TechArt Aerokit I based on 948 Cayenne

TechArt is also offering an Aerokit I tuning package for the 2007-2007 Cayenne and Cayenne S models. To improve the exclusive look Cayenne even in details our exterior designers have created customized applications in carbon fiber, aluminum and chrome optics. Sporty supplements with high-tech feeling, because we are very big in small things.

The styling package includes: side mirror trims, B-& C-pillar trims, window surround trims (8-pieces), tailgate trim, door sill trims and door handles. The aerodynamic package adds front spoiler with integrated headlights, headlight trim, side skirts, rear apron, tail light trim, and rear door contour. The exterior look is finished by massive 22" Formula alloy wheels.

A new stainless performance exhaust and sport springs or control unit for the optional air suspension enhance the performance and handling of this super-SUV. The engine’s output can be raised by up to 100 hp.


Well, I don’t care about other people but its good.

yeah, I have to agree that Cayenne never been beautiful in my eyes and I guess also anyone’s eye! Well, IMO, I think it was the same guy who design the Nissan Juke.

the Cayenne was never pretty, or even reasonably attractive imo, but the recent facelift and this body kit render it completely horrid! it looks like something from Russia’s or China’s version of SEMA.

Yes, I don’t get the point either! Cayenne is not the prettiest SUV. Well, lets just see whom they work with.

I have seen the photos of 948 Cayenne and I love its multimedia interior! The phone mounting and LCD screen consoles are fantastic! Well, its really based on the off road; I know that this thing is also good for loading ride heights.

Some sources says that the Magnum package is finished by alloy wheels up to 22″, interior enhancements and multimedia systems.

Techart and porsche should already include this kit upon purchasing a cayenne. They just have to badged it with techart.

Lovely custom aero kits for 948 cayenne. Techart is really insane in customizing a porsche

Love the body form of this machine. I think the reason why they are focussing on Porsche is because the Name itself is in high rate.

Here we go again, another custom porsche. Why does they only focus on porsche?

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