuned cars roaming the streets of Japan, somebody would actually have one of this in their garage.

As the only carmaker that’s set to participate at the International Green Week from January 15 to 24, Suzuki is headed to Berlin, Germany with a custom-covered, fish-scale designed Alto complete with a fin on the roof of the car.

Aesthetically, the car looks hideous; nevertheless, we understand – and appreciate – the message Suzuki is trying to bring out by bringing the vinyl-wrapped ‘fish’ Alto to the world’s biggest food, agriculture, and horticulture fair in the world.

It’s not so much that they’re going there to proudly display their mini hatchback, but to support the International Green Week in however way they can – even if it means dressing up an Alto in some fish scales.

Source: Carscoop

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