Knowing when to retire from driving

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Making the decision about whether or not it is time to retire from driving can be a hard decision to make. It is often easier to make that judgment about a loved one or friend, than about yourself.

There is a new way to determine if you should still drive, it is called Roadwise review. The Roadwise review is a computer program provided by the AAA foundation for Traffic Safety. What this program does is help people to evaluate their own abilities by testing their vision and cognitive skills.


This program can be helpful to anyone who is struggling with a disability, whether it is age related or otherwise.


This test is available for $15. It is available at your local AAA office, or online at


If you are concerned about privacy, the program does not record, unless asked by the user, the specific results of the test.


If you do not want to take the test, the AARP created list of signs to check for if you are concerned about whether or not it is time to give up your keys.

Knowing when to retire from driving
AARP signs to watch for:

According to AARP, if you say yes to all or any two of these questions, it may be time to retire from driving, or have your abilities evaluated.

  1. Are you are feeling uncomfortable and nervous or even fearful when you are driving?
  2. Do you have any dents and scratches on the car or on fences, mailboxes, garage doors, ect?
  3.  Do you see yourself having difficulty staying in the lanes?
  4. Do you find yourself getting lost often?
  5. Do you have trouble paying attention to the street signals, road signs, and pavement marking?
  6. Do you respond slower to unexpected situations?
  7. Are you taking any medications or have any medical conditions that may be affecting your ability to handle the car safely?
  8. Have you been close to crashing frequently?
  9. Do you have trouble, judging gaps in traffic at intersections and on highway entrance or exit ramps?
  10. Do other drivers honk at you, and have there been times where you were angry with other drivers?
  11. Do you friends or relatives not want you to drive, or refuse to drive with you?
  12. Do you have a hard time seeing the sides of the road when looking straight ahead?
  13. Do you get easily distracted, or have a hard time concentrating while driving?
  14. Do you have a hard time turning around to check over your shoulder while backing up or changing lanes?
  15. Do you have a few traffic tickets or warnings by traffic or law enforcement officers in the last year or two?

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