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  TopSpeed’s Ten Best articles are an unbiased look at the cars in the automotive industry. Each Top Ten is created by selecting a segment and comparing the top cars in that category within a certain set pricing limit.

Posted on by Bryan 23

A few days ago we took a small trip down the road a few miles to Best Buy to look at some of the new televisions that are currently on the market. In the newly redesigned Best Buys, they have added a massive back wall full of screens playing movies, previews, or nature shows, in an effort to show us how good these shows can look in high definition. Every size, make, and model is available and you could stand there for hours watching each one of them. The picture is incredible, but after a while you have to run and hide in the speaker section, just to get away from the intense light and colors.

Sure, these 50-inch LCD machines are very impressive, but they will also cost you a full week’s paycheck. Yet, that is the way things are in today’s market. If you dare ask for a tube television you will be laughed at and thrown out of the store. Probably not, but the chances of finding an old school telly are pretty slim.

The addition of new technology happens every year in the automotive world too. There are certain devices that once graced the interior, or exterior of our cars that are now only found in the history books. The cassette deck, roll-up windows, and bench seats all seem to be making an exit from the modern vehicle. There are even vehicle body styles that have faded from memory.

These are the top ten devices, vehicles, or gizmos that are no longer found in today’s automotive marketplace.

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The large car craze in the United States is at the end of its life cycle, at least we hope. Gas prices are still a bit high, but they will need to rise just a bit more in order to really bring the small car back into our thoughts again.

That being said, some of the most popular cars on the market today were once considered way too small to be safe. Take the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris for example. The three-door Yaris is a pretty popular car, but many still find it to be the size of a shoebox rather than the size of a proper car. The Fit is a little bigger, but Americans still find it a bit too small for their tastes. Maybe the seats just aren’t wide enough.

Modern safety laws and design have helped these small cars earn five-star safety ratings, but size still matters in some people’s minds. It’s going to take a few very special small cars, and even a few minivans and wagons, to shake America’s love with large, oversized vehicles. Here are the top ten cars that aren’t available in the United States.

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A lot of people have been cruising along with the wind in their hair and their radio blasting when all of a sudden their euphoric state is disrupted by blue and red flashing lights. Dozens of thoughts start circling in your brain. What does he want? Was I doing anything wrong? Was I speeding? Doesn’t he have anything better to do? Yes, a lot of people have been the victim of a speeding ticket. Whether you meant to be speeding or not, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you cry or flirt or make excuses, it doesn’t always work. Every once in a while you will be handed that flippin’ speeding ticket that instantly deflates your mood and blasts you from the oasis you’ve been hanging out in all day.

Why such a dramatic intro, you say? Well, we are here to tell you that even though a lot of people have been dealt a speeding ticket now and again, some states have it worse than others. A thought to ponder…do these states have more speeding tickets because there are tons more people speeding or is it simply because there are more boys in blue dedicated to stopping the insanity that is a speeding deviant?

It may all boil down to the classic chicken and the egg scenario of which came first, but, nonetheless, you may want to hit the jump to check out which speeding ticket happy states you may want to avoid in your automotive travels. And if you are unfortunate enough to live in one of them then please accept our condolences.

Source: Driverside
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SSC Ultimate Aero

You get into your car, start it up, and commence to personify your unbridled passion for speed. You start off slow, warming up to the idea of cruising at speeds unmentionable to the common driver. When the moment is right, you begin to let your foot power down harder and harder as you begin your acceleration. The car instantly launches forward as the power glides itself through the engine and onto the road. The sweet sounds of the motor revving thrill you as you proceed to go faster and faster.

Setting the mood for this top ten seemed a little easy when dealing with the car porn we are about to show you. Speed is something we are very passionate about so it seemed appropriate to deliver a little bang for your buck (pun absolutely intended) before showing you the top ten fastest cars.

Hit the jump for our climactic list.

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Tata may resurrect Daimler

Badge engineering is when one company slaps their logo on someone else’s car without changing much else. We’re pretty sure it happens when auto executives go strolling around the auto shows and then say, “Hey, that looks good, can I get one too?” A phrase that works fine when a car exec spots an ice cream cone, but doesn’t work well for car manufacturing.

Sometimes this has worked out fine for auto manufactures (like the Porsche Cayenne /VW Touareg /Audi Q7 ), and other times are a little half-baked (GM still apologizes for the Cadillac Cimarron.) This list celebrates the latter.

We give leniency for to many of companies who sell the same car under different names to different markets (Daewoo, we’re looking at you.) This list is more about the thinly rebadged for another company, the same company using cars that directly compete, and cars that didn’t need to be repeated. The rules for this one are simple, the car had to be for sale somewhere in the world in 2008 and be another company’s bastard lovechild.

Here is the list (in alphabetical order) of the top ten worst badge engineering jobs for 2008:

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Volkswagen Scirocco

Merry Christmas. Here are ten cars that you won’t be under the tree this year; it’s the top ten cars not sold in the U.S.

The rules for this one are simple, the car cannot be available for sale in the United States. We do know our readers are international, so its okay for those outside the U.S. to rub it in if you can buy one in your home country. Even better, in the spirit of the giving season, you can make us feel better by sharing cars that you wish were available in your home country.

We’re hopeful that maybe if we’re really, really good, Santa will drop some of the following cars in our driveway next year.

Here is the list (in alphabetical order) of the top ten car not sold in the U.S. of 2008:

Posted on by Myles 7
Scion Hako Coupe Concept

These are the cars that the executives presenting them couldn’t hide the ‘WTF’ face, and no amount of booth babes could make them attractive. These are the top (bottom) ten worst concept cars of 2008.

Most of these cars made this list because they were ugly. So comment away, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A few made this list because they are utterly useless. That’s a tough distinction to make. Many concept cars are not practical, but some stand out as a complete waste of space.

Just like yesterday’s top ten concept cars, these ten bottom-feeders must have been in an auto show or officially recognized by a car manufacturer in 2008.

So here is the list (in alphabetical order) of the top ten worst concept cars of 2008:

Posted on by Myles 2
Citroen Concept GT

Last week was the top ten cars for 2008, but we still want to dream, so these are the top ten concept cars from 2008. The rules for this are much simpler: the car had to be in an auto show or officially recognized by a car manufacturer in 2008.

That leaves a pretty big field still out there so we narrowed it down further by eliminating cars that are have already been altered to their final production form (like the European Ford Focus RS ), or cars that were a concept at the beginning of 2008 and are already for sale. As always, write-ins are encouraged (we may even change the list with enough protest.)

So here is the list (in alphabetical order) of the top ten concept cars of 2008:

Posted on by Myles 5
Nissan GT-R

We are getting to the year end so we will be presenting plenty of lists of our top ten favorites. To start it off, TopSpeed’s Top Ten New Cars.

Here are the rules:

- The car must be new or significantly improved this year
- These are manufacture’s car not tuner cars
- All cars must be available for sale in the U.S. (cars not sold in the U.S. will be its own list)
- We do not have to pick from this list as our car of the year
- Write-ins are encouraged (we may even change the list with enough protest)

So here is our list of the top ten (in alphabetical order) new cars:

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