Driver's Edge

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Driver’s Edge is an organization that is solely funded by charitable public grants and corporate sponsorships, including Driver’s Edge National Tour Presenting Sponsor Bridgestone. This means that this program is free to young drivers.

Driver's Edge

Driver’s Edge was founded and developed by professional race car driver Jeff Payne; in the hopes of lower the number of car crashes involving young drivers.


Driver’s Edge teaches young drivers though a unique combination of classroom discussions and behind the wheel defensive driving. These lessons are taught by professional race car drivers. While attending Driver’s Edge you will receive instructions on how to control skidding on wet surfaces. You will also be taught how to change lanes, how to use your anti-locks correctly, panic braking technique, and much more.

Driver's Edge

Parents are strongly encouraged to join their teens, and they maybe even get the time to have test drive for themselves.

The Positives to Driver’s edge?

Driver’s Edge is different from your ordinary driving schools. It is fun and teaches teens how to drive in different situations and weather conditions. They learn how to control the car, when it is out of control. They not only teach your child to drive on the course, but in the classroom too. They show videos and teach each teen about drunk driving, and driving awareness. They also teach them how to understand road markings and signs, and how to avoid car crash. Driver’s Edge is a course that teaches teen everything that will possibly need and more to drive safely. 

Driver's Edge
Where can I find Driver’s Edge?

To find out when the Driver’s Edge tour comes into town near you just go to their web site at

Driver's Edge

Driver’s Edge is a great program, and truly teaches teens to drive safer. The best part is that they do not charge for the lessons, so that even those who cannot afford those expensive driving schools could benefit from this program. Driver’s Edge does earn money from donations, so if you would like to donate money for a good cost, just simply log on to their web site.

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