Tokyo Auto Salon

Tokyo Auto Salon

Most of you are likely waiting for Sunday to see the seventh-generation Chevrolet Corvette in Detroit, but GM’s Japanese customers will have the chance to see a special-edition Camaro at the Tokyo Auto Salon. The new Camaro Giovanna Edition will be offered in V-6 versions priced at 4,990,000 YEN ($55,800 at the current exchange rates) and V-8 version with prices starting at 5,990,000 YEN ($67,000).

The updates on the exterior are minimal, but they update the look of the car pretty well, as GM adds in GT body striping, a custom fuel door with a “Giovanna Edition” logo, and SS and RS emblems on the front end. The car sits on a set of bespoke 20-inch alloy wheels.

For the interior, Chevrolet added special headrests and exclusive door sill plates with Giovanna Edition logos.

Full details will be unveiled during the car’s official debut in Tokyo and we’ll post them as soon as we get them.

Toyota will come to this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon with 10 updated models and four of them are based on the road-going GT86 — known as the "86" on the Japanese market. The four 86 concepts to be displayed in Tokyo will be the 86 x style Cb, 86 Modellista, 86 TRD Griffon and TOM’S N086V.

The standard GT 86 has attracted worldwide praise for its sporting looks and character, but it is only the start for some of the world’s top design houses. For example, the one developed by Modellista features a very aggressive body kit, a carbon-fiber hood and a new set of wheels.

No other details have been provided just yet, but the first image we have reveals a concept car painted red combined with numerous black elements. Full details will be unveiled during the car’s official debut in Tokyo. We’ll bring you all of the details once Toyota and Modellista release them.

Details are still very sketchy and all we have to show you is the blurry teaser image that TRD has unveiled, but there is a new GT 86 concept from TRD heading to the Tokyo Auto Salon. Sure, we already talked about the new Sports FR Concept Platinum and how awesome it is, but its partner in Tokyo – the GT 86 Griffon Concept – just may blow it out of the water.

Like we said, the details are sketchy, but we do know that TRD went to task lowering the GT 86’s overall weight, then tweaked at least the suspension and exhaust. TRD then took the GT 86 Griffon out to the Tsukuba circuit and laid rubber to tarmac, netting a best lap time of 1:01.872.

That may seem like nothing on paper, but when you start adding in the fact that time beats out times of the Ferrari 458 Italia , Ferrari 360 CS , Nissan GT-R Spec-V , Corvette ZR1, Lambo Gallardo, Porsche 911 GT2, and so on, you realize that this must be one beastly `Yota GT 86.

We will find out more on the 11th of January when TRD officially releases the specifications, but were are 100-percent certain that there is a lot more tweaking going on than just some suspension stiffening and exhaust work.

We’ll update this review once we get the official info.

UPDATE 07/13/13: New photos of the Toyota GT 86 TRD Griffon have been released. Check them out in the gallery below!

Seeing as the Tokyo Auto Salon will be take place in Honda’s home country, nobody should be surprised to find out that the Japanese automaker will be there in full force, showcasing a number of special-edition models and custom-tuned vehicles.

One of the latter is the Mugen-tuned Honda CR-V . Looking at the first set of images of the completely tricked out SUV, you’d think that Mugen did a real number on the vehicle. Well, it did, fitting the CR-V with plenty of new components that make the standard model almost look bland.

For one, the new front grille is way more aggressive on this version and it even comes with a huge brushed-aluminum bar. There’s also a new front bumper, chrome fender trims and a faux skid plate for added aesthetic appeal. Along the sides, wider side skirts were installed and the rear looks to have gotten a new bumper cover with stacked exhaust outlets. Lastly, a roof spoiler was added for a sportier look.

There’s still no word on whether Mugen modified the interior and engine, but there’s a good chance that it did and opted to keep those under wraps until the program makes its official debut in January.

Chevrolet may not be bringing its full armada of vehicles to the Tokyo Auto Salon, but for an American automaker that’s going halfway around the world, its offerings of two special edition concept vehicles and a limited-edition Camaro is impressive enough on its own right.

