2012 Porsche 911/991 by TechArt

In the midst of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show wave, TechArt has decided to preview a special tuning project for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. It wouldn’t make any sense to prime this project for Frankfurt considering the base of this package is the just-revealed, new generation Porsche 911 . The future upgrade package features an Aerodynamic Kit I and a power kit to boost the mass appeal for the new sports car.

TechArt’s Porsche package takes the smoking hot 911 and adds numerous carbon fiber trims and a new set of 20- and 21-inch Formula III forged light alloy wheels with five dynamically shaped twin-spokes, available in Sterling Silver. The interior is just as simplistic and elegant with a high-quality, all-leather interior and decorative stitching, as well as elegant styling optic packages made of carbon fiber and a new 3-spoke sport steering wheel with TechArt paddle shifters.

Nothing has been said about any power upgrades so at the very least we should expect to see the 3.4L direct-injected flat-six engine delivering 350 HP as found in the standard model. That being said, something tells us we should expect a little more from TechArt because they usually deliver something big.


This one is really oozing with angst and aggressiveness on its platform. It has very great design. A great Porsche creations.

2012 Porsche is very impressive, the combination of gray, red and dark matches to the figure and style of the car. The over all look of the car is very unique from headlight, wheels and bumper. This one is very futuristic.

This one is really oozing with angst and aggressiveness on its platform, but I wonder if what will be the interior of this one will looks like even the figure performance of it.

Very great design. The simple color of the car is great because of the lining red in the rims. The lowered bumper of the car is one of the additional angst of the car.

Red lining in the rims are great. This style is one of the best attractive style to all the people who love a sports car and specially the performance of the car.

Porsche design is great. I like all porsche design and this kind of car is so impressive. The front bumper is great and also the headlight. The hood of the car is unique than the others.

Porsche created another sleek and curvy design sports car. I like the curvy figure that is emphasized by thin LED taillights. A great Porsche creations.

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