2011 Tesla Roadster Art Car by Laurence Gartel

We don’t like to say it too much out of fear that we’d lose ‘cool guy’ points from all of you, but we figure that there’s no harm in saying it now. We enjoy and appreciate art, so much so that nothing gets us more excited than to see two of our favorite subjects being designed together to create one beautiful piece of automotive artwork.

That’s right! We love art cars!

From Jeff Koons’ BMW M3 GT2 to the Audi A1 Art Car , and even the Citroen Survolt Art Car , art cars always have a soft spot in our hearts, and now that Tesla has decided to join the fold, we couldn’t help but get a tad excited over this one too.

Designed by artist Laurence Gartel, this Tesla Roadster Sport Art Car was covered In a psychedelic vinyl wrap with a colorful digital swirl design. This kind of artwork is right up Gartel’s alley, whose history with digital art goes all the way back to its seedling stages in the 70’s. With over 30 years of experience under his belt, Gartel was the perfect choice for Tesla and as evidenced by his work, the electric automaker really hit this one out of the park.

Press Release after the jump.

Press Release

Tesla Motors and digital artist Laurence Gartel have transformed the Tesla Roadster Tesla Roadster , the only electric supercar on the road, into a true work of art. Wrapped in Gartel’s visually-stunning artwork, the one-of-a-kind Roadster will be displayed and toured around Miami Beach through next week as part of Miami’s annual Art Basel festival on Dec. 2-5.

Tesla and Gartel are natural partners, both capitalizing on new technologies to break ground in the automotive and art worlds. Just as Tesla pioneered uncompromised electric driving with the Roadster, Gartel introduced the world to new types of digital art in the 1970s. His work has since been featured at the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian, among others.

Tesla Roadster Art Car by Laurence Gartel

"I was in shock when I took off like a rocket," says Gartel, who fell in love with the Roadster the first time he drove it. "This vehicle takes off like it’s heading to Mars and you don’t hear a thing. No burning of fossil fuels either. It’s an extraordinary car."

The wrapped Roadster will be on display at Gartel’s Art Basel celebration at the Nikki Beach club in Miami Beach on Friday, Dec. 3, starting at 7:30 p.m. It will also be hitting the hot spots in town during the festival.

Accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds without using a drop of gasoline, the Tesla Roadster proves that drivers don’t need to sacrifice style, beauty or performance in order to own an electric car.

Tesla Roadster Art Car by Laurence Gartel


I was amazed with the vent and headlights of the tesla, I looks like a human face smilling in front of you.

Fell in love with Tesla first second I saw it in a video. My face fell off when I found out the price of this toy!

Piece of modern art! Awaiting the day when all the cars will be electric and we start taking care of this precious planet that we are lucky to be part of.

I love it! It’s the proof of imagination, and stepping out from the crowd. We all trying to be more and more like each other, if we try hard enough in 100 years we’ll be all with white suits, same snickers, like in "The Island" movie.

I think this car should of been in a art gallery or something. Definitely it’s place is not on the street!

With experience spanning back to the 70s Gartels is quite the artist and since he added the Tesla Roadster to his portfolio he can retire a happy man.

I wont call it cool either. I wonder what was Laurence thinking of to paint his Tesla like this. yes its kinda unique but to be honest It looks awfuk to look at.

Look at the bright side guys! From the side, with the new colors, the frontlights are not visible making this baby sweeter, and reminding me of the Mercedes SLS.

Rainbow... incoming!!! Seriously, what they were thinking, this artwork is masking allot of the shape of the car, and not also this, but the car is a great looking car and I think this paintjob is ruining the looks. What I love about this car is it’s acceleration and the fact that it’s soundless. Probably some will put some speakers on the back of the car to make it more aggressive. My main problem with this car it’s its price. smiley

Police officer: "Under pursuit of a 2011 Tesla Roadster, the radar measured 200 MPH! In need of air support!!!"

"Roger that! What color is the Roadster?"

"All the colors!!!" lol

well i guess its purpose is for ads only, Honestly I’m amazed with the art but applying it to a car like this? well its a NO No to me.

not that much appealing for tesla paints, the sportiness and aggressiveness of the car is ruined with the abstract base paint. I wonder what does the owners thinking making his tesla looks weird.

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