Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show

The second customized Lexus IS-F coming out of the Tokyo Auto Salon comes from TRD (Toyota Racing Department). Called the IS-F Club Performance Accessory, this new package gives the most powerful member of the IS family an even bolder appearance.

For the exterior, TRD added a carbon hood, front and rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser. TRD then went inside the car and gave it a carbon switch panel base, paddle shift, sports seats covered in orange leather, and a carbon engine cover.

Finally, to deliver an even more impressive driving experience, the Club Performance Accessory gets sports suspension and brakes, a titanium exhaust, magnesium forged wheels, and a mechanical LSD. There were no modifications done under the hood, but the IS-F is already powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine rated at 416 HP at 6,600 rpm and 371 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 5,200 rpm so who needs more than that, right?

One of the most impressive vehicles displayed at the Tokyo Auto Salon was the Lexus IS F Circuit Club Sports Racer (CCS-R), and if anyone thinks it looks a bit familiar then they would be right. Seen as a concept at last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, the CCS-R is making its comeback in a more production ready form.

The Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sports Racer upgrades the standard sports car by changing all of its major components like the exterior, interior, and engine. It has been given the full on carbon fiber treatment and has also received a power boost to boot! Since no racer is complete without an additional racing overhaul, Lexus has made sure that the IS-F received all of the necessary components to keep the vehicle safely on the track, including a unique frame-less construction roll cage.

All in all, this version of the Lexus IS-F Circuit Club Sports Racer hasn’t changed all that much from the concept that was shown last year, but we still can’t help but ogle it just as we did last year.

More details on the Lexus IS-F CCS-R after the jump.

The 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon is just around the corner and and we are just twitching with excitement for the vehicles being displayed at the event, especially the new Nissan GT-R. We already know that Axell Auto is tuning up the star of the show with their own little package, but now we hear that Nissan and Nismo have joined together to bring a customized GT-R sports coupe specially developed for circuit driving to Tokyo as well. This new model is going to be called the Nissan NISMO GT-R RC and will be able to compete in various production races held around the world. Sweet!

The NISMO GT-R RC is based on the Nissan GT-R and features a slick tire-compatible suspension, lightweight components, and special safety equipment and devices. Among the safety equipment added is an FIA-approved welded roll cage, a 120-liter ATL safety fuel tank, and air jacks.

More details Nissan NISMO GT-R RC after the jump.

Rolling into the 2011 Toyko Motor Show is an Infiniti luxury sedan that will surely create quite a stir. This is no ordinary Infiniti M . This vehicle has been done over by Japanese tuner, Impul, to create the new Impul 651S, a vehicle that boasts of an impressive aerodynamic package and some engine updates for the 37 and M25 versions.

Some of the changes are not overly obvious, but the result transforms this vehicle from an ordinary people pusher to a mean and low transporter. After all, that is usually the goal for these types of vehicles; transforming the ordinary to the aggressive and stylish.

The exterior package includes a new front bumper, front grille, side skirts, rear bumper, rear wing, and sports ducts to get that low, rough look. The car now sits on AURA SX-20 wheels and a new set of coil over springs. Bringing the gruff sound out of the engine is the new stainless steel exhaust system.

The EXTRA POWER KIT does exactly what it says it does; give the car some extra bang and responsiveness. The device consists of an IMPUL Hi Power Control Unit and big throttle valves. Needless to say, using premium gasoline for the EXTRA POWER KIT can bring out more power. Don’t worry if your Infiniti has already been equipped with an IMPUL Hi Power Control Unit, you can still boost the performance by adding the throttle valves.

The lights for the Detroit Auto Show haven’t even dimmed and already Honda is announcing its lineup of vehicles for the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon starting Friday, January 14th to Sunday, January 16th, 2011. So far we gather that the line-up will include both automobiles and motorcycles, with the most impressive model being the TS-1X test study based on the CR-Z .

No details have been revealed on any of the models scheduled for Tokyo yet, but this image released by Honda reveals a matte black exterior paint with a revised front fascia, extended side skirts, and a massive rear spoiler for the TS-1X. Not bad for a test study, eh?

Also headed to Japan for the Tokyo Auto Show are accessorized production automobiles and motorcycles, along with a variety of specially designed vehicles. These vehicles include the Freed Spike caravan car, the Acty Truck and the Enepo generator special coloring editions, and the HSV-010 GT machine. On the motorcycle front, the most impressive appearance will be made by the RC212V, which competed in the MotoGP class races.

Over here in the good ol’ US of A, people are gearing up for one of the biggest auto shows of the year, the Detroit Auto Show , but spin the globe around and we’ll see that there is another show that deserves a good amount of attention as well. Over in Japan, the Tokyo Auto Salon will begin in less than a month to bring us some of the hottest tuned up machines we’ve seen, and the star of the show will obviously be the new Nissan GT-R .

