Toyota 2000

Toyota 2000

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The swinging 60s just brings up this roasted and muddy air of sex, sweat and drugs. Enough to intoxicate even the plastic hippies among us, the 1960s is rapidly becoming the most profitable segment of the classic supercar market.

And for good reason. Simple leather is mixed with gasoline until emotions boil. This list spans such greats as the Ferrari 250GT California Spider LWB Competizione to the 365 GTB/4 Daytona . And what a long, strange trip it was between those two masterpieces.

The birth of the Porsche 911 , the Aston Martin DB5 , the Shelby Cobra and Ford GT40, the Maserati Ghibli Spyder and many more.

All of the cars from this era are rich in prose. Sean Connery’s name pops up repeatedly, and so does Steve McQueen and Sir Paul McCartney. These were mens’ men in a time of changing morals on a global scale.

But the coupes and ragtops these gents preferred are really fit for the ages. So throw on some Aviators and slip into your slimmest racing loafers.

Click past the jump for a sunny-Sunday donut run in the Top-Ten Best Supercars from the 1960s.

The 2000GT made its debut at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show. However it took another 2 years before it went on sale. It is suggested that the origin of the car was a design carried out by freelance US/German designer Albrecht Goertz, who had designed the BMW BMW 507 and later had a hand in the Datsun Datsun 240Z. Although built by Yamaha Yamaha , Goertz had originally penned the car for Nissan, but they turned it down - probably because its sophistication and cost were too high for the production and marketing plans they were making. Yamaha then turned to Toyota, who decided to put the car into production.

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