Texas Mile

Texas Mile

Back in March 2012, the Ford GT by Hennessey established a remarkable Texas Mile record with a speed of 257.7 mph, but that did not mark the end of Hennessey’s attempt to dominate the straightaway. The company headed back to the famous track at the biannual Texas Mile Festival of Speed organized in Beeville and, with Sean Kennedy behind the wheel, the Ford GT by Hennessey hit an amazing top speed of 263.3 mph!

This street legal supercar is powered by a 5.4-liter supercharged V-8 engine with twin 67 mm ball bearing turbos, a stainless steel turbo exhaust, stainless steel turbo down pipes, a billet throttle body upgrade, twin wastegates, a fuel system upgrade, an improved mass air sensor, polished turbo inlet and intake pipes, an HPE Engine Management Calibration, and other hardware. This setup allows for a total of 1,000 HP at 6,600 rpm. At its official launch, Hennessey announced that it had a top speed of 245 mph, a 0-60 mph time of 2.8 seconds, and a quarter-mile time of 10.6 seconds at 142 mph. This newest record proves that the company has gone to great lengths to improve upon that performance.

Keep up the good work, Hennessey! We hope to see the Ford GT1000 Twin Turbo blast through this record too!

Whether the Porsche 911 is called a supercar or not, one thing we do know is that it can hit insane speeds when called upon.

At a recent Texas Mile event, one particular 911 validated its status as a supercar after posting a ridiculous - for its standards, at least - top speed of 212 mph. Consider that a 911 Turbo can hit a top speed of 194 mph, we beg the question as to where that extra 16 mph came from. Add that to the fact that it can hit the quarter-mile in just 10.61 seconds and surely, something must be cooking under that hood that isn’t of stock production.

Whatever performance enhancements that 911 Turbo carried, the feat nonetheless remains incredibly impressive. Reaching 200 mph on a 911 Turbo is impressive in itself. But hitting 212 mph?

That’s over-the-moon amazing. Respect, indeed.

Check out the video above and watch this 911 Turbo destroy Texas Mile on its way to 2-1-2.

The 2012 Texas Mile run was an enormous success this year, which is evident in the number of records that were broken. We’ve already reported on the Hennessey Twin-Turbo Ford GT that now holds the new world record at the Texas Mile for standing mile, but it’s the Camaro’s turn to take its spot on the podium. A fourth generation Camaro has become the fastest standing mile Camaro in the world with an impressive top speed of 253.1 mph. It doesn’t beat out the Ford for fastest standing mile, but at least it broke the record for its own model.

This was obviously not a stock Camaro. It was built by Late Model Racecraft, owned by Kelly Bise, and driven to success by driver Josh Ledford. The car is powered by a twin-turbocharged engine that will deliver an amazing 1,809 horsepower.

The video shown here includes the impressive run, a series of in-car run images, and some burnouts. Enjoy the video and let us know what you think about the 2012 Texas Mile!

Hennessey ’s vehicles are smashing records after records. The newest one was established by a Hennessey Twin-Turbo Ford GT which established a standing mile record of 257.7 mph, officially becoming the fastest car at Texas Mile (for cars running on the Chase Field runway in Beeville).

Hennessey attempted to break the standing mile record last year with the Ford GT as well, but fell short at just 235 mph. The first day of the 2012 Texas Mile brought them up to 246.8 mph, but the second day was the true triumph with the 257.7 mph record. The victorious Ford GT by Hennessey is owned by Mark Heidaker and driven by Sean Kennedy.

Hennessey Performance CEO, John Hennessey, is confident that the Ford GT has even more to offer, so we expect to see some more amazing feats in the future. For now, we’d like to send a big congratulations to Hennessey and their team!

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Okay, so it may not exactly be appropriate to pick the best crash of the year, but considering many will be ringing in the new year in a drunken stupor, we think it best to remind everyone of the consequences of drinking and driving. Most of the drivers in the crashes we are featuring were not under the influence when these crashes occurred, but if these guys can get into a massive accident when they’re sober, chances are a drunk YOU will suffer consequences that are much worse.

This year actually brought out the worst in many drivers, some of which instigated accidents with multiple supercars, a vehicular dip into the Atlantic Ocean, and high speed rough and tumbles. Unfortunately, not all of these drivers survived these horrific crashes, which only drives home the point that we have to be extremely careful when operating our motor vehicles.

Remember to have a SAFE and fun New Year.

Hit the jump for the list of the most famous crashes of 2011.

This is Mayhem. Mayhem is a bright, flat-red Porsche 997 that has been tuned to high-heavens by Evolution Motorsports. The Arizona-based tuning company has cultivated a reputation as one of the premiere American tuners of German cars with Mayhem being the latest one of ’em.

So how exactly did this particular 997 earn the nickname ’Mayhem’? Apart from the carbon fiber accents, this Porsche doesn’t look like it got so much of an aerodynamic and performance upgrade treatment from the people over at Evolution Motorsports. That is, until you look for the ’EVT 1500’ stickers found on the bottom of the doors. What looks to be a standard Porsche 997 is anything but.

That ’1,500’ figure is actually the amount of output this car is capable of. That’s right, folks. This particular 997 has an ungodly total of 1,500 ponies under its hood. To achieve that number, Evolution Motorsports took the stock 997’s 3.6-liter engine and modified it to obtain an extra .4 liters of displacement, turning it into a 4.0-liter twin-turbo H6.

As a result of of the modifications, ’Mayhem’ turned out to be one of the stars at the recently-concluded Texas Mile in March 2011. At the event, Mayhem, with all of its 1,500 horsepower ready to pounce, ran a face-splitting 234.6 mph. Welcome to the big leagues, Mayhem.

Check out the video of the Mayhem’s run by clicking on the picture above, then click next to see the Porsche’s prep work before the race!

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The Texas Mile Event has come to an end and this year was another one for the record books. We saw the return of some familiar faces and many newcomers to the runway race-track. As you may recall, the entire point of this event is to see how fast your car can go. That may sound simple, but the idea behind much of racing is to beat your competition around a circuit type track. Simply having the fastest car in a straight line race is more closely related to drag racing where such vehicles as Funny Cars and Top Fuel Dragsters hit 200mph in a ¼ mile.

In a place where everything is bigger - Texas, that is - several fans of speed have put together an event on a much longer straight than a ¼ mile. Anyone in a normal car is able to reach their terminal velocity at this event and that is what makes your adrenaline pump. In all honesty, most people don’t hit more than 100mph in their car at any point in time. Number one, it’s illegal and number two, there is usually not enough room to get up to speed and sustain it for any period of time.

This year’s event gave those speed junkies a chance to let their powerful automobiles and motorcycles reach their maximum speed. The highest speed this year was set by a motorcycle doing 278.6mph. To take a full look at the race results continue reading below.

Hit the jump for more details on the Texas Mile Event Recap.

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