Bringing the sports car to the forefront of the crowd is Axell Auto, a tuner who, until now, specializes in tuning Toyota van models. How they switched from vans to a beautiful sports car is beyond us, but we’ll take it anyway.

What they have done is prepared an extreme widebody kit for the new GT-R sports coupe. This kit will include new body panels, wider fenders, matching widebody Rear quarter panel fenders, a new rear bumper with a lot of vents and, of course, a new set of wheels. Currently the car is still under development, but these first couple of sketches leave us waiting in anticipation for the car’s Tokyo debut.

No engine updates have been announced as of yet, but maybe the tuner is waiting for the Tokyo Auto Show on January 14th to unleash that announcement. We can only hope.

Source: JonSibal

The speculation is over, the Japanese automaker Toyota has finally shown the world the highly anticipated successor to the original AE86 "Hachi Roku" with the FT-86 Concept. The old Toyota Corolla Toyota Corolla was celebrated for its lightweight fun to drive layout. The new project has previously been referred to as a Toyobaru because the affordable sports car was developed in collaboration with Subaru and is scheduled to make its world debut in just a few weeks at the Tokyo Motor Show . We are happy to report that even though this is just the concept, the production model will look a lot like it, with the only revisions being done to the cars interior. However we won’t know for sure until the end of 2011.

The Flash Red FT-86 Concept is inspired by the Corolla based AE86 sports coupe from the 1980s, and carries a very strong resemblance to the FT-HS Concept that was revealed back in 2007 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The FT-86 is a compact, rear wheel drive sports concept powered by a 2.0 Liter horizontally opposed, naturally aspirated four cylinder gasoline burning engine supplied by Subaru. In its non boosted form, the flat four make a maximum output of 150 HP, but the automaker is toying around with the idea of a more powerful super charged version depending on consumer demands, but for now we will have to settle for a simple boxer engine connected to a 6 speed manual transmission and equipped with ADVICS brakes.

When designing the FT-86 Concept Toyota’s engineers wanted to give the car a very low center of gravity for improved handling and efficient aerodynamics so that it can cut through the air with ease. So the four passenger FT-86 ended up being 4,160 mm long, 1,760 mm wide and 1,260 mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm. Toyota Toyota ’s design team has also included quite a few sporting touches to the concept’s interior; starting off with a flat bottom steering wheel, aluminum pedals and red stitching to accent the leather wrapped steering wheel and parking brake lever. The grey instrument panel is seamlessly molded into the darker dash and from the looks of things, is ready to hit Fuji Speedway.

Updated 05/03/2010: Toyota revealed new images of the FT-86 (Future Toyota-86) during the concept’s European debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Check the gallery to see them all!

To see what the Hachi Roku is all about, check out the video and Press Release after the jump.

The Japanese automaker Honda is gearing up for the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon later this week where they will unveil the Insight Sports Modulo Concept. Following the trend of sporty and practical factory tuned models, the Sport Modulo modified Insight is the world’s largest engine builder’s way of saying that even hybrid models can be fun. As it comes from the factory, the Honda hybrid comes with excellent aerodynamic numbers, a comfortable passenger compartment and a fun chassis all a reasonable price, this Sports Modulo Concept expresses the joy of driving through an “Exciting Eco” theme. The automotive re stylists have enhanced the Insight’s appearance with a new ground effects package made up of chiseled lines and larger air dams. With the Sports Modulo concept vehicle, Honda hopes to demonstrate what their in house customization program has to offer the next generation hybrid buyer.

Stay tuned for more details!

The Japanese automaker Nissan has developed a new version of the GT-R sports car that takes full advantage of their in house motor sports division to create a special edition model for those who really wish to get the most out their day at the track with everybody’s favorite super car. The Nissan GT-R Nissan GT-R equipped with a Nismo Club Sports package will be unveiled at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon from January 15th thru the 17th. The Club Sports Package from Nissan Motor sports combines the already outstanding Nissan GT-R with a recently developed NISMO Data Logger Kit. This allows owners to download driving data via USB memory stick in order to review the information on their home computer. Thanks to the new data logger kit, Nismo is allowing GT-R owners to relive the exhilarating experience that comes with bringing Godzilla to the track and then extract everything last detail about throttle input and cornering forces from their day at the circuit and then improve. The only thing that Nismo won’t provide is a race engineer to lay it all out for you.

With the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon fast approaching, automakers are beginning to loosen up about what they will be bringing to the show. Honda has just released a series of sketches about their future concept that will make its debut on January 15th with the help of the aftermarket modification specialists at Access Modulo.

Honda previews line-up for the 2010 Tokyo Salon

The Tokyo Auto Salon lineup will include a concept called the Insight Sports Modulo, based on the efficient gas electric hybrid Honda that will incorporate the same subtle yet aggressive style that was inaugurated at last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon by the S2000. There will also be another Insight concept that has been personalized by Freed Graceful, this other concept will be oriented towards fashion savvy women with its unique purple exterior color scheme complimented by a white interior. Not to mention one fun little orange box car from Happy Life.

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