One of the aforementioned special-edition vehicles is the Chevrolet Captiva Freedom Rider, a subtly modified Captiva crossover that comes with a black body with baby blue accents on the lower-front bumper, the wheel arches, the door panels, and the set of 20-inch “Gianna Crown” alloy wheels. A new chrome grille was also added, as were new side steps and window surrounds. Judging by the rendering Chevrolet released, the Captiva Freedom Rider appears to also have a roof rack that can hold a full-sized mountain bike.

The Chevrolet Captiva Freedom Rider, together with the Sonic Street Edition and the Camaro Giovanni Edition, will comprise Chevrolet’s participation at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. It’s not a lot to go by, but these vehicles, including the Captiva Freedom Rider, do have some appealing qualities.

We’ll see if any of them actually hit production in some form.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the despite a majority of Japanese automakers in its fold, the Tokyo Auto Salon is fast becoming a global event, so much so, that an auto brand like Chevrolet is heading over to Japan to introduce a bevy of new concepts.

One of these concepts is called the Chevrolet Sonic Street Edition, a unique trim of the company’s popular subcompact hatchback that we expect to hit the Japanese market in the coming months.

Among the many distinguishable characteristics of the Sonic Street Edition, few can come close to the new aero kit fitted into the car from 3D Carbon. On top of that, the Sonic Street Edition will also receive some fancy matte black bonnet brides, as well as a height-adjustable sports suspension, and a set of 18-inch Gianna Blitz black rims with red inserts.

That’s about all the information Chevrolet has released for the Sonic Street Edition. Rest assured, we’ll know more about the program when Chevy brings the vehicles to the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Yesterday we announced the Mazda CX-5 Active Driver for the upcoming 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. Today it’s time to announce another specially prepared CX-5 set to be unveiled in January 2013 in Japan. This time we are talking about the CX-5 Grand Touring — a concept featuring an aerodynamic body kit, a set of high-performance Brembo brakes and a set of 20-inch alloy wheels.

The concept combines a "Soul Red Premium Metallic" exterior paint with numerous piano-black elements, including the exterior mirrors, front and rear spoiler, side skirts, and doors handles. The same black and red combination has been used on the interior where black leather has been combined with red stitching.

No other details have been provided just yet, but we do know the model will feature Mazda’s "SKYACTIV-D" technology. Full details will be unveiled during the car’s official debut at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Alongside the BRZ Premium Sport Package concept, Subaru will also unveil the Forester Sport Concept at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. This vehicle has been specially designed for highway driving and city cruising, and has been customized as an "On-road super SUV".

The new Forester Sport Concept is powered by a Direct Injection Turbo (DIT) engine specially developed for tackling pavement. Along with the special engine, this concept comes with distinctive styling. Its aero package includes a specially designed front grille, a new STI front under spoiler, an STI sport muffler, a side under spoiler, an STI flexible tower bar and an STI rear under spoiler.

In order to improve the SUV’s handing capabilities, Subaru installed a new Bilstein suspension and a set of BBS-designed 20-inch aluminum wheels. A set of Brembo brakes and drilled rotors help drag this SUV to a stop. For the interior, the only updates announced for now include new front and rear red-colored leather seats.

Full details will be announced during the car’s official debut at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Mazda’s lineup at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon features a number of Atenza models that we likely won’t ever get to see hit these shores. We’ll get the car as the Mazda 6, but the Atenza name won’t come with it. Yet even if that appears to be the case, it doesn’t mean that we’ll shine less love on these vehicles, including one that really caught our attention: the Atenza GT Sound Special.

Created to become an audiophile’s dream machine, the Atenza GT Sound Special, which is based on the XD L trim of the luxury sedan, will feature a bevy of new audio components, including a DIATONE audio system with special audio and navigation. This system is likewise based on Mazda’s 6EC-AT Grade "XD L package sedan,” giving you a comprehensive audio experience you just wouldn’t get in any other version of the car.

In addition to the sound spectacle, the Atenza GT Sound Special will also carry fully decked interior that underlies the luxurious exclusivity of the vehicle. Find out more about the Mazda Atenza GT Sound Special at the Tokyo Auto Salon this January!

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