Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry

Toyota Racing has just announced details on their 2013 Camry that will race the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series where it will have to take on models like the Ford Fusion , Dodge Charger , and the upcoming Chevrolet SS . The racing version is based on the 2013 Camry, but adds a more aggressive exterior design language as well as a new V8 engine to replace the standard V6 engine.

The 2013 Camry NASCAR will be distinguished by a huge front grille-area, new headlight design, body-length character lines, and a huge rear bumper. All these adjustments have been made in order to adjust the car’s aerodynamics.

"We’re extremely proud of the new Camry and the development of the car was truly a unique process," said Lee White, president and general manager of TRD. "NASCAR and all four manufacturers were brought together to guide the direction of the new cars. We all worked together to put the ‘S’ back in NASCAR — we all wanted race cars that look more like our stock, production models – and together we accomplished that. Our new Camry for 2013 is a great looking race car. Everyone at Toyota is eager to have our drivers in a race car that more resembles the street Camry."

In the 2012 model year, the Toyota Camry received a redesign, well actually two redesigns. In the U.S. we saw a Camry that featured a rather un-Camry-like wedge front end. In Thailand, however, they received a more conventional looking Camry. Recently, a brochure leaked about the new Thailand-style Camry making its way to Malaysia in June 2012.

Does this necessarily mean that the newly redesigned Camry will be available in the U.S.? Not really, but it is a good sign that it may eventually make its way here. This new Camry will likely be a test mule to see how it performs in smaller markets. If it does well, it will likely make its way around the world.

This “new“ Camry features a stouter looking front end that nearly resembles the front end of some Lexus cars. Not a big surprise, considering Toyota and Lexus are under the same Toyota Toyota Motor Company umbrella and have shared components regularly. Gone is the two bar grille, space ship-like headlights, and wedge style front end. In their place is a five-bar chrome grille, flatter front end, and more classy-looking headlights, making this look much more conventional and nearly like a luxury car.

For now, we can only hope that a new Camry comes to the U.S., but there is no anticipated replacement in the U.S. market. Then again, Toyota does have its unnamed sedan that it’s unveiling at the 2012 New York Auto Show, which we all assume is an updated Avalon , but it could be a Camry. Plus, you just never know what kinds of tricks these car companies have up their sleeves at these car shows.

You have to give credit to Toyota for bringing to the market another good looking Toyota Camry; The new model look sportier than ever. To celebrate the new car, Toyota is releasing a trendy Superbowl commercial featuring some good fun. The best selling sedan, known for its bullet proof reliability is turning cops into massage therapist and couch into supermodel wearing bikinis. We would’ve liked to see a bit more of the car itself but check it out and tweet away on the special #reinvented hashtag, made specially for the new Camry’s rejuvenated, or shall we say, reinvented campaign.

Check out after the jump our favorite Camry commercial, praising the muscle power coming out of their V6.

Everyone knows - or at least should know - that getting behind the wheel carries with it a serious responsibility for your life and the life of anyone else in the vehicle. However, it seems that there are some "adventurous" and more or less moronic people out there with little regard to other people’s safety. Take these drift-crazy asswipes as an example.

Cars like the Honda Accord , the Hyundai Sonata , and the Toyota Camry are typically produced as people pushers, some guys in Middle East have found another way to enjoy their family vehicles.

The drivers in this video simply ignored the heavy traffic and started showing off their crazy drifting skills. Take your eyes off of the drifting madness and you can see all kinds of cars, including trucks, around these maniacs. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to get behind the wheel.

The Daytona 500 has been about as ’Americana’ as any sporting event in the US today. The only others that are on that level are the Indy 500 and the SuperBowl. So it’s no surprise that in the 50 years that the event has been held, only one of the pace cars involved doesn’t have an American lineage to it.

That is until now.

Joining the Porsche 914 that was used as a pace car in 1971 is the all-new Toyota Camry, which has been tapped to lead-off the Daytona 500 and open the NASCAR Sprint Cup season next February. But that’s only after it makes an appearance at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show.

In an event that has fielded a steady number of Pontiacs , Buicks , Chevrolets , Fords , and so many other US-born automakers, the decision to choose the 2012 Camry as the official pace car of the 2012 Daytona 500 is a testament to the Japanese automaker’s growing influence in the US stock car world.

The Camry Daytona 500 Pace Car is powered by a 3.5-liter six-cylinder, twin-cam engine that produces 268 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 248 lb/ft of torque at 4,700 rpm that’s aided by a TRD custom stainless exhaust system.

As a pace car, the Camry comes with its share of "pace car features", including a Tein adjustable suspension system, a Whelen LFL Liberty LED lightbar, an on-board fire extinguisher, four-point Simpson racing seat belts, a full roll cage, and a set of 19" BBS RS wheels wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1 tires with a StopTech Big Brake Kit.

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The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 1

This week’s episode of The Car Show packed many of the things that were vacant from the last week’s episode. Yes, we said it, there was much more Car Show and a lot less filler crap.

Some of the mini segments did make their way into the show, including 0-60 (one of our favorites), Behind the Wheel, and of course, One for the Road. Aside from that, there were more celebrity appearances with two different interviews and a trip up the German Autobahn and down the Pacific Coast Highway in an Audi R8 V10 Spyder .

If anyone finds Adam Carolla the least bit annoying then you’ll be happy to know that he participates in Red Bull’s SoapBox Derby and falls a little short of the finish line. One nasty scrape later and he still finds a way to piss people off. All for the love of cars.

Hit the jump for more details on The Car Show: Season 1 Episode 8.

The Toyota Camry first debuted back in 1982 and after thirty years on the market, the sedan will now be entering its seventh generation. The new Camry has received a bold, sophisticated new design with a more spacious interior, improved driving dynamics, and an even quieter ride than before. Also, both of the vehicle’s engines have been improved to deliver more HP and improved fuel economy.

"The all-new 2012 Camry blends an evolution of the car’s values – such as comfort, efficiency, reliability and safety – with a more appealing design and engaging driving experience," said Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager. "Competition in the midsize sedan segment is the strongest it’s ever been, and the all-new Camry is designed to maintain its long-standing leadership while also broadening its appeal."

For 2012, the Camry will be offered in four different model grades: entry-level L, value-driven LE, premium XLE, and sporty SE. Prices start from $21,955.

Hit the jump to read more about the seventh generation Toyota Camry.

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We can’t say that we were looking forward to the premiere episode of The Car Show, simply because we didn’t feel that Adam Carolla was going to be all that funny. If he was, then The History Channel would have considered keeping him as part of the Top Gear USA trio . Turns out, we were absolutely wrong.

Adam Carolla may be a jumbling, mumbling mess at times, but his delivery actually makes him a bit funnier. It helps that he was teamed up with Dan Neil (automotive columnist for The Wall Street Journal), John Salley (4-time NBA Champion and actor), and Matt Farah (SmokingTire.com), who seemed to deliver more chemistry in the first episode of The Car Show than Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara, and Ruttledge Wood had in their entire first season. Don’t get us wrong, we actually like Top Gear USA, but we may like The Car Show even better so far.

Hit the jump for details on the first episode of The Car Show.

We were not exactly elated when we heard Toyota was bringing a two-door Camry to the SEMA Show this year. An everyday sedan isn’t really what we would call a tuning marvel. Then we saw the photos for the new RK Collection Camry NASCAR Edition and were a little surprised to see a car with a little more spunk than what we’re used to seeing on this boring little ride

The Camry NASCAR Edition was built as a model that could show Toyota Racing Development (TRD) the potential for the vehicle. RK Collection managed this seemingly impossible feat by adding a custom body kit, a Toyota grill, carbon fiber brake ducts with fog lights, TRD emblems, and new 20" TSW Jarama wheels.

Under the hood there is a powerful TRD NASCAR V8 engine that measures 358 cubic inches and delivers an impressive 680 HP at 8500 RPM. The engine is mated to a Tremic T-56 Magnum six-speed manual transmission with a Ram dual-disc street clutch.

The interior sees custom leather-covered panels, a suede headliner with integrated rear tweeters, leather-covered power seats with custom TRD billet logos, a billet shifter, and a dashboard with SPEK gauges by Proparts. Further racing spunk was added with a four-point roll cage. Handling was improved with the use of Camry modified Macpherson struts in the front and a Venza modified multi-link independent suspension in the rear.

After the SEMA Show, the RK Collection Camry NASCAR Editionwill be headed to the Phoenix International Raceway on November 12th for the start of the NASCAR race weekend.

UPDATE 02/13/12:It took a lot longer than we expected, but hey, it’s always better to be late than to never show up at all, right? Check out the video prepared by RK Collection of the Camry NASCAR Edition. We don’t need to remind you how surprisingly sick this car is, so just watch the video after the jump and see for yourself!

Press release after the jump.

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So, has anybody ever said that they only buy American made cars? Well, if they’re driving anything but the Toyota Camry, you can all them a liar. Cars.com has released its annual American Made Index, which tells us which car is the most American Made.

First place was the Toyota Camry, which is actually a little funny. It’s not just the Camry that is American made. Toyota’s Sienna is in tenth and the Tundra brings home eighth.

Second place was another “Japanese” sedan, the Honda Accord . The biggest surprise was that the Accord took the place of an American icon, the Ford F-150 , which is now completely off the list.

The change is due to the fact that 75-percent of the Accord is American and the car is being assembled in two plants in the United States. The F-150 saw its American parts percentage drop from 80 percent to 55 percent.

Ford gets a little redemption, as the Escape is in the third and the Focus is in fourth. General Motors brings home fifth with the Chevrolet Malibu and Chrysler gets seventh and ninth with the Ram 1500 and theJeep Wrangler .

So, only half of the top ten are so called “American cars”, with the other five being “imports”. Pretty amusing if you ask us.

See the complete index at Cars.com

Source: Cars.com

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