TechArt Aerodynamic kit I for Porsche GT2

For those of you who drive a Porsche 911 GT2 and wish for an improvement, TechArt has the perfect solution for you: Aerodynamic kit I that improves both performances and car’s aerodynamics.

Aerodynamic components are wind-tunnel tested, race-track proven and manufactured to unsurpassed quality of durable, hard wearing polyurethane RIM. Approx. 60 mm of additional ground clearance at the front spoiler are provided at the push of a button to prevent grounding through hydraulic ride-height control at the front axle.

As for the engine the tuner can raise the maximum power to an impressive 680 hp (up from a standard 530 hp). The sprint from0 to 60 mph will be made in 3,4 seconds and top speed goes up to 210 mph.


Aerodynamic cars is catching my interest and the speed power up to 680hp that is totally awesome.

Cool. Well, the good news about it more is that it makes the car looks even better. The lines are just so good and even if it looks simple, it makes the race car look very elegant.

Of course with that kind of speed, improving the aerodynamic kit to increase it’s grip on the ground plus making it more stable in sprint.

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