top gear usa

top gear usa

  Top Gear USA debuted in November 2010 as the States' version of the best car show on television, Top Gear UK. The new Top Gear brings together Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust, and Rutledge Wood in their attempt to rival the UK show with their crazy challenges, mystery driver, and on screen antics. Top Gear USA has not been met with much enthusiasm from lovers of the original Top Gear, but the History Channel is hoping they can turn things around and make Top Gear USA a force to be reckoned with.

There’s been a long-standing battle between cars and helicopters to see who can outdo whom (remember the Corvette/Apachee comparison a couple of months ago?). Well, this battle has taken a new twist and, somewhere along the line, you should have known that Top Gear would end up having something to do with it.

Well, your partly right on that one. While Top Gear was in fact responsible for pitting thisDodge Viper against a Cobra attack helicopter, it’s not the original version of Top Gear we’re talking about, but the recently re-launched Top Gear USA.

The show was once again caught taping, this time at the Griffin Spalding County Airport in Georgia, where hosts Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood were accompanied by what looks to be two Viper ACRs and a Cobra attack helicopter. While it’s too presumptious to say that the Viper was able to "out-slither" the Cobra to the finish line, the video taken by a curious spectator seems to suggest so.

Guess we’ll just have to keep tabs on Top Gear USA to find out.

Source: YouTube

Top Gear USA has officially returned. That much we can say after Kilometer Magazine caught what appears to be the show doing a taped segment at LA’s infamous Mulholland drive a few days ago.
KM was also able to snap a few photos of the set including a rather dapper-looking Tanner Foust standing in front of a camera while a Hyundai Genesis Coupe sits idly at his side. Could it be that Mr. Faust is doing a review of the Genesis Coupe? We don’t really know, but it sure looks like it.

In any event, we’re equal parts geeked up and anxious for the show to make its debut on the Discovery Channel. Whether they can replicate the success the original Top Gear has enjoyed for 15 seasons remains to be seen. The verdict on that is still subject to how the initial episodes go over to the car-loving segment of America.

Let’s face it; the initial run of Top Gear USA on NBC didn’t exactly live up to the enormous expectations of its original UK counterpart; and that’s saying it lightly. Despite the moderate success – or lack thereof – Top Gear USA had with its small but loyal fan base, NBC decided to ax the show, proving yet again why they’re the fourth best network in the US right now. Don’t fret, Top Gear USA fans, the show just found a new home in the welcoming arms of The History Channel. Ok, so it’s not exactly the first channel we’d think of buying the rights to air Top Gear USA, but then again, we’ll take it any way we can get it.

According to reports, The History Channel has bought about 10 to 12 episodic rights for Top Gear USA and are also now in the hunt for new hosts for the show. According to one of the hosts of the shows previous incarnation, Adam Carolla, the new Top Gear USA show will also have the same host format, that being three people talking endlessly about cars for an entire hour or so. Carolla even went as far as saying that he’s up for one of the hosting gigs, which leads us to wonder if his former partners-in-crime, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer, will also have an opportunity to rekindle their stints as hosts of the new Top Gear USA.

We’re all pinning our hopes on the possibility that The History Channel picks up some pretty good hosts for their version of Top Gear USA. No offense to the three aforementioned former hosts, but we feel that injecting some authoritative pistonheads in the mold of a Jeremy Clarkson to be the hosts of Top Gear USA will go a long way in giving credibility to the show.

Source: CarCast Blog